Soapbox RDXC-2011

3D2DX A lot of people needed my callsign twice to be sure.
4Z8SM Your rules are discriminating against "Low Power", simple equipment users. TCVR: Icom IC-735, 2x10 m Inv Vee, antenna 15 m above ground and fed by 600 Ohm open line, 100 m above sea level.
9A/VE3ZIK A great contest, as usually. While suddenly (hi) I had holiday in March 9A3MR invited me once again to his location. Till now, I worked only on 20 m from 9A3MR`s QTH, so I decided to take a part on 15 m. Of course, Murphy is always active, so this time were some problems with RF and keyboard and only 10 QSOs in log in first 20 minutes. I used TS-2000 with home made PA (800w), anntena is a small optibeam OB 7-3 (2 el on 15m) about 15 m high. I am satisfied with numbers of Russian stations in the log (493 or 55%), Russian districts multiplies were good (69), but I am not satisfied with DXCC (only 80). I missed some South Americas, and always the same EUs missing (MD, MJ, MM, CT, CU etc...). Of course, this is my fault but Sunday morning pile up from Russia were too good for S&P :) Thanks to Rolando 9A3MR, his son Radoslav 9A3BMR for their hospitality. Congrats to 9A7R, he made a great score on 15 m, and thanks to Ivo 9A1AA for great competiton on 15 m.
9A2VR Sorry, not too much time for complete contest. First 71 QSOs was QRP.
9A6B Mr. Murphy is dissapointment with final score. Two computer crashes (lost abt 50 minutes of prime time) and some other problems caused only 13 hours of operating time and much lower score than expected. CU in next RDXC.
A71BX CONDX were very, very good, so this contest was fun on every band. First time to use this station as SO2R, lots to learn. TNX to Ali for hosti me here.
CO8ZZ I had my old TS-130S broken at a friend`s for repair so I get it back for the contest without fix the problem. I also missed the best part of the contest cause job`s duties, however, I enjoyed the contest, saved my weekend. Will see you all next time.
CT2KFA First RDXC which i participate.
CT9/DL3KWF The propagation on 15 m was very good, and I am looking forward for 2012.
CT9/DL3KWR I hope, you have not so much problems with our call signs CT9/DL3KWF and ...KWR in the RDXC, I use always 20 m only. See you again in 2012.
DC2DC Very nice contest, hope 2 CU again.
DF4PD Nice CONDX, but on 20-15-10 no good antenna nexr year.
DF7JC Good contest, but no time on sunny weekend. But helped here and there with some points. Greetings & see you next time.
DG4YGW Fine contest, but I have problems with my antenna system. Hope to see all again next contest.
DH0GDS Testing new multiband-antenna. It`s working not too bad.
DJ5AN Realy a good feeling in this contest, nice to work so many oblasts, next time again. I had to start half an hour later in order to have the 15 m Vertical ready (Murphey). But the effort was worth it, as you can see from the avg result. Sometimes hard to keep the frequency with the verticals and the 4 square.
DK4WF The Russian DX Contest is very nice contest, but I don`t have much time this year... I had a very nice QSO with 3D2DX (EA4DX) on 15 m CW. Very 73 and best DXs.
DK6XZ Thank you for the great contest and great time, 73.
DL1A Managed to improve our last year`s score by almost 30% and ended up just above 20 million points - really awesome.
DL1GBZ I like this contest because all stations can be worked. This avoids boredom. I would love it even more if it implemented the IARU recommendations for contest frequencies.
DL1HSR Thank you for the nice contest. Every year one of the best contest in the world! CU AGN in 2012.
DL1II Had some computer problems with my SO2R setup at the beginning,
DL1VDL An excellent contest. Next year I will try to participate not only a few hours.
DL2MDU It was a pleasure to work 44 countries on one band in a few hours.
DL4MCA Nice conditions on 15 m band, used an old CB vertical antenna on 15 m.
DL5JAG Participation regularly not planned this year, but it was a lot of fun again. CONDX were good. CU next year.
DL5KM Nice ten-meter opening on Sunday morning worked VK6 (!) It`s nice to work the RDXC = UFB. See you next time.
DL5KUD Nice contest, good propagation without 10 meters again. Good participation from all over the world. Thanks for QSOs, 73.
