Soapbox RDXC-2009

2E0RCV Pleased to air my new call (ex M3RCV), but only had time to enter single band 80 m this year.
3A/IZ4AKS Bad propagation during the entire week-end. Few-strong signals from Russia, for the rest... 20 were completely death. I was in Monaco for holydays, and I had just few hours for the contest, but i`m happy to have in the log more than 50 QSOs. Just one note for the contest manager: I`m not expert with cabrillo files, I`m sending the log with pleasure. Less than 60 qso, happy to give the multiplier.
3V8SS Nice contest! Keep up the good job. Thanks for managing this contest. Really enjoyable. I made over 22h of operation. See you next contest.
3Z50KPN Special event call - "Flora fauna expedition" - 50 years of "Kampinoski" park.
4X4DK Not all the QSO`s were contest participants. I really enjoyed the contest and hope next time will take more seriously.
4Z1UF Some black out - and missed the beginning, so started to work almost 1 hour later...
4Z5J Our thanks to all the new friends in Israel for their hospitality and help.
7N2JNN I enjoyed the contest.
8S0C It is a very fun contest, since it is a lot of activity on the bands. However, this year I had to work the contest from my home and not from the club. I had used my second radio, a FT-857, and a W3DZZ antenna, 10 m above the ground. It was not possible to work more than one station on 15 and none on 10 m.
9A8W Not much time and no antenna for 40 m (used 160 m ANT on that band), but lots of fun. 73 thank you all.
A45WG Nice to see 15 m open.
A71EM I would like to thank all pepole who are incharge of this FB contest and I enjoyed it very much indeed. CU next year.
BD7JSQ TNX for all the contest QSOs, HPE CU guys next year.
BG4AHF/QRP 1st QRP mode. Very hard to make a QSO but very intersting.
BV4VR See every one next contest.
C4W Great contest. I am eternally grateful to bob 5B4AGN who let me operate at his super station. I can`t wait till next year.
C4Z First time I have tried this contest, it has a great format with something for everyone. Would love to do it from a well equipped station. Nevertheless it was enjoyable. I did not target countries, but concentrated on looking for oblasts. Will be back next year for sure.
CT1AGF Just a few contacts S&P.
CU3TRP This contest was in honor of CU3CZ that passed away last 15th of March. Conditions wer
DB7BU Hello, it was a very nice contest.
DC9ZP It has been a very exciting contest, thanks a lot.
DG1RZD Thank you for the friendly invitation and the organization. Fine business.
DG2BHB Many thanks for the nice contact to every one. See you on air!
DH2URF Thanks for nice contest, friends. Good luck.
DH8BQA Lousy conditions, not a single beep on 15 & 10 m. :-(( So a lot of QRM on the remaining bands making QSOs with 100 W and a Tribander on 20 m quite difficult - no chance to run. 40 m provided some nice DX but also no chance to call myself. 80 m much better but still lots of QRM and splatters. Not to much activity on 160 m but easy there, even with calling myself, hihi. So let`s hope for improved condx next year! 73, Olli
DJ1AA Next year more Russian stations do not call only CQ in Russian language. I have to wait a long time to get the call in English or often I had to ask like: "what is your call please?". It takes a lot of time to get the INFO who is working there. Sorry i do not speak this language, perhaps 1000th as well. Thanks for your attention and greetings from Germany.
DJ1YFK Only part-time this year but I enjoyed every minute of it.
DJ2QV Not much time this year, just giving out a few points - see you next year.
DJ6TK Sorry, no more time.
DK1AX Fb contest, Will call again.
DK2BJ CONDX haven`t been so good as in the years before.
DK3DUA Tnx for the fun. No 10m this year (Maunder? ;-) 73
DK4A Nice contest with lots of activity. Was surprised to work VK4AA on 15 m as this band appeared closed. Unfortunately I had to run "un-assisted" as the umts-dongle was missing. The mods to the 40 m Delta Loop seemed to pay off.
DL3GD I just tested a new antenna for 40/80 m - and not realy participate in the contest. So I made only a few QSOs and just for fun.
