Soapbox RDXC-2007

2E0CVN The best 24 hours contest in the calendar. So much activity from around the globe and hundreds of Russian to work. So many multipliers mean a big score for even the LP guys. FB condx on 40m Saturday evening/night and nice to see 15m open on the sunday morning which helped the score nicely.
2E0KOP Great fun used SD to Log.
4K0CW Thanks a lot for real great fun in the contest although it`s not easy to keep a QRG especially on the low bands with low power :-) Best contest that exists now! Hope separation for Assisted / Non-assisted stations will follow soon. Big advantage for the mults and the score to assisted stations.
7N2UQC I was able to enjoy this contest. TNX for a fine contest again.
8S0C It was fun with all the activities on 80 & 40m. Sad that 15m did not open up. I enjoyed the contest. Hopefully I`ll be back next year.
9A2WJ I have been short in time, SRI. Not bad Cndxs. See you 2008.
9A5X My very best compliments to the RDXC Committee. One of the best contests that exist now! I`m really suprised with the activity, and specially with the activity from Russia - unbealiveable and fantastic!!! Great Russian activity results in a very high rates during all 24 hours! This year I have entered SOAB CW HP category again - two years ago(2005) I took 2nd place in world SOAB CW HP with my ex call 9A6DM. Last year I decided to run 3,5 MHz (1st place world), because there was some problems with antenna rotor for 14 MHz! As a member of 9A7A contest team, I have operated (again) from 9A7A contest location: 28 MHz – 7 ele Yagi; 21 MHz – 6 ele Yagi;14 MHz – 6 ele Yagi; 7 MHz – 4 ele Yagi; 3,5 MHz – 4 sq.; 1,8 MHz – T vertical Operating in the contest was very exciting all the time, but I would like to rule out two moments wich was very pleasent suprise for me: ZS1JX on my 1,8 MHz CQ with his nr 001 and RU1A on 28 MHz with really amaising aurora sounding signal! For the first time in my life, my 4 ele Yagi or 7 MHz was beaming to the north-east during all night, because of great activity of Russians (10 points each)! Thanks a lot to everyone for the great, great fun in the contest! See you next year in RDXC 2008. Martin, 9a5x
AK1Q Thanks for this great contest
CT1DWT Nice contest. I will be again there next year.
CT3/DL3KWF Nice to have in our holiday in CT3 the R-DX-Contest - see you 2008.
CT3/DL3KWR The next storm was waiting for the end of the contest and then we had to remove the antenna.
CT3EE A few hours to give a multiplier. Nice contest congratulations.
DD1IM Hi all & dobre denja, a bit more time to operate (nrly 8 hrs), a bit more qsos, a bit better score, hi. And been a bit disappointed about 50 percent requests concerning my prefix - I felt beamed into my cw contest starting times in late 2003/2004, where I got even more (almost 90 percent) renamings to "dk, dl & dj", hi. Really hoped that this suffering was past... a mistake? Also been irritated that mni (mni!!!) S9+ stns did not hear me obviously, but some S1 did... However, I appreciated every single contact and did meet some friends & mni well-known russian stns, so I enjoyed the test and HPE being able to particpate agn. TU all ops & RDXC team, spassiba & dosvidanja, hpe cu(agn), gl, vy 73.
DF0SAX We operated multi-two for maximum fun but did not find any microphone...
DF1HE Nice Contest, my first try in CW ;-)
DF1MM TKS FB Test, 73!
DG5OBB I had some problems with my logbook software, perhaps next year more QSOs.
DJ3GE/QRP Thanks for the nice contest. This year I have chosen the correct category for QRP (Last year I was also QRP, but I wrote Soab-Cw-Lp, which was wrong.) The software (from 2006) is very fine, but switching from MEZ to UTC did not work.(?)
DJ8OG Very good contest, lots of activity and met lots of friends on the band. Im very glad to improve my score from last year but there is still some room for the next years because I slept again to much :-) For more info please visit my website at Vy73 from DL Matt, DJ8OG
DK0V We participated in the contest as a means to train operators with limited contest exposure only. Unfortunately the dipole was a bit too long, so we could only use 1840 to 1860. We operated field day stile, i.e. emergency power generation, antennae and the station itself were erected from scratch on Saturday morning.. All the QSOs were conducted only by the trainees and in SSB only. We used low power and no assistance by DX-clusters.. As an active contester it is tough to be reduced to the role of a trainer especially in such an interesting contest like the RDXC. The only thing I dislike about the RDXC is the fact that just too many Russian OPs converse over extended periods of time in the Russian language, which is a problem for S&P. TNX es VY 73!
DK5ZX Nice contest! Thanks for QSOs! HPE