DL5MO RK8I calls CQ on my cq frequency. No RX? No shame? No skill?
DL5SE Nice contest and best CONDX. CU next year...
DL7URH IC-735 (10 to 20 watts only, because of BCI and TVI-problems),
DM3F Little activity only this year, but some DX on 10 m (VK, 6V).
DP5M 3 hours power was cut.
DU1IVT It`s my first time to join this contest and it taught me more about Russia. I truly enjoyed the exchanges worldwide.
E77C My laptop crashed in the 01:17 GMT, so I had to give up further work. Too bad, the result was good until then and promising but ... Never mind, next year will be better. Thanks to everyone for the QSO`s and points and see you next year.
EA3FF I enjoyed it and hope to repeat it next year with more time for it.
EA7FRX One more year again in this contest, I`ve liked it. Many stations in 21 Mhz. See you again in the next Russian DX Contest.
EA8ZS I had some problems with Win-Test and change some letter reports for numbers.
EB3WH I hope best antenna conditions next year. Congratulations for the organization & 73 to all the contesters.
EI4DJB Two single band entries 15 m and 40 m due to improved propagation and ionospheric conditions.
ES5EC Very nice contest, very good propagation on Sunday was just the cherry on the cake.
EY8CC I am 16 years old.
F1EPQ Many thanks to the Union of radioamateurs of Russia and to all participants.
F6EEQ Nice participation to the contest, but I had not much time to stay on the radio. Will do better next year. Spassibo es 73.
F6FYA Light participation but heavy fun. One of the best contest of the year. See you next time and best 73.
F6KNB First MO2T at F6KNB ARC.
F8NUH Many thanks for the nice contest.
G0FPU SD used, worked OK. Look forword to RDXC-2012.
G0MTN Limited time, but super Russian activity and some nice DX.
G3JJZ Better CONDX than last year, but still many very weak signals.
G3LZQ Only very limited time this year.
G3YMC My usual QRP entry. Reasonable conditions though not that much DX about. Please separate CW and SSB sections for us QRP chaps...
G4BUO Only a few minutes to operate this year, Maybe more in 2012.
G4BYG Enjoyed the contest enormously. Always plenty of stations to work even hope to be back next year with better health and better antenna. Thanks to the organisers who do a fantastic job. DSW.
G4EBK Enjoyable contest. Plenty of stations to work.
G4PIQ Had planned a proper entry, but work prevented me doing the necessary maintenance at the contest station, so just a few hours play from home. Activity sounded great.
G8ZRE Enjoyable contest, more QSOs than in 2010. Thanks for the invite to take part in Russian contest.
GM2V Great contest - good conditions. Real thrill to be called by VK0KEV. Thanks for the QSOs.
GM4UYZ Only managed a few hours but thoroghly enjoyed taking part.
GM4WZG Operating time very restricted for me. Hope to do a proper entry next year.
GW4EVX Very enjoyable contest with a good level of activity.
GZ5Y Logging problem with first 23 contacts.
HA3NU We had good conditions on 15 meters with about 2000 km dead zone, So I missed most of EU Russia (and 6 very easy oblasts). It was even difficult to make a "MA" multi. I did not have a Russian pile up during the contest. Fortunately USA was good in the evening (but with lots of 001-002 reports). TNX for QSO`s.
HA4FY Altough my RIG is a toy, rather than a contest gear, and sometimes it was difficult to get through QRO signals. I enjoyed the contest.
HA5BA Dear friends, it is a very-very excellent contest.
HB9CPS Limited to a whip antenna on balcony.
HB9JOE Very interesting and enjoyable contest. HPE CU AGN next year.
HG4F My antenna rotator is not worked in the contest. My direction was to South Asia. The activity and propagation were very nice.
HG6W Computer crash caused some misgiven serial numbers.
I2WIJ It is always fun.
I3FDZ First time in the Russian contest. I enjoy it very much. QRX next year.
IK2CZQ Very good contest. I hope to receive many QSLs for my RDA award, TNX.
IK2SND Great contest, this is the third editiong that i participate.
IK3SSW Anche se con il tempo limitato sono riuscito a superare il risultato d scorso anno. Bel contest. Buona propagazione.