DL3KWF Sorry, that we participate this year in RDXC from DL - but next year we will be again in CT3 to spend this multiplier.
DL5AWI No much time and only 100 W. Hope for no QRL next year.
DL5KUD Had fun at pretty good propagation.
DL6RBO Super contest, great activity and only 24 hours, that`s what my family like. Hope to see you all next year.
DL7CS Just some QSOs - but great fun.
DL7DZ Danke schoen fuer das contest.
DL7JAN Had fun on the topband. Nice contest. CU 2010.
DL8HCO Again one of my favourate Contest, but Murphy hits me very bad. Friday I drilled a hole in my right thumb and at saturdaymorning a nerv in my back failed. The few hours sitting at the staion were very painfull, hi hi. See you again next year in better shape. 73 Sven DL8HCO
DM5R Thanks for the many good Russian stations. We had a lot of fun. Good CONDX also on 80/40 bands. See you next year.
DP1POL It is located at the German research station "Neumayer III" in Antarctica, Grid loc. IB59UH. The station has been officially opened on February 20, 2009. I had just put up a dipole antenna for 40 m before the contest, so I made a handful of contacts to try the new antenna which worked reasonably well.
DQ4W Tnx for nice contest, We always enjoy the high activity and good operators from Russia.
DR4A Thanks for this great event.
DV1UBY Poor band condition limits my contest operation.
E74A I hope next year i will operate seriously.
EA3FF I enjoyed the contest but have not possibilities to work it on Sunday. See you next year.
EA3FHP La propagacie no era gaire bona. fins l`any que ve. total 60 QSO.
EA5QB/QRP An amazing contest one more year. Thanks to all for the patience with the QRP stations. I worked with my FT-817, a MFJ-1796 vertical antenna and 5 Watts output. See you next year, DSW.
EA8CN Nice activity but poor HF conds.
EA8MQ The spread was not very good but I was delighted to hear the many signals om of all thank you very much and hope to hear again.
EI4CF Conditions were very unusual. Very short skip with very strong signals in Sunday morning.
EK3SA Всегда с большим удовольствием участвую в RDXC. Желаю всем удачи в тесте.
ER5GB FB contest! TNX to all who made this exellend activity really one among the most interesting contests. Hope to meet you all in the next year RDXC-2010. GD new results.
ES4MM Had found several hours and with big pleasure has worked in the contest. Thank you enormous all for these competitions. 73 and see you later in airwaves.
F6KAR One of the most exiting contest of the year. Thanks to contest committee for such a great event.
G0FPU SD easy to use only made a few calls.
G0MTN Good fun until stopped by TVI.
G0WHO Listened Saturday evening, no Russian stations calling, only US calling into Europe. Thanks for organising the contest.
G3JJZ Another great contest - just a pity CONDX were so bad. Perhaps things will be better in 2010.
G3YMC Not a serious attempt but just to give away some points. Conditions fairly flat and not much DX about. Please next year have a seperate CW only QRP section.
G3ZRJ Very busy contest. Glad I have cascaded CW filters. Noted 5B4AII make 2 contacts before start on 15 m. Thanks for all your hard work with the contest. Hope to do better next year. SD worked fine.
G4BXT A great contest. I wish I could have spent more time.
G4EBK Enjoyable contest. No QSOs on 28 MHz, only 5 QSOs on 21 MHz: 4 with Cyprus, 1 with V7.
G4MKP Good contest. lots of oblasts to be found and also great activity from us and canada. doubled my claimed score from last year and met many old contesting friends - doesn`t get much better. cheers and thanks for the q`s everyone.
G4PIQ Work prevented me making a serious effort from M6T this year but managed to make a few QSOs from my small home station.
G4RCG Had a great day on Saturday, but bad died early. Sunday was not too good but still enjoyed the contest. I would like to complain about the operating of LZ131GO who just operated right over the top of me after the 1st hour and just called and called "CQ TEST" he could not work any one.
