Soapbox RDXC-2014

9A5D A lot of problems with CAT control device. RF has repeatedly blocked computer and software.
A65BD Not much free time due to work and visitors but good condx.
C4W Entered the contest to check our WRTC setup. Good activity as always.
CT7AIX Fantastic propagation on 10 meter this year. Lot of Russian stations contacted, really nice.
CT9/DL3KWF We understand, that for any OMs in contests our call signs "KWF" and "KWR" in CW are a problem. But each year "KWF" is on 40, 15 and 10 m. CT9/DL3KWR is always on 20m only.
CT9/DL3KWR See you again in RDXC-2015 on 20m.
DD0VS Nice contest, good conditions, cu agn.
DF1HF Tnx for a nice Contest.
DH4PSG Thats`s the first time to take part in RDXC, fine contest. Hope next year more time.
DJ3WE vy nice contest. Many exellent OPs.
DJ5AN Excellent propagation and so many Russian stations. Just big fun contesting this way.
DJ6TK Good opening on 10m.
DK2BJ Because of work I could start the contest first time in the evening. So I decided to work only one band, which means for me 80m. On 80m I am using a big homebuild Magnetic Loop as you can watch at looking for DK2BJ and my 100w transceiver. It was not to stressing to work one Band only, but also made fun.
DK3A Had just 8 hours of operation time available but reached my objective 500 k points. Working with the folding hexbeam made a difference to year`s operation. Would have been interesting to work full 24 hours with this setup. Propagation was fair.
DK8NT My 3rd RDXC participation. Gave up at night when the radio`s fan started making weird noises and I was tired anyway. Hope radio and Op will be in better shape next year.
DL0GEO Nice and enjoyable contest.
DL1A Great activity from Russia as usual - thanks for all the QSOs.
DL3HAH Thank you for the nice contest. Cuagn next year.
DL4XU Ufb Condx on the high Bands.
DL5CL Thanks to all who heard my weak signal.
DL6RAI Enjoyed the great activity from Russia.
DM0B WRTC training session (unassisted, low power).
DM1CM A good contest. Many participants on almost all bands, a lot of interest from stations around the world.
DP6A First participation in RDXC, hope made everything correct.
E7A We used the special event callsign E7A to celebrate 50 years of our club.We had some technical problems during the competition and we spent almost an hour solving these problems. As usual we had lot of fun. See you next year.
EA8CN Could have done much more but a flue took my energy.
EB3WH Great Contest, great participation and great operators. Thanks very much for organize it. I hope to have HP next year. 73 es 44 from Barcelona.
F5JBR Very thanks for the contest and bis next year.
F5VBT Thank you for the contest and thanks to all who worked my QRP signal. It was for me mainly a "high-band" contest even when at my place the low bands were nearly without noise but with lower activity.
G0WAT I`ve never contributed beyond a few QSOs before to RDXC but it is a fun event. I will try an all bands entry next year. Bol`shoye spasibo es 73.
G4BYG Very little time for serious entry but good 10m band prop.
G6X As always I am impressed at the OPs who can pull a CW signal out of nothing on the first go. Nice to see the bands in such good shape.
G8ZRE Enjoyable contest. Best number of QSOS over 200. Search n pounce only.
GM4HQF Thanks for running the contest.
GW4EVX High level of activity, very enjoyable contest.
H27A RDXC is one of my favorite contests. CU next year.
HA2OS This was a very good contest.
HB9MXY TNX for nice contest; good conditions but a lot of QRM. CU next year.
HG2A Fine contest. Good activity I really enjoyed it, 73 + DSW.
I2WIJ Good propagation but no time.
I4XNN I had problems in my computer, so some QSOs are not logged. I hope who did QSO with me will not have a penality.
IK2AIT I regret little time available. I was surprised that so many stations received my 5 watt from a long wire on top of building.
IK2RMZ CW contests are fun, who cares about scores?
IN3UFW/QRP Fantastic record in QRP for me.
IQ3WW First MOST Contest for us, awesome experience.
IQ9ZZ Per la prima volta il RASM participa al "Russian DX Contest" con il nominativo di sezione IQ9ZZ. Ottima partecipazione complimenti COMPLIMENTI agli organizzatori. 73 da radioamatori Siciliani nel Mondo.
