RDXC-2007 Minutes of Meeting

The 14th Russian DX Contest 2007 is unfortunately in the past. For us, 2007 was a year that we performed scoring in shorter terms than before, and downloaded preliminary results onto Web-site on the 1st September 2007. Final results were published in November 2007.

Today, we are looking forward to a new festival, and hope that our permanent participants will be on the air again, along with many new stations joined in, who will like RDXC and will participate in the future.

Every year we ask ourselves the same questions: is there any development, and are there more participants and countries in RDXC? Yes, today we can please you again: we received 3060 logs in 2007, and this is 8% more than in 2006 (2863 logs), 2579 logs in 2005, and 2011 logs in 2004.

European Russia: 873 logs (835 logs in 2006);
Asiatic Russia: 420 logs (432 logs in 2006);
Foreign countries: 1766 logs (1598 logs in 2006);
Total countries: 109 (104 in 2006);
Russian oblasts: 82 (79 in 2006).

QSO Number within 24 hours:
More than 4800 QSO - 2 stations;
More than 3000 QSO - 13 stations;
More than 2000 QSO - 76 stations;
More than 1500 QSO - 170 stations (+ 3 stations who did not send their logs);
More than 1000 QSO - 395 stations (+ 6 stations who did not send their logs);
More than 500 QSO - 945 stations (+ 36 stations who did not send their logs);
More than 200 QSO - 1820 stations (+ 162 stations who did not send their logs).

QSO checking: Total checked: 1830069
Using direct Crosscheck: 1646637 = 90.0%
Checked per logs modelled: 176034 = 9.6%
Recognized as unics: 7398 = 0.4%

Participants who made over 5 QSO, is very close to 9000. One more positive tendention is that number of stations made over 2000 QSO in 24 hours increased. They are 76 stations in 2007 already compared to 60 stations in 2006. Therefore, it is not surprised that Russian DX Contest is called one of the fast growing contest in the world.

Selection criteria for WRTC 2010 to be held in Russia, created in 2007. As we expected, RDXC gives weighty rating points for those who is going to participate in WRTC. Now, we can for sure say, that in RDXC 2008 we may expect new skilled operators and big-gun stations from all over the world. We wish them good luck, and hope they will like the Contest!

RDXC Committee expersses special thank to 5I3A (UA9XC), 4U1ITU(HB9DTM), 3XM6JR (UA6JR), 6F75A (XE1KK), 6V7E (RW3TN), 7Z1SJ, 9K2HN, 9M2CCO, 9M2MT, 9N7JO, 9V1YC, A41MX, A61M, A62ER, A71EM, C4M (RW3QC), CN2R (W7EJ), CT3/DL3KWF, CT3/DL3KWR, CX6VM, EA8/DL3KVR, EI7M (LY3MM), EK0B (SP9LJD), EX9A (RV3BA), FM5FJ, HB0/9A8MM, HB0/DK4YJ, HJ4OBA, HK3JJH, HS0AC, MD0CCE, JT1C, KG6DX, KH2/JA2BNN, KH2/JK2VOC, OH0B, P33W (RA3AUU), P43JB, PJ2BVU, PT7AG (PY8AZT), ST2R, SV5DKL, SV9COL, TC2T, TT8HA, VU2BGS, VK5CRS (UA9CDC, UA9CLB), VP9/K0ARY,YE1AA, YV1DIG, YV7QP, ZA/UT7DW, ZC4LI, ZL1TM, ZS9Z, and many others who signed on the air from rare countries in our contest.

Germany leads among increased logs number countries with 43 logs more than in 2006. The next are USA with 31 logs more and The Netherlands with 21 logs more.

In RDXC-2007 Russia was presented with 82 oblasts (77 in 2006). There was no activity from R1P, R6P, R6Q and R6W in European Russia, and from R0H, R0K, R0X and R8V in Asiatic Russia. We hope, in RDXC 2008 someone will find power and possibilities to activate these rare oblasts.

Specially, wed like to thank RT8T expedition and its great team of N2OW, RX9UL, UA9UOO, UA0SDX and RV3ACA. They had to work hard, and drive many thousand kilometers to make the expedition come true. All equipment and antennas travelled across the whole Russian territory to bring new oblast and rare mult to RDXC participants.

Starting 1st July 2008, we plan to open access to RDXC participants logs at www.rdxc.org to bring you possibility to analyze your friends and your rivals logs. All logs will be placed in unified Cabrillo format. Even if your log is in another format, we will convert it into Cabrillo. For your comfortable viewing, QSO and mult points will be shown automatically.

Now, you can find a few audio 2007 fragments on our site. This is our "first bird". We promise, well try to record more participants. We also will be happy to have your audio files. As usual, participants photo collections are available for viewing on our site, along with different years RDXC stories.

Many people noted that there were many /QRP (5W power) stations in RDXC 2007 in QRP entry. We specially changed the Rules, and made it obligatory to sign /QRP for Russian participants, and recommended the same for the World entry. We are sure now, our decision was correct; the results in this entry got equalized, and real funs of QRP operation stayed in there, -they are those who test rig and antennas of other participants. Unfortunately, for those Russian participants who did not sign /QRP, but checked into QRP entry, we had to move them into low power (100 W) entry. We hope for your understanding.

Aly UA6YW is a new "RUSSIA" award manager in SRR, and immediate certificates issues are expected. Now, Aly has all RDXC participants results for all years of the award existence. Refresh the rules in your memory, and try to complete RUSSIA award application in RDXC 2008.

Many participants are asking for their RDA worked during RDXC. We will continue to generate such files, but unfortunately, due to RDA rules change, starting 2007 no credits are given without QSL cards.

One more time we would like to apologize for being late with our brochures and certificates to hams from other continents. Sometimes it was a few months delay! Unfortunately, it is related both to our slow print shop data output, and slow Russian Post routes handling.

Pleasant news is that you can find complete RDXC-2007 results, soapbox notes, photos and stories on our site at http://www.rdxc.org. We would welcome your comments, proposals and feedback, photos, video, and audio to be published on the site.

Thank you for your support and participation! We are looking to see you in RDXC again, on March 15th - 16th, 2008!

Make your own plans, invite your friends, and see you on the air!

RDXC Committee - RW1AC, UA2FZ, RA3AUU
Chief Referee - RW1AC
Logs input - RW9WA, UA1AAF
Web-master Lena RV3ACA
Software - UA1AAF, UA1ACC
Documentation and certificates: RA1AR, RK1AM, UA1ARX E-mail:
Postal address: RDXC, P/O/Box 88, Moscow, 119311, Russia