G6CSY Running CW only QRP. So SOAB-MIX-QRP seems best option. Thanks to V47NT for the all-time-new DXCC.
G8ZRE Good contest. Not as much time as 2008 I had to work. SD easy to use.
GM0WED Thanks for putting the activity on.
GM4SID Enjoyed the contest especially using SD logger which scores and checks everything on time.
GM4UYZ Intended to do more this year but family circumstances dictated that i could not. This is two years now that i have taken part in it and i have really enjoyed taking part.
GW4EVX Very enjoyable contest. No contacts on 10m and only two on 15m.
HA0IH I haven`t enought time to run all the contest`s, sorry.
HA2MN Having been busy I could not run the contest over this year. It is a pity so i hope next time I`ll be able to be on the "ground" much longer. Many thanks for QSOs, see you next year.
HA5LZ Many thanks for the super contest! Using UA1AAF logger - very good working, TNX!
HA8TP One of my favourite contests, I like it very much. See you next year as well.
HA8V nx, first HF contest for me. GL.
HB9ARF Always a pleasure to participate. More points then last year but it was not possible to be 24h only 18h. 73`s and see you next year.
HB9BXE I enjoy this contest very much. Hope to work it next year again.
I4IKW One of my favorite contest.
I4VIL Many thanks indeed for the super organization.
IK0HBN Only few hours to enjoy russian DX, hope better next year.
IK2AOO TNX to all.73 and ciao de Claudio. see you.
IK2CZQ Very good contest. I hope receive many QSLs from Russian OMs for my RDA award. Tnx 73.
IK3TZB/QRP Little power for big contest. A big pleasure. Good luck.
IK4ZHH Not so many time to do contest but was fine do it. CUAGN next year 2010.
IK7RVY Good test! High participation!
IN3FHE It was really fun, even with so bad conditions.More qso and point than last year , more U.S. stations in contest, good rate even in 80 meter with less than 100w into my vertical multiband antenna as usual. More cw as phone of course . See you next year for sure.73 de Helga (Ina) IN3FHE
IN3XUG Bad propagation; black out of 80/160 antenna. Hope better next year.
IT9JDH Another RDXC is done. A vertical antenna, a 100 W rig and a claimed score higher than last year (and lower than next one I hope). All calls logged will receive my QSL via bureau. Many thanks to you for contribute to my logbook.
IT9JQY Complimenti! Bel contest e tanto divertimento.
IV3EFE Great fun!
IW0HLZ Bel contest. Molte stazioni Russe ottima partecipazioni di tutti ciao all.
IW1QN Thanks to IK1YDB to let me use is nice QTH, and thanks to IW1QN and thanks IK1HJS for support.
IZ0BVU Very good contest with a lot of people and good propagation, ciao.
IZ1GIP My first Russian DX contest. Only to test myself. See you next year.
IZ3NVR Thanks for the nice contest and hope to do better next time.
IZ5GRS Very good contest. Sorry for my little time in contest. 73 and see you next year.
J5UAP Great contest, unfortunately, we don`t have 24 hours of generator time, so sometimes running only battery powered with 50 W I was working the RTTY contest too, sharing the weekend time.
JA1BPA My 6th consecutive year of participation in this contest. The stormy weather conditions before and during the contest seriously affected the results this year. Two weeks before the RDXC the 60 mph wind had damaged. Our 15 m antenna and the rotator for 10 m antenna. Besides, the weather turned gusty on sunday with 40 mph wind blowing.
JA1EHV I enjoyed the contest.
JA7ZP Thank you for your help. I was enjoyed this contest.
JG1GCO I enjoyed the contest.
JG1UKW/QRP I enjoyed the contest.
JH4UYB Great contest.
JH7RTQ This contest was poor. QSOs with only 100 stations. I hope next chance.
JI1ALP I enjoy contest on 15/20/40m band.
JI1UDD I enjoyed the contest.
JK1LUY I enjoyed the contest. Let`s meet next year.
JT1AA I have first time in Russian DX contest. Very happy.
