Soapbox RDXC-2010

2E0PLA Nice contest lots on the bands to
2E0UNN win-test v4 made me cry :D , just would not enter proper exchange... next year will do better
3V8SS RDXC is still my favorite contest!
3Z100HP QTH Izabelin, 95 W special call - 100 years of Polish scouts
6W2SC Great propagation this year!
7Z1HL Good fun for a few hours, but again lots of KW out there with no RX...
8S0C Thanks for a very fun contest with an excelent web-page
9A7P Thank you for another nice contest! Best regards!
9A7T Great contest, Lot of activity from Russia.
9Q0AR Was allowed to use the station of the National radio association of RD Congo. Used FT-897 and broadband dipole.
A65CA Thanks, see you all in RDXC-2011, 73!
AD5VJ Thanks for a great opportunity to work many Russian stations.The Aurora was quiet fun and interesting to work. 73!
CN2R Great contest. I might have had the record, but I lost one hour. Need to work more Russian stations, but it is difficult because of the distance. It is much easier to work low band Russians from eastern Europe.
CO8ZZ My first Russian contest, I can`t believe what I missed all these years! Will see u all next year!
CR1Z (EU-003). Operating low power from this location was a challenge but it was worh doing in all aspects. Great activity and nice signals from EU it was great to participate Russian DX Contest from Azores (Please note that CR1 prefix means Azores accoring to new regulation of Portugese anacom). Location was on Sao Miguel island.
CT1ANO Muito obrigado. Pinto
CT9/DL3KWF It was again very nice to spend the multiplier of CT9 - see you again.
CT9/DL3KWR RDXC, one of the best contests - see you again in 2011 from CT9.
DF9TS Mni tnx for organising the RDXC!
DG2BHB Many thanks to everybody hope to work you again in 2011 RDXC.
DG7RO Had to share the station with yl for BARTG contest - so only limited time available for RDXC.
DH0GDS Marvellous contest as every year. Conditions seems to me a little bit strange (magic?).
DH2URF Hello friends. Thanks for nice contest. All the best.
DJ1AA During the contest I had so much stations they did not gave the call in English. I have to ask and ask and ask for the call. Sorry, I do not understand. Tthanks for all QSOs. Russian stations, please call CQ in English, because the RDXC is an international DX contest and a lot of peoples do not understand Russian language, sorry.
DJ2MX Very nice contest! See you next year. 73, Mario DJ2MX
DJ6TK I am very glad to take place again in the RUDXC. Good opening on 15m this year. Vy 73 and good luck from Flensburg / Baltic Sea.
DK6XZ A great event! Thanks to SRR and Committee for the organisation. Decent activity in 24 hours is a bit restricted when being on one band only. Great amount on DXCC worked, yet few more "easy" missed. Russian activity and operational skills have well impressed me again. I would like to have had more experience in how to schedule my CW and SSB.
DK8NT Great contest, thanks. My first RDXC participation, and my highest QSO score in any contest so far (750 QSOs). Being allowed to work anybody. Plus getting many points for Russian stations, is a good combination and keeps everybody active all the time.
DL1A 24 hours of continous fun. Thanks for the great competition in MO2T class. Already look ingforward to RDXC-2011.
DL1HSR Nice contest every year! See you in 2011, 73!
DL1MAJ Best greetings to the contest committee team.
DL1VJL Thank you very much - spasibo bolschoe
DL3KDC Thanks for nice contest. See you in next year.
DL4CC TNX for UFB contest, CU next year.
DL5AXX Had to modify the microham standard settings to call Fil CR6K at 50 W.
DL5JAG Nice contest, Good CONDX both days, great event * good preparation and website of SRR too! Had a lot of fun. CU next year, when I will try not to sleep ;-)
DL5KM CU in next test.
DL5KUD Had fun at pretty good propagation. Search & pounce only, no CQ. See you next year when the 10 m band will be alive. 73!
DL7JAN It was again nice to take a participation in RDXC. CUAGN in 2011... 73!
DL8QS Thanks for FB contest. Good activity.