IQ4AX Great contest, just 20 hours because of some hardware problem.
IT9IGN Nice contest. The Inverted V did not work so not contact on 80 and few on 40. Very difficult contact SSB QRP. See you next year.
IV3YNB 14 m long wire going into the trees from my window with SG-239 atu. ASL elevation: 0 m, Trieste is a city by the sea and I live near the port.
IZ1GAR First Russian contest for me. Beautifull!
JA1CP Had an enjoyable time.
JA3PYH I did not yet use the computer logs. So, I input data with a manual.
JG1UKW/QRP I enjoyed the contest.
JG5DHX This was my first time participatiion in RDXC.
JK1LUY I enjoyed the contest.
JP1EWY I want to contact with more Russian stations.
JR1NKN Thank you for the QSO`s in the contest.
JS3CTQ CAT system was not in order in the first 1.5 hours, so frequency detail may be little bit wrong. Very sorry.
K3TW/4 Many thanks to the fine Russian ham radio operators who make this contest a great success.
K3UAZ A great contest. Will do better next year.
K5ZD Over 500 QSOs with Russian stations. Nice to have good conditions.
K6UFO I jumped in for about three hours total, all on 20 m CW, to experience this contest, and to see what Russians and DX`s I could work while QRP from the USA West Coast. Just after sunrise was tough going, hard to reach across the USA and Atlantic ocean to work Europeans, especially if there was a pile up. I tried again just before sunrise, and had much better luck, working Asia and Pacific. Pretty fun, I think I`ll be back next year.
KD4DRN Great time but I made some log mistakes.
KM4HI Net my first RDXC. 15 m closed early Saturday night and opened late on Sunday.
LA2AB Enjoyed the contest very much. Due to computer failure and unfortunate circumstances we were uanble to forward contest in time still hope log can be accepted.
LA9BM Glad to participate in the contest. Many nice QSOs. But I am very disappointed that so many operators do not respect that not everyone are able to work very high speed CW. I can easily work up till 25 wpm but prefer 22 in contest. It is without respect when you call me with 30 - 35 wpm. I am not able to understand the right call and my report. We waste a lot of time by repeating and many QSOs is a hard work and not pleasant at all. This happen too often in the Russian contest and I will ask the operators to respect that not everyone are able to work very high CW speed.
LY3ZM Maybe it`s the youngest team in this contest! :) The youngest op. is 12 years old.
LY9A No assisted. operated from LY1R location, area around - flat about 80 m asl.
LZ2SX Thanks for the nice contest. I worked about 17 hours without CAT system and my antennas were: 80m-inv.vee ; 40m-inv.vee ;20-10m rotary dipole. They all are on the roof of 8-floor building up 10 m.
LZ8E Excellent activity from Russian stations.
M0MCV Glad to have time to be able to submit a 40 m log.
M0VFC Just a couple of hours playing around.
M1JJK Excellent contest, very enjoyable.
M3I Once again a great contest, I really love this one, plenty of activity, lots of DXs and Russian stations on bands. Great stuff. Just a pity I do not like SSB mode. Here single band 15 m, CW only, 400 watts.
M5E Great fun, good operators all round, just a few bad signals with keyclicks and another few rough and wide signals with amplifier parasitics polluting the band. I guess I have to accept that I can`t hold a run frequency with "Low power" and very simple antennas when the big ugly brutes with sharp elbows and bad manners descend on me. That`s why 90% of the QSOs are S&P which had the side benefit that I could focus on 10p QSOs and multipliers rather than 3p QSOs. It is probably risky to use a call like M5E where you loose your QSO points when the other guy can`t copy Morse well. Single K3 100 W, sdr-iq as a panadapter/spectrum analyzer on the if. QTH in Suburban London, about 35 m asl, fairly flat country but surrounded by houses and dense vegetation.
M7A Average conditions, but good fun. Lack of preparation lead to manual keying during the contest. And then the high tide came in and my beach vertical antenna became underwater antenna, But with good (too good) radial system. Night time tide was even higher and that led to disaster - coax connection did not last long under water and shorted, taking the linear out of action. Looking at the bright side - had good sleep during the night. Will have to make some changes next year.
MJ0CFW Station is GJ3DVC club station in the island near the sea approx 5 - 10 m asl. I really enjoy this contest, Great activities. See you all next year.