JT1T See you again in next test. Best 73.
K0PK Poor conditions, but had fun anyway. Thanks for a nice contest.
K1ZM Great contest. CU AGN next year.
K1ZZ Very competitive event. My congratulations.
K3TW Many thanks to the excellent Russian operators for making this contest so successful.
K5ZD Very good conditions on the low bands. Signals on 160 were very strong. 40 and 80 stayed open well after sunrise.
K7RFW No Russian stations heard, until after the contest.
LA/CT1EEB I only made a few QSOs for the fun of it but i was glad to be on during the contest and give multipliers to the participants.
LU2JCW Very good contest. My first participation.
LU4MHQ Enjoyed this contest again, great year by year super dupe was a great support.
LU5BE Hola amigos. Estoy muy feliz de haber participado por 1ra ves de este excelente concurso. Abrazo grande.
LU5YF Bad RX CONDX here, see u next year.
LX1ER Contest, good conditions, but not many time. CU you all next year.
LY2KZ Actually it was single op multi band low power operation :-).
LY2MM Lovely event as always. Next year many changes will appear here - different radios, different antennas. Only operator is going to be the same - eager to participate in this event again.
LY9A Thanks rimas LY6A for letting me use his fine station.
LZ4RR Fantastic contest. It was our first attempt in m/2 and we had a great fun working so many stations. Thanks to all for QSOs, 73. See you in next RDXC.
MM5FUN Good activity. Rather cold operating outside in GM land. See you next year hopefully from a better station.
MU0FAL Will be pleased when HF is more open. Not much room on low bands to find FREQs had good fun meeting old pals.
N1BCL While conditions did not permit many UA QSOs I think I worked all I could hear at my QTH. Maybe the next time we will have better conditions. I really enjoy this contest every year.
N3UM I enjoyed my first Russian DX contest in 2008, but made 25 of my 28 UA QSOs on 20 m., in 5 of the 10.5 hours I operated. In the other 5.5 hours I got only 1 UA out of 33 QSOs on 80 m., and 2 UAs out of 76 QSOs on 40 m. Also I noted that I would have placed 4th.
N4PN This is a great contest, lots of activity. Some of the best operators show up for this one. See you next year - better CONDX?
NP3D/W2 First time ever I participated in RDX contest and feel sorry that I did not do it last years. Very interesting contest, i met lots of old friends and made new ones.
NP4Z Next year will do it serioulsy. Happy to work all my Russian friends.
NR4M That was fun. CONDX seemed to be very good. 20 was a bottomless pit of Europeans and was quite good to the Far East in the evening. It was incredible how long after Eur sunrise 40 remained extremely good. This is a fun contest and one has to use some strategy. I know there were some Europeans on 15 but between the 10 pt Russians, the oblast mults and the countries it was hard to leave the money (20) and. One gripe and I know I`m probably not hitting the right audience here, but how do we get the qrpers to quit signing /QRP? It`s difficult enough to copy some of their calls without confusing the issue with worthless extra characters. I don`t think any of us re going to listen harder because they are signing /QRP. OK, soapbox down. Thanks to Steve for use of the station during the weekend.
NS6T Thanks for running the contest. My first DX contact ever was with a Russian ham.
NT1A I enjoyed working the contest part time.
NY4A Thanks for your sponsorship. We appreciate that stations may work their own country.
OE4VIE My first participation in RDXC and enjoyed it very much. See you again next year.
OE8SKQ Very nice contest. Thank you everybody who called me.
OH0Z Huge activity from Russia and Eastern Europe. Not so many us or Western Europe. Nice contest, thanks.
OH2OT Thanks for fine organized contest! FB WEB pages
OH3DP Nice contest. Vy TNX for all QSO`s.
OH3KAV Thanks for a nice contest.
OH3P Thanks for nice contest, there lots of hams on bands. Hope to see you next year.
OH6JYH My first RUDX contest but not last.
OH6M Thanks for the nice contest again. It is very nice to see that this contest has grown up all the time.
OH8KA Nice contest with lots of activity.