DM3F One of the best SW contests of the year. It started with log problems with WT3.27.1 which did not accept Oblasts names. I lost 1h of operating time trough that until i made a downgrade to v3.25.1 which worked. Later I learned that there exists a nightly version of v3.27, which doesnt have this problem. I was using a 10.3m wire vertical with a 1:9 UNUN some coax in between and a ATU from LDG. This setup was running very well on the high bands despite running 5W only from a FT897. The antenna is 30m high on top of a building in the middle of the city (lots of noise on the lower bands). The FT897`s RX was heavily loaded by all the CW signals which are in the passband of the roofing filter even with 10dB attenuation and 300HZ IF filter. The performance on the lower bands was not satisfying there i need to improve my antenna. I will try a top load next time. Congrats to OZ5E who could hear my poor signal on 160m.
DO1NPF I didn`t have much time, In that case only 13 QSOs. It was not so easy to work with 10 W on longwire antenna. But it has made a lot of fun.
DO1UZ Very good sigs on 15 m, But on 80/160 m many QRM.
DR4A Nice weather after this long winter, great conditions (beside 10m), new 40m vertical arrays and no visit from Mr Murphy, that has been in short this weekend in the Russian DX Contest. We could nearly double last years result and our claimed score met
DR7T Great contest with great activity. Thank you, see you again next year.
E77C Excellent contest. Wrong choice of work schedules, and bad antennas. It will be better next year.
EA2BVV First participation in Russian DX Contest. Very fun!! Great conditions from 80m to 15m. Rig: TS-50 + Long Wire in first floor. Thanks to all operators and the Organization. 73 & GL.
EA2DK Very very fun contest. Thanks. Due to the work, only 2 hours 32 minutes of operation.
EA3FHC My first participation in the contest, lots of fun. Despite my equipment I have spent a good time.
EA3SD My first RDXC contest and not my last one... hi!
EA5XY This is the first time I have participated in the contest. Strong signals from Russian stations in Valencia Spain. Good participation and good propagation on 15 meters next year. I hope to share 73!
EA7FRX Nice contest and good propagation, many stations on 15 m I like.
EA8CN Oviously I choose the RDA contest instead of RDXC so the serial numbers from the non RA stations didn`t get logged. Better LU next year or rather i`ll be more observant.
EC5CYI My first contest.
ED5T Good contest, see you in the next. EA5KV@ED5T Victor.
EG3B Very happy to work in the beautiful test, I hope the next year 2011, CU again send the pictures of my station.
EI4DJB Band conditions were OK for some 15 m QSO`s attempted to maximise QSO`s on 15 m in order to reach beyond European continent.
EI4II/QRP Good fun in QRP, FB propagation.
EK6LX All the Best & 73`s !!!
ES2DJ TNX FER QSO-s. Hpe cuagn in ESTONIAN OPEN contest.
EY8BJ My first contest ever.
EY8CC I`m 14 years old.
EY8ZF First contest from newly built club station.
F/LA6GF Enjoyed contest with pipsqueak stns, big fun. Will do better next year.
F1EPQ Not too much time to achieve more QSOs, but really a great contesting. Many thanks to the Union of Radioamateurs of Russia and to all the participants.
F4FIA Thanks for this contest.
F5JLH Regards 73 patrice F5JLH
F5OWT Very good contest , hope to meet you next year .Tks Charlie
F5UKL Really nice contest and friendly people. See you next year. Best 73.
F5VBT Thank you for the contest and all for the contacts.
F9KP Very good CONDX on 20 m band. Many Russian stations coming on FB. All the best for all stations and contest manager, 73!
G0CKV K3 barefoot to wet string in suburban London. Almost all qsos were S&P and only 20% on SSB - RDXC has no SOSB LP or CW only category. It is challenging and fun to work low power on 40 among all those big signals with sharp elbows. Having said that I must admit that I had few if any issues with operating practice by anyone in this contest - except that there are still a handful of poor signals out there with horrible key clicks and a couple worse than that with a QRO amplifier out of control. CONDX must have been pretty good because I could work almost anything I heard beyond the big pileups where I would always end up last with this setup. 40m was more or less dead between South UK and UA midday +/- 3 hours, something I probably should have known if I had done my homework. Focusing on relaxed S&P I didn`t build volume or serious rate and I missed all those multipliers who don`t CQ but only call running stations. I also missed several ridiculously easy DXCC multipliers probably because I got carried away by looking for oblasts and learning Russian geography. It was all great fun and I am sure it would have been even more fun with less suburban noise and a real antenna. My sincere apologies to those Russian SSB stations who suffered my attempts to spell my call using russian phonetics - this caused total confusion; I guess I have to prepare better next time.
G0FPU SD used easy, no problem, nice to work new stations.
G0MTN Only limited time, but the activity was incredible. Full bands, and improving propagation.