MM3N Enjoyed the contest using my new contest callsign. The CAT software failed after my evening meal break and for nearly 2 hours I didn`t notice that it was off.
MU0FAL This is one of my favourite contests maybe next year more 10 m.
N1BCL Really great contest. I was ever so happy to see 20 m remain open in the evening to Asiatic Russia. I never worked so many Russian station in a row ever before. I would really like to see the contest extended from 24 hours to 36 hours or even something between those two numbers.
N2WN Horrible local noise cropped up on the high bands, tough going. Many thanks to 8R2F for patience.
NP3D Thanks to the management for this nice contest. New callsigns of Russian stations drove me "crazy" sometimes, gotta ge see you next year.
NR4M Band CONDX fairly good except 10 m. Little noisy on 160 and 80 m. Appeared to be lots of activity, lots of fun.
NY4A Thanks for sponsoring RDXC. It is more popular every year.
OE4A Lost the 160 m antenna after few QSOs, so missed several easy multipliers. Great time again at OE4A, special thanks to rainer, OE4RLC, for offering his station again.
OH0R Very good activity. no SO2R and no DX cluster available. Only one dipole was damaged in winter storms. To access the cabin one had to wade in deep wet snow.
OH2GBI Enjoyed the contest. I operated from my home QTH in Helsinki.
OH3DP Nice contest, but i testing only new pc and reinstalled sd. all not time (bartg-rtty) for contest in this time. next year maybe?
OH3P Poor start due tech problems with mkii, used it only for RX/TX FREQ tracking. Nice contest as last year, thanks. Hope to take part in 2012, CU.
OK2BFN Program problems, some letters converted into abbreviated figures, sorry...
OK2QX More Russian stations worked in this contest with extremly uncorrect regulated station (high driver level with maximum compression and overmodulated TRX). Specielly RF8C, RF9C, RX9KD, RK9SWF on SSB had splatters about +/-30 kHz, RT9W had three signals about +/-2,8 kHz. Big clix made RT3T, RH4A(??) and R9XA on CW, but the winner between awful stations was (not from Russia) UP2L - splatters over 50 kHz by SSB and on CW +/- 25 kHz spectral noise about S7-8 in the time with keyed PA between marks. Ptfuj ! (all this phenomens was in my K3 also if I use specielly attenuation this signals to S7, so it`s not due my bad TX - hi).
OM3BA Prima contest. TNX to all Russian radioamateurs.
ON3ZO I received my licence on the 9 march 2011. It will be my first QSO`s on the air.
OR2F Nice CONDX on 20 m band especially on Saturday evening seems less activity than previous year.
OZ0RS 30 m doublet 10 m above ground used for all bands. Station is located at 55 m above sea level.
OZ1DGQ Antenna 5,5m wire on my balcony. Just playing around had to kill the input due to S5 noise :-)
OZ1HHH Heavy activity. Thanks for fine administration.
OZ6OM Spend a couple of hours in the afternoon running 5 watts to a triband yagi - it gave some DX stations too.
P3F Great fun as always despite a very high local noise level this year. Much thanks to the organisers for their efficient management of the event.
PA0FAW Nice contest, good activity. Worked my furst w on 10 m sin- ce 2003, sign it is coming back. Did not take part very long.
PA0FEI Poor antenna on this side and a very small amount of time to participate. Therefore this limited score. CU AGN.
PA0MIR Pleased for the good activity in this contest. Just worked on 2 bands. Unfortunastely all frequencies are rounded down by the software though prese in the log but no CAT means N1MM does not enter these in cab file.
PA0RBA Good activity, good op`s and nice conditions.
PA2CHM Enjoyed the contest very much. Hope to work you in the near future.
PA2REH Ham radio from below sea level used a K2/100 with antenna GP and dipole vy nice contest. Thanks to all, 73.
PA5W Nice to be back in this contest. Badly I was ill with a lot of headache so didn`t do a lot but it was fun on the good moments. Hope to meet you all next year.
PE1LTY Many thanks for the nice contest. Hope to participate next time.
PG1R Nice contest and good propagation, except 10 m.