OI3SVM While visiting the "National signals museuum" at Riihimaki, I made a few QSOs from the clubstation OI3SVM (special call).
OK1-31457 This year I was QRV only a few minutes before finish of the contest. I hope to more spare time for contesting next year.
OK1DOR It was a very nice contest. In spite of poor CONDX on high bands, I was very satisfied. I am looking forward to next RDXC in 2010.
OK1TC Contest is perfect, web sites are superb, but penalties are last negative motivation.
OK2QX Nice contest - one week after my birthay (now 73 years old).
OK7U Many thanks for very nice contest. Lot of participants allowed me to achieve my personal record even in spite of very bad prop. conditions. I am looking forward to the next one.
OL4M Vy fb contest, OMs.
OM2VL My first RDXC in HP category. Thanks for nice contest.
ON3AR Good conditions on saturday, on sunday morning it was verry bad. some stations should listen better to qrp station`s. until next year.
ON4BHQ My first rdxc ever. I had fun, but hard with only 100 W.
ON4LWX Very fine contest.
ON5WL Interesting contest with much activity. Pleasant to work all stations with good operators.
ON6HZ First time very good feelings after the contest.
OR2A Great contest but operation time was limited.
OY9R I started a litle late but did have a fine time.
OZ7BQ Good fun, but limited time to participate. No problem to operate QRP with so many participants.
PA0CGB A fine contest, but CONDX really bad on highest bands.
PA0EMO Very nice contest. A lot of participants. Some beautyful contacts made. Hope to participate next year.
PA0FEI The lower the band, the better the activity and conditions. Nevertheless big fun to participate. Thanks for UFB contest and CU AGN in 2010.
PA0MIR As every year good activity only very little on 21 and 28 mhz. Please let there be sunspots soon.
PA0RHA Nice contest, next year again.
PA1B Participated in CW with QRP. Thank you for the activity during the contest.
PA1BBO Didn`t have much time, but as a CW novice I enjoyed the 6 QSO`s I made in this contest.
PA1BX On 21st of March 2009 I enjoyed the Russian DX contest with much pleasure. For the first time I used the special software RDXC-07, made by Boris UA1AAF. I competed in the contest with much pleasure for many hours.
PA1TK Nice to work something with SD contest log.
PA2CHM Enjoyed the contest very much.
PA3GCV First time that i joined this contest, till next year.
PD3EM Nice contest. Hope to be there again next year.
PD5CW I like the contest. Many USA stations and Russian stations. TNX all QSO`s. See you in the next contest.
PD7BZ Nice contest. Still not very good propagation, but very nice openings in all directions.
PE2KP Hello contest world! It was a great weekend for me. I did work some new DXCC in this contest. Also first with South America on 40 meter band. More QSO`s made then last year.
PF1MO I participation for a short time in this contest. Thanks for the organisation.
PF5X Thanks for this nice contest. Conditions as expected given the state of the solar cycle. Did not even try 15 m, but had fun on the other bands. Hope to meet you again next year.
PG1R Again a very nice contest, but due to social obligations I was not able to make more than about 14 hours. 10 and 15 m still closed here.
PG2AA We had a great time. We were a small team but had fun. CU AGN next year.
PH0AS Just 100 QSOs just to be part of it. TNX for contest.
PI4D Was fun participating while testing some specific station setups. Extreme bad propagation on 15 m and nothing on 10 m.
PP1CZ I`m very happy surprised about this my first time russian dx contest. in few hours, i could contact so many stations. too bad i was not prepared and expecting to much of this wonderful contest.
PV2P First time on this contest. Very nice contest. Thanks to all.
PY2ADR No antennas beamed to SA. 73´s good luck all
PY4FQ Again a great contest. The CONDX was not good again.
RK3IWB This contest was hard work.
RK4CWQ First attempt of a contest by this student station, it was fun.
RL3AI Thank you for the contest.