G3JJZ Another good RDXC contest, but CONDX were difficult. Many of the UA9 were VY VY weak.
G3LHJ Very much enjoyed contest, lots of activity on CW and all bands were opened - so the sun is coming out to play at last, hi. 73, cu in the next one.
G3TXF Sorry but could only made a few QSOs at the beginning of the RDX contest, because had QRM from the UK`s CDXC dinner on Saturday evening.
G3YMC Reasonable conditions, though not that much DX worked with my QRP suggest that you have a CW QRP category.
G4DFI Conditions are very good, especially on 15 metres.
G4EBK Enjoyable contest again. Some stations sending far too fast with bad keying, made it very difficult to read.
G4HHJ My first entry in RDXC. I found it by accident, hence very li I don`t expect to go anywhere with this entry.
G8ZRE Enjoyable contest, SD easy to use serial numbers 070 to 073 on 80 m seperate entry.
GI4AAM Good contest. Only managed a few hours due to family committments. See you next year.
GM-21056 A great contest with plenty of activity. I heard a number of oblasts that I had not heard before. Many thanks to all the organisers.
GM3WOJ Great contest - worked 900 stns in first 6 hours, then had to QRT for 4 hours for a birthday meal (my birthday!) TNX for QSOs, 73!
GM3YEH Thank you for organising another good contest.
GM4SID This is one of my favourite contests. The high participation of Russian stations is apprecieted. Used SD by EI5DI for logging which is very advanced and accurate.
GM4UYZ Unable to do more due to delivering amateur radio training, Visiting my mother in hospital then having to work.
GW0VSW I only had a few hours to operate so many thanks to all those that managed to hear my 5 Watts.
HA1TNX It was a nice contest...
HA2MN Great contest again. Many thanks for QSOs and see you next year.
HA4FY Altough my rig is a toy, rather than a contest log, and sometimes was difficult to get through QRO sigs, I enjoyed the contest very much. TNX.
HA5LZ Many thanks for the nice contest. SRI but on 160 m antenna nil.
HA5W After few years I took part again on this fine contest. Because of my QRL my log only a checklog.
HA6IAM Tnx nice contest!
HA7VK Dear contest committee, thank you for the personal invitation. It was my participate this year as well. I have TVI problem with my neighbour so 25-30 Watts, but I enjoyed the play.
HA8BE Ewer nice contest, next year AGN.
HB9DHG Thanks one more time for this wonderful contest. Hope to post soon some pictures and more technical feedback. Keep up the excellent organization. 73!
HB9MXY TNX for fine contest. I will spent more time next year in this contest.
HB9RJG My first contest (new comer in contest).
HG4F The contest propagation and activity was very nice on 20 meters band.
HL1VAU Nice weekend project with my old radio and gears. Propagation was much better than last few years and it allowed me to hold sometime even I was real barefoot with simple vertical antenna.
HQ2T Very nice contest, This was my second try. See you next year, 73!
I2WIJ We tested our WRTC team for the first time. We operated multi-two, low power, Interlocked with only one signal on the air, WRTC style. It has been a very good training but we need more. RDXC is a very nice contest to work and we enjoyed our time. Thanks to all.
IE3-802 Many thanks for the contest, Hope to be QRV also next year.
IK0HBN Coffee, I needed coffee! I got sleepy for 4 hours before my SR and i awaked when the sun was high in the sky... hi hi.
IK2AOO Nice contest! tnx to All. 73 and ciao de Claudio IK2AOO
IK4ZHH Thanks for ham spirit to ut5id tell me "maccaroni" only because I was on "my" FREQ from 30 minute. I stay on my FREQ and for 1 hour I listen Iso where UT5ID continue to call and also when I listen up he QSY to up do QRM for me: in 1 hour I made 40 QSOs. UT5ID only zero QSO. Call call CQ contest only to do QRM to in spare time. Was nice.
IK8PLE Very beautifull contest. Not very good my condition of the antenna. Hi.
IK8YJQ Good contest and good cw
IN3FHE Great contest , this year my score is better as my target. Nothing to hear on 10 meters , but the mountains are a great handicap here. BTW thanks to all competitors, organisator and see you next year . 73 de Helga/in3fhe
IZ2GMT Very beautiful contest. It`s the first time in the high power category fortunately 15 m gives some good news and some countries. Unfortunately pretty nice. Surely I`ve to improve myself. 73!