IS0BGL I begin with strong delay this contest, because i`ve lost time mounting rotative dipole 10-15-20 in fixed position beaming W-E, so i begin only abt 17Z. Funny and crowded contest! Perfect for work some new oblast for MMIL award, I`ve passed the most time searching station, hard to find free frequencies for calling. Strange propagation, good on night in lower band, a little lazy on 20m and 15m. Surprising sunrise with 10m, many UA0 far east stations. See you soon for "ARI Internazional Contest".
IT9DFI It was my first time in this contest. that I have spend many time. It is a nice contest. I hope to meet you again in this contest. All antenna`s are homemade.
IT9PPG Vy good contest. At next year. Ciao-DSW.
IZ3GGR Few QSO but a lot of fun. 73 to all.
IZ8GUQ Great fun for this edition great participation and delicious spread for the Russian stations, a key event. I`m glad to have significantly improved the score of last year, thanks to all and the next edition.
JA2XLV DX FB condex but PC BF condx.
JE1ALA Had so much fun on 10m, only love 10m can break my heart.
JH1FNU Thanks for the QSO in the Contest.
JH4FUF Thanks for many stations.
JJ5HUD Many Thanks, I enjoyed very much.
JJ6TWQ Propagation on 10m was very nice. I enjoied very much only on 10m band.
JK1TCV I was enjoyment contest with QRP. Thank you.
JN3TSY I attended for the first time.
JO3PSJ I enjoyed many QSOs with stations from all over the world. I`m looking forward to Russian DX Contest next year now.
JR1NKN Thank you for the QSOs. See you next year.
K3TW Band conditions were excellent for QRP.
K4BAI Coax is off of Yagi and had RF interference with the computer and logging program on high bands, so could not use computer control to log exact frequencies part of the time.
K5ZD Always fun to chase the Russian stations. Great conditions on all bands except 160m.
K6CSL I enjoy working the various regions of Russia. Such a large country.
K6FWT Excellent conditions. First Russian contact for me.
K6VHF/M My first "Russian DX Contest" with new callsign.
K9GY Fun contest. See you next year.
KI7M Had to use WPX contest log for the Russian Contest. Just for the fun of it.
KJ3Q First time in this contest. I had lots of fun. See you all again next year.
KQ6X Lots of new stations on 10m.
LA2AB Good conditions, little aurora. Enjoyed contest immensely. Will be back next year. And SD contest programme worked perfectly.
LA2MOA Really fun contest to operat! Will do it again next year.
LA7TTT A lot of fun and good band conditions.
LT7H CONDX were mild to good on Sat morning and noon (local) and deteriorated as the prop in 10m dissapeared. 15m and 20m yield only good results for few hours but then didn`t sustain a run any longer. 40m proved to be very challenging from my location and 80m didn`t opened while I was in the contest. Stopped at 11pm (0200Z) when the rate turned into just a few Q per hour jumping in all bands. Checked briefly by 7am local (1000Z) but just very feeble sigs heard in 15m and 10m (nothing in 20m and 40m) and no contact was possible. Final summary will disclose but I believe participation of stations from NA and EU (outside Russia) look as higher than the previous year. Got my plan, the lower end of it, and few Q but higher M than the year before, so all in all was a good experience.
LU3MAM See you next year.
LX1ER Only 1,45 hour time, but was good conditions. Will be do more next year.
LY10NATO Mane contest not war. Fight less contesting more. TNX QSO`s. Only D3AA ingored my call and told me several russian words :))
LZ1FW Yaesu FT-450D = 100W + LW = Появился проблем с компютером.
M0AUG Good band conditions on 10m and 15m. As ever, enjoyed using SD.
M4D Enjoyable contest, main aim to test a new homebrew 4-square for 40m in preparation for WPX. Shame we had problems with our 15m antenna and no antenna for 10m or 80m. SD was faultless as usual. See you next year.
M8C Enjoyable contest. Low band condx poor, but lots of HF activity. Pleased to be able to use the Cray Valley Radio Society`s contest call M8C.