RU3UR Хороший тест! Прохождение не порадовало, очень шумел город, все низы до 20-ки трещали. Аппаратура не подвела, свой предыдущий результат улучшил. Спасибо всем кто услышал и звал. До новых встреч, 73!
RU4SS See you next year.
RV3FD This contest was hard work.
RV3FI Thank you for the contest.
RX3AJ I overcame myself with big lag as to my 2008 result - 700 qso in 12 hours. Now it is 920 qso in first 12 hours of contest. Unfortunately, 24 h in line is too much for me.
RZ9OWN Very good contest!!!
S51F I would thank you for UFB organisation RDXC, result processing and all information on your web site. It`s my pleasure to take part in this contest last 3 years. Wish you all the best, keep rdxc in good shape also in the future.
SG3O First time in Russian DX contest, nice to hear all those different oblasts. Good luck to all contesters.
SM0BDS SD made a nice job RDXC.
SM4WKT Many tnx for a very nice contest. Very best, 73.
SP2FAP The best of the best of the best contest.
SP5ELA Tnx for nice fun. See you next year with better conditions.
SP8BAB It`s a pleasure to meet so many great CW operators in this contest.
SP9DTE RDXC is the best contest which i have been participating in.
SQ3JVW This was my first start in RU DX contest. I think that this is the 2nd best contest in the world after CQ WW. For sure I will participate next year. Spasiba za QSO. Daswidanya.
SV2BFL I thank via very beautiful competition RDXC and the time we will find itself dear colleagues.
TC1RLH We started operating as MO2T but after some 20 contacts with the "troublesome" station laptop we crashed and lost the 2nd TX log.
TC3EC Able to work 6 hours only because of problems.
TC7KA Participate in a contest that is so dear. Thanks.
TK7P This was our 4th RDXC DXpedition in a row and 2nd one from Corsica. See you next year.
TM6M 1st time we took part to this event! Be sure we`ll back .. Super contest where all call ever!!! (so rare in national event) i guess the only one ? Best 73s . TM6M crew
UA1CE I was not ready for low band activity this year. Will try in 2010.
UA3AB Had some fun on 40. K3 is a real winner.
UA3LMR/3 Vy good DX-ing! Many TNX for all!
UA3MMM The best contest in the year!
UA9WOB Thanks you for contest and CU next year.
UN2E Million thanks to all participants of RDXC-2009. Best wishes from Kazakhstan.
UR5IHQ VY nice contest.
UR5MBA Beautiful contest. Have got the enormous pleasure. Many thanks to all.
US0HZ Thank you very much for the contest. It was a great pleasure to meet old friends.
UU4JMG There is no doubt, that RDXC is one of the best contests. See you next year.
VE1ZJ Great CONDX on 80 m. TNX all.
VK3TZ A relatively part time effort. There was not much activity on SSB but I had listened on the CW end and that is where all the activity seemed to be. Some strong SSB signals from Russia on 20 m but signals were not as big as usual on 40 m. Thankfully there were plenty of Australian foundation licence (beginner) stations on air.
VK4TT G`day to all Ops in the contest. Used SD programm by EI5DI worked very FB.
VK7GN Nice contest, i can sit down sunday evening and just have a few hours fun.
VK8AV SD was good and enjoyable, as usual.
VO1TA Thanks again to the organizers, always a fun contest, did not have enough time to put in a serious effort. Maybe next year.
VQ5B Great contest. Lots of activity. We had a great time.
VU2HFR My first RDXC. Great fun and a learning experience. Thanks to the RDXC organisers for a great contest. Thanks EI5DI for SD a fantastic contest logger. Hope to be back in RDXC next year.
VU2PTT Rig: Icom 746-PRO + SB-200 Amp (400 W) Ant: Force 12 C3/S at 60`, 40m Inv-Vee at 55`, 80m Inv-L GP w/1 radial Interface: MicroHAM MicroKeyer II (CAT, Winkey, Amp keyer, sound card) Logging: N1MM Logger v9.3.2 in Multi-op mode for near-realtime backup to Laptop. Had some real fun in this contest - and also hooked up Packet. Given some sun spots, looks like a contest with great potential from the contest boondocks out here :)

15 Metres sounded like it was back to its good old days - I ran about 100 stations (EU) using 400 Watts, and then had a major power outage. Switched to laptop and batteries and continued running another 100-odd EU stations on the same QRG using 40 Watts (yes 40 Watts) after a 3 minute break to change to my backup laptop and battery for rig power.