IZ3DVU As always very entertaining contest. Thanks to all. IZ3DVU (Gianpiero). Equipment: RX/TX: ICOM 756 PRO III; ANTENNA: CUSHCRAFT R8.
IZ4DYX Dears, my best performance: the first year with 15 meters band is open.
IZ7KHR This is the first time for me in Russian DX Contest. Just few hours but it was be very funny. Many pileups and many Russian stations, I think to repeat this great contest next year. 73!
IZ8GBT Nice contest, I had fun. Congratulation to all, 73 de iz8gbt Francesco
IZ8JFL Very nice contest, good luck to all, culater 73
JA1CP Had an enjoyable time, thank you.
JA7LLL This is my first entry in RDXC. Enjoyed so much.
JK1LUY I enjoyed the contest.
JM1LRQ Nice condition on 21 mhz. Hope to meet you on 28 mhz the next year.
JO3PSJ/3 I`m very happy to have QSOs with many stations all over.
JR1NKN Thank you for the QSOs in the contest.
JT1BH First time in Russian DX, enjoy.
K0RRP This was my first RDXC and it was a blast. I worked several East European stations for the first time and plan to QSL with all of them.
K2PLI Our second RDXC. Operating from Lehigh Acres, Florida, using WB2F.
K2RNY Not much, but want to make sure the person I contacted gets credit for my call.
K3ZO I do not connect my computer to my radio. The computer is used for logging only. Therefore I do not put exact frequencies in my log. Your table of Russian regions does not account for UA1HY, UA6GF, UA6GM, UA6GR, UA6GS but anyway I wrote down what I heard. Following the principles of "keep it simple stupid".
K5LH My logging program does not support the Russian DX contest. So I used the template for the IARU HF contest instead.
K5ZD One of my favorite contests. Conditions started slow but improved by the end.
K7EDX Much better propagation than 2009. This year I actually worked some Russians! 73, Adam K7EDX
K8AJS I always enjoy this contest! Thanks very much for putting it on, every year. Looking forward to the next one.
KH6QJ 5 hours of calling CQ from the Pacific on 10 meters and this is all I could do. 6 Hours of calling CQ from the Pacific on 80 m and this is all I could do.
KV9R Fun Contest with 4 watts on 20m only :)
LA/SP2LUB That was really pleasure to play in your contest. Best regards.
LA2AB Good radio CONDX. Many stations on the bands. Sorry had to leave early due to other commitments. Will be back strongly next year.
LA2HFA Nice contest, no CONDX 10 m, 15 m bad to moderate.
LB3HC Only working a few QSOs for fun.
LU2VC A good contest, very good propa in 10 meters.
LU8QT Very good contest, but hard for SA ... RDXC 2010.
LY1AKM Thanks for nice contest, it was pleasure to take a part.
LY2XW 73!, cu next year Vygintas
LY6A WRTC preparation - 2 OPs + referee, LP, only one signal on the air.
LZ1AQ Grate fun with 4 W QRP only CW on 14 mhz.
LZ1DQ 73! Wsego dobrogo. Sposibo za prekrasnij kontest.
LZ2SX After winter storm that damage all my antennas. I haven`t got any Desi Christo LZ3FN I decided to give some points to participants.
LZ5K It was a big contest with great operators and very high activity. Congratulations to the Rusiian organiser who are managing the Russian DX
LZ9W This contest definetly needs M/M category to go in par with ARRL ! I.e. to be put at the place in contest callendar it really deserves ! We had fun !
M0CEF Stuck to 15 metres this time - enjoyed the condx.
M0MCV Great contest. Lots of activity. Good to hear 15 m open.
M0TJU The first attempt - great fun.
M1JJK Very good contest, I enjoyed it, when`s the next one?
M5W 4 continents in an hour with FT-817 + miracle whip, while helping in the car park at our local "hamfest".
MJ0ASP My first entry in RDXC - see you next year.
MM0DXH Tnx for contest again. 73 to all. Jim - mm0dxh
MM0VTV Good DX on 15 m. Had a great time, most of the QSO`s were made on Saturday, Took a brak to watch the rugby well worth it! thanks for the points see you in 2011.
MU0FAL Enjoyable contest with mostly great OPs.
MW5A New GW all-band phone record?
N1BCL Really a great contest. Would have been better if I did not get called into work for 5 hours on Saturday afternnon.
N1NN 5th Russian DX contest.