PG7V Nice contest with a lot of activity. For a LP-station hard to hold your CQ-frequency, so did a lot of S&P. Compliments to the contest committee for good and clear rules and very good website.
PJ2W First DXpedition for us. First contest participation for us as a team.
PS2T TNX to Atilano om`s, PY5EG, PP5EG, PT5T, PY2OMS for offering his station.
PW2D Thanks again to Mamiro, PY2DM for letting me do contesting from your shack. Awfully low Cty multiplier, but had no cluster and probably missed a lot as I did no SSB. No Murphy, but was very tired already at start of the contest.
PY4ZO My town is about 952 m above sea level.
RJ4F Fine contest. See you in RDXC-2012.
RK3IWB This contest was hard work.
RN3RQ Many thanks for great holiday - RDXC.
RV3IC Very good contest, but have no time at night time.
S51A Nice run, started 2h late, but had my fun. Nice to work lots of old friends. Hear you in the next one.
SA6AIN Ops, talk slower and the QSO will run faster.
SJ2W Great experience, but where are the upper bands gone? CAT on 2-nd radio crashed some times on 15 m in the morning.
SM0BDS Sorry,I had some difficulty this time with the SD programme but I trust you will be able to read the enclosed log.
SM6CPY Good to see 15 m open again.
SM7ZDI Just giving a few points away to those who needed them. Great fun as always.
SP4JCQ Very good organization of competitions. Many thanks for QSOs and see you next year.
SP6BXM Fine contest. Many contesters and nice conditions.
SP7FBQ Very good contest. Congrats. I have a parkinson`s disease.
T70A Contest DXpedition.
TF3W Fun contest but 10 m never opened and 80m were difficult.
UA0SBQ Power 5w, antenna: h-10m, fider-35m, lw 40m - все, что осталось после снежной (накануне теста) бури до 40 м/c от моего Inverted Vee. В этом году решил поработать в контесте QRP, но "немножко" не повезло с антенной. Несмотря на это, на 15 метрах я даже не заметил, что работал 5-ю ваттами. Практически все станции из Европы отвечали с первого раза. Всем, кто мне ответил, огромное спасибо.
UA0UV Уже три года Забайкальскому краю, но идентификатор "ZK" воспринимается всеми с огромным трудом с двух-трех попыток с разъяснениями.
UA9MA Many old friends in my log. Great fun.
VE1ZA Nice contest not too busy, Thanks to contest comittee for new log reporting requirements.
VE3HG Thanks to all who worked me running 5 watts from he flexradio 1500.
VK4TT Good day to all other ops. Used "SP" programme by EI5DI worked very FB.
VK6AA Fantastic contest. Had a great time again at NCRG club station VK6ANC in Sunny Perth which keeps growing bigger and better.
VK8AV A lot of activity in the contest using EI5DI software was a breeze.
W0ETT Enjoyable contest with good conditions, good CW, and lots of activity. Thanks for the good contest.
W9WI Checklog: due to violation of rule 5.1 which prohibits mobile ope first 25 QSOs were made mobile in Southern Tennessee.
WB2FAU Stella, WB2FAU and Steve, K2PLI operating from Southwest Florida. Thank you all who called us and best wishes to everyone.
WB3BSA I enjoyed participating in this contest for the first time. Thank you for the opportunity to participate. I hope to be able to participate again next year.
YB3XM Succes for Russian DX Contest 2011.
YC1BTJ In normal days, very nice to make QSO with any Russian stations by 100 W output power on 40 m. But in the day of contest, it`s a lot of fun and challenging enough. Wish to participate again next year.
YO2IS Pleased to be again in RDXC, now SOSB 15 m. Good activity and fair propagation. Have run the "liliput" setup: IC-7000, 100w.
YO4US Nice contest, bad antenna. See you next year.
YO9AGI Nice contest for my age 70 years. Privet dlia vseh, uspehov i zdorovie.
YO9IXC The condition was good. TNX for the organization of RDXC.
YP6Z Licensed 16.02.2011
YR9F My station is not equipped with CAT, and so I manually typed the QSO`s exact frequency. It was quite complicated and I hope not to be something wrong. However, it was a very interesting contest, one of my favorites.
YT1A Thanks to all for points, especially KH6CO, 9V1YC, C6ANM, EA6, YB, LU etc.