A very short break was made possible by running N1MMLogger in Multi-Op mode so that QSOs were being mirrored on the laptop in near real time. Also the use of a MicroHAM Microkeyer II - meant I just had to bring the laptop into action and plug the single USB plug form the MicroHAM interface into the laptop to have all of the station (rig, amp, keyer) switching configured immediately.

Looks like every one had fun in this one - somehow 80m never sounded good for me and had only a single move with RU1A - expected a lot more QSOs. And 10m is still waiting to come alive - did not hear any one there.

See you all in WPX CW - I will have to miss out on most of the SSB leg except for a few casual QSOs and maybe have my XYL operate a bit for her first contest ever!!!

73 de Prasad VU2PTT.
VU2UR Enjoyed another RDX contest. Last year`s certificate is yet to arrive. Hope to work many more contests.
W7DRA First RDX contest using a 1930 station, a 4 tube regen receiver a 3 tube mopa driving a 211 final amplifier at 200 watts antenna was an inverted l.
W7SW Wonderful contest. Many-many thanks es 73.
WI2E I wasn`t sure what to expect as this is my first spring time of operation since 1996, but I can definitely say that my first RDXC will not be my last. 20M was a bit of a slog, but things really picked up toward sunset as 40M came to life. Had I known how much I was going to enjoy this one, I would have reserved time for the entire 24 hours. I`ll be interested to see how well my score holds up given the QSB on almost all bands here (save for 15M & 10M). I asked for many more repeats than were asked of me, so either my TX signal is much better than my RX (quite possible, actually), or I`m going to have a large number of busted QSOs when all is said and done. In any event, it will be interesting to see how this plays out given the RDXC QSO adjudication procedure that has generated so much commentary here. On a side note, it was good to work many familiar stations from the recent Thursday night contests. Rig: TS-940S Amp: Ameritron AL-80A (700 - 900W) Antenna: 43 foot vertical 73, Joe WI2E
YB3TD A must follow contest for next year.
YC5OUB Good propagation at the last day of the contest. See you next year.
YL2BJ Bad propagation from YL to middle Russia on main point bands.
YO2IS Pleased to run again my 3rd RDXC in SOSB 1.8 mhz and get my best score. Almost doubled the number of obls: 33 in 2008 versus 51 now. The K9AY made the differnce in my poor downtown location. Excelent the Russian participation, got 20 siberians. Fine the UA1AAF software, pity there is not any FD backup.
YO3JW Nice to be in this contest.
YO3ND Very nice contest. Many stations in the contest, many stations from Russia. Congratulatio.
YO4US Nice contest, see you next year.
YO5AJR Vy nice contest - propagation in top band "braunian-s". Vy fine and big contest. Congratulation for organisers.
YO5OHY Good contest, many station, TNX to all, 73.
YO8AXP My congrats for yours contest organization.
YP9W Always happy to work in this great contest.
YR0R Animated contest, as ussually. One single problem with a station thinking frequencies are rented, but the rest is OK. See you nexy year.
YT1V Cannot wait till next year. 73.
YT5CWW Very good contest. This is my first time.
YU1AAV Great contest as always.
YU7AU Nice contest, thanks a million.
YU7ONE Great contest, again.2nd time I took part in this event. RIG>very old Yaesu FT200, ant:W3DZZ. See you next year.
YU7PG More interesting if would be separate low and high power category in 2010 !
YW4D Had lot of fun in the contest, somehow missed a lot of regions ! Lost power the last hour of the contest.... See all next year Paul YV1DIG
Z32ID Nice contest, a lot of activity.
ZC4LI Thanks to all concerned in running the contest.