N2WN Nice to see the high bands open, 40 sure was suffering, 10 opened to EU. Worked more Asiatic Russians this weekend than the last 3 RDXC combined.
N3UM My third straight year in the Russian DX Contest. In 2008 I made very few Russian QSOs on 80 and 40 meters but plenty on 20 meters, so in 2009 I operated 20 meters only and made many more Russian QSOs than in 2008. This year I again operated SOSB-20, and did much better than last year: 142 Russian QSOs vs 87 last year, 54 oblasts vs 44 last year, and a claimed score of roughly 318 K points vs roughly 231K points last year. Conditions and activity on 20 meters were excellent, much better than in 2009. I worked a number of UA9 and UA0 stations after 00Z, and several more plus 4 new oblasts in the last 2 hours of the contest. I also worked 5 JAs, a ZL via long path, and hundreds of European stations. I have always operated CW only, because I enjoy operating in a CW contest between the ARRL and WPX SSB contests.
N5AW We operated using the rules for WRTC - two transmitters but only one signal.
N7FLT First time in the contest. I will do more next year. A fun contest!!
N8II WX was so nice with TEMP as high as 25 C, so I took my daughter on a bike ride for 5 hours. A pity, CONDX were excellent on 20 m. I had a "dream run" with no QRM and loud QRP EU signals from 2140-2300Z. 20 was open to all areas of Russia at some time of the day. On Sunday zone 18 was loud before sunrise, Very fb!
N8NA Very lively and quick contest.
NY4A Thanks to SRR for another great contest. FB CONDX.
OE3DMA Great contest. Didn`t have time on Saturday. Still miss a "worked Russians".
OE6HLF Beginning too late, good conditions, all QSOs worked with my indoor loop (40,20,15) and indoor dipol (20,15).
OG4T Thank You for contacts. See you later on the bands.
OH3KAV Thanks for a nice contest!
OH3P Thanks again for FB contest. I had weird RF problems, therefore I had to chance band manually. I don`t mind if you extend contest to 48/36h - CU next year.
OH4FSK My first contest, so there might be some mistakes. Next time more seriously.
OK1DOR Nice contest. I am looking forward to next Russian DX in 2011.
OK1FHI Great contest, Russian OMs are very good contest operators. Also SW TR4W (thanks UA4WLI) is OK in RDXC. See you next year.
OK1IC Thanks for all QSO, nice contest, CU next time.
OK1MCW I ran the contest for a fun working some 6 hours only. It was my pleasure to make those QSO. Thanks to everybody! It was nice time for me! 73 GL Martin
OK1TC I enjoyed high activity on all bands but 10 mtrs. Nice opening to UA0 in Sunday morming.
OK2QX My first contest with one week new "K3" homebrew rig, 100 w out. Better CONDX as previously year, but relatively little number of Russian stations. 15 m was not open for European part of Russia. On 20th March my family came to me, (I had 74 before 5 days) and I cannot worked full time afternoons.
OK4AS Only short time in the contest, but FB STNs. Used SD-log, and no problems in contest.
OK7U Thanks for nice contest. Although I was not completely healthy, I had to take part. So this year in rather relaxing way. I hope to hear you all in RDXC 2011.
OL8M Again great contest... but on 15 m was big Problem QSO with UA3 regions. High activity and congratulation Russian friends 73 Pavel OK1DRQ / OL8M
OM3BA Prima contest-big, tnx!
OM7SR This contest enjoyed me. I am very satisfied with SD log.
ON3ND An excellent opportunity to say hello to many russian friends. Big activity and CONDX much better than last year. Very exciting competition.
ON5WL I had not much time to work in the contest, so only a few QSOs; but I enjoyed the contest. Till next year. 73
OQ3R Difficult conditions due to poor weather. Hard to contact Russian stations especially by us living in Western Europe due to the huge signals of all those LY, YL, UR and East Europe countries acting like an "iron courtin".
OR0A Great contest, first time I participate. Will compete next year as well hopefully.
OR2A Great contest ! 73 Ron OR2A
OZ1HHH Thanks for your great and well-organized job.
P3F Lots of fun. Thanks to SRR for this excellent event. Enhanced this year due to a few sun spots.
PA0CYW Had to work during the contest but nice to join few hours!
PA0EMO Nice contest, fairly good CONDX and a lot of participants. Hope to meet you next year.
PA0FEI Good activity on 15, 20, 40 and 80 meters. TNX for UFB contest and your interesting WEB site. CUAGN in 2011.