MJ5Z After severe winter weather, none of antenna at club station were working when I arrived on Friday afternoon after my flight was delayed and waiting on tarmac for 4 hours due to thick fog in the island. Thanks to club members, Phil GJ4CBQ, Steve MJ0ULE, Paul MJ0PMA and Dieter MJ1CYD, 160m Dipole and Log periodic which covers 20m and up are functional on Friday evening. Without their efforts, I have to use my wires and ATU. I can tune 160m antenna to 40/80m using K3`s internal ATU, not ideal but better than nothing. Despite no proper antenna on 40/80m, it is my best score in RDXC. Thanks to propagation and nice level of activity. Just after the contest, shelf which supports rotator controllers and monitors over the operating desk collapsed. I thought I can continue to BARTG RTTY contest but this incident killed my plan. Thanks for QSOs and see you in next one.
MU0FAL Always good fun, shame that 10m was poor.
N1NN 8th "Russian DX Contest".
N2UN Tnx for the great contest. It needs more publicity in W/VE.
N6AR Lots of fun with all bands open.
N7MZW First time in this contest. A limited effort using a 25 year old Kenwood TS-950SD. Thanks for the contacts.
OH0W Good propagation, we had fun.
OH1TM I think this is my first contest effort ever with this callsign I have owned from 2007 and first contest effort for at least 10 years from my home QTH. My home station antenna (Butternut HF9V) is not in very good shape at the moment and I noticed just when the contest started that SWR is reasonable ON 15m. So I went for 15m SB.. First I operated LP but after a while I decided to test if I can use the amp to get a bit better signal. 500W seemed to be OK and there were no problems with TV or anything else. The conditions must have been very good because I made much more QSOs than expected. My original target was 300 QSOs but when the contest was over I had over 800 QSOs in my log. Thanks for the QSOs.
OH2BH Nice DX conditions, but UA-land is a bit too close for me on 10m.
OH3P Thanks for nice contest. Hope to take part 2014, CU.
OK4DZ Excellent conditions on higher bands.
OK5SA Worked according the rules and the log is true.
ON5WL Fine contest, but I had not much time to work in it. Next year better, I hope.
OR2A Great contest.
OU2V Not much time for this contest, but did a tiny job, and belive CONDX was quite good at 80m band. Hope to make a better and bigger hunt next year.
PA0AWH Tnx for a nice bussy contest.
PA0M Nice busy contest with good conditions.
PA1BX Only two hours. Nice contesting, as always.
PB7Z Tnx for the very nice contest.
PE2K Dear OMs and YLs. Its a very nice contest to work UA in. And i did a lot of them. QSL is via bureau. All QSOs made in QRP 5 W Dipole.
PH2LB First RDXC. Big fun.
PJ4LS First time in this contest. Conditions OK, no QSOs on 80m and 160m. Had some RFI problems in the shack and 1 K3 hick-up. So not possible to automatic logging by software, used my vibroplex friend. Enjoyed to take part and will improve for next year. Tnx for all the QSOs.
PY7OJ TKS for FB Test. I see You next year.
R2DAW Field work in Gorenskiy Forest Park.
RL3A TNX to Eugene OH5DA for technical support.
RN3B Thank you for the contest.
SN3R Strong wind and a few computer restart. A few QSO lost.
SP4JCQ Very good organization of competitions. Many thanks for QSOs and see you next year.
SQ5TB Many thanks for nice contest. Lots of fun and new stations.
TA2ANL Thank you for all Russian and other amateurs. Best wishes from Ankara.
TA3EP Nice contest. CU next year.
TA5FA Very good contest. Tnx to all contest committee.
UA3IAH Thank you for the contest
VK4TT G`day to other OPs in Test.
VK8AV Another contest for EU only.
VU2JOS Nice to participate in your contest.
VU2MUD Enjoed the contest in 3 hours that I could manage.
VU2UR Enjoyed another RDXC.
W1END I think this is my first RU DX Contest. Not a big score but was fun.
XF1T After asking a phone contester the name of the contest I could start with this contest. I enjoyed only a few hours.
YB3IZK Thanks to all stations. Hpe cuagn soon.
YO3JR Great fun as always. I tried LP to test the new station capabilities and train myself for the upcoming WRTC. Worked 23 hours as SOAB CW LP and decided to switch to mixed in the last hour and have fun in SSB and practice my Russian language ability.
YO4US Good propagation, good participation, good contest. I alllways enjoyed it. See you in 2015.
YO9IXC The conditions was very good. Tnx for the organizators of the RUDX Contest
YO9XC Tnx for nice contest. Good luck.