PA0M Great fun and activity from all over the world. This is real fun on air. Thanks for contest.
PA0O This year finaly join RDXC FB contest again. Band where in good shape. Had to pull a lot with K3 and dipoles. 73!
PA1B I like this very fine contest, with activity from many countries. I went for the multipliers but also use very low power whenever I can. I had great fun with my FT-817 with QRP and QRPP. Great to meet all this excellent operators. Thank you for the nice contest.
PA1NHZ Thanks for the nice contest, was my first one.
PA2PCH Nice contest, Good conditions. Using a Yaesu FT-1000MP MK V Field with dipole 2x14m 100 W
PA2REH CONDX were not very good on 80 m. Was fun to work Russian stations. CU next time. 35 DXCC and 39 oblasts on 80 m CW only.
PA5WT I did enjoy a very nice conditions on 15 m.
PC2F Nice contest, good conditions. Only too little time to join the hole contest.
PD1KSA Vy nice contest. Keep up the good work.
PD3EM Had fun again. Hope to do more hours next year.
PD3GVA Thanks for the nice contest. I enjoy it very much. Greeting from Holland.
PE2KM Only a few hours left to work the contest. Fair condx. 73!
PE2KP The bands are open again. Did make some fine DX too this year. Thank you all for working me as QRP.
PG7V Thanks for the nice contest, very good activity.
PU5BIA My first Russian contest. I`m 13 years old. Thank you from my father PP5JR.
PU5FJR I`m 11 years old. This is my first Russian contest I liked so much.
PY4FQ Again a great contest. Congratulations to the sponsors of Russian DX Contest.
PY5AKW My first Russian DX contest I will return.
RA4FJV See in RDXC 2011
RA4HT Always I try to be QRV in the RDXC.
RA4SAT My 1-st Contest!
RK3IWB This contest was a hard work.
RK3MWC The best contest, vy TNX. 73!
RL4R Was nice time! Thanks for the QSO`s! 73, Andrey, RW4PL.
RT4RO Thanks!
RU3SE Good contest, but I have no good antennas and I`ve used high VSWR on 160m band. It`s a pity.
RU4SS Nice contest. Too bad on 160m because of vy strong QRM & QRN. Hope to join RDXC-2011 from portable QTH outside the city.
RV3FD This contest was a hard work.
RZ9HT Great contest! See you next year.
S51J It was my first time in RDXC, and I enjoy it all the way. If only the weather would be as good as contest. See you next year for shure. Best 73!
S57DX Few hours just for fun.
S57U Great contest for LP also.
SA6BET My first Russion DX Contest. Didn`t have so much time for it but worked some stations.
SE2T Based on 10.2h of activity, day 1 in S&P and day 2 mainly run. 73 & SPB /Kurt SE2T
SK6HD Nice contest. Will give it a try next year again.
SL0W Sorry did have an old program so I had to write wrong oblast just get the QSO in.
SM5LSM Tnx for a nice test, and I am sorry for delaying my report to you. Hope this will work.
SM5V Tnx fer another good Russian Contest. I am sorry that my antennas did not work very well. See you next year. 73!
SM6W I liked this contest very much. First entrance.
SM7CQY A very good contest indeed.
SP3GTS Very nice contest. See you next year.
SP6BAA Nice Contest
SP6LV As yearly fine Contest !
SP8BAB It`s a pleasure to meet so many great CW operators in this contest.
SQ80JMC Special Event Station on the occasion of 80 years of Polish Radio Amateur Association (PZK).
SQ8JX Tnx for all qso :) 73 de SQ8JX
SQ9IAU Thank you for very nice contest. I hope to meet you in SPDX contest for 2 week,s. Best regards de SQ9IAU
T6AG It is a fine contest, however due to proffisional commitments I had not enough time to participate in it. Lets see next year, However congratulations for fine contest.
TA7EB hi. see you again next contest ta7eb 73`s
TG9IRP Jumped in for a few hours and had a lot of fun. Great contest.
UA3AGW It was an attempt to improve my own record for 40 Рј EU RUS entry hanging hope it was a successful try, however Andy RL4R made it even better:-) Thanks to everybody who called me. And see you all next year.
UA3DK Fantastic activity.
UA3KA tnx fb test
UA9LAO One of the best contests.
UA9SP Tnx fer nice contest! 73!
UN2E Had some problems with my antenna, but enjoyed this nice dynamic contest. Good activity. Best wishes from Kazkhstan!
UN7EY/7 Good contest
UP0L We are planned our work for team trainning with comming WRTC competition. We have blocking of our TX and it was only one signal at the time. We don`t used the cluster and super call check in the TR4W log programm.
UR5LJD Tnx for Contest!
UW1GZ Thanks ;)
UY2ZZ FB contest!
VE1RGB Absolutely wonderful conditions here. Nearly doubled my previous best. RDXC is a very much liked contest around here.
VE1ZJ Lot of fun. Great opening to Western Asia on 80 m. If RDXC has single band category, please enter me as 80 m station. Otherwise add in 160 m score. My software did not recognize Oblast of RM3M so I put in JA instead of YR. Be back next year. God willing. Regards.
VE9HF If you need sponsors for any awards let me know the cost and I will consider sponsoring one this year and possibly in the future.
VK4TT Good day to all other OPs in test.
VK6DXI First time ever in this contest.Uupper bands are coming up. It is great to see such a good level of activity. I will try to be back. 73 to all and good luck with WRTC this year.
VK8AV The EU QRM was horrendous. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the contest. TKS & 73!
VK8PDX This was my first RDX Contest & I had lots of fun. The path to Europe wasn`t great but managed my goal of 150 QSOs. 10 m will open for the 2011 RDXC. See you all next year.
VU2BGS Good to work in this contest again and meet old friends.
VU2PTT Just a part time effort in between numerous family engagements. Thanks for the QSOs and it was good to work some on 10 m.
VU2UR Enjoyed another RDX contest. Hope to work many more contests.
W1JQ Couldn`t put in a big effort. But fun as usual. Nice UA0 propagation. Wish I could have made a bigger effort this year. This contest is always fun.
W1MJB My first contest. Wonderful contest, great organization see you next year. 73!
W2MFT I have not been active for 15 years. I have new station, new antenna put up on 3/19/2010, and new to using computer logging. I hope this works. Small score but learning all over again. Thank you for the fun! and hello to all my friends there.
W4ZV 160 was very quiet but activity was lower than last year. Fun anyway! Thanks to all for your patience.
W7DRA Very little time to participate this year.
W7SW I enjoy CW QSOs with Russians because of their great CW skills. 73!
WP3GW First time with more than 100 contacts! Somebody did switch the Sun to on with 60 Watts (hi, hi). Much better conditions, and 10 meters did open to Europe since a very long time.
XV4TUJ I was happy to participate to this contest for the first time and give a new multiplier to friends stations. I hope next year I will have better antenna conditions.
YB1FWO Thanks for the contest,73 YB1FWO
YC3TKH TNX for all, HPE CUAGN es greeting from Surabaya Indonesia, 73 es 88!
YC5OO Greetings from Sumatra and good luck.
YL2BJ Not a full time effort, only 17 hours. CUAGN next year.
YO2IS Excelent contest, My first one on six bands LP, CW. Pity no Russians heard on 10 m. My goal to reach 1 milion points was achieved. 73!
YO3KIA Always a pleasure to be active in RDXC.
YO4RDN Poor antenna, no propagation...
YO4RIW Nice contest. Keep up the good job.See you next contest.73!
YO4SI Poor propagation on 10 meters on the second day. 73s for all!
YO4US Nice contest, good propagation & participation. 73 to all, see you next contest.
YO5NY Variouse CONDX.
YO5OHY Very good propagation, many stations. TNX to all, 73, GL!
YO8SS Hello, RDXC is a very strong contest!
YO9IXC The conditions was good. TNX for the organizators of RDXC.
YP9W My first SO2R.
YR9F A good result, more than my expectations in Russia DX contest! Because I did not sleep well in the days before the contest, having to take a break for sleep, 3 hours, from 00.00 to 03.00 Z. I noticed a very good participation in the contest. Best 73, Dan
YU1LM/QRP Thank you for the nice contest. I haven`t time this time. I was working with new SDR QRP transceiver Genesis G59.
YU1WC My first QRP contest, with my brand new SDR RIG genesis G40 (5 Watts). Operating and contesting with an SDR RIG is an unique experience. This year I competed on single band, Next year hope to be back with MU. My thanks to all who had patience to listen for my QRPP signal.
ZC4LI Thanks to all concerned in running the contest. I had a bit of a problem with the software but hopefully my log is now OK.
ZS1JY 10 m worked quite well, the other bands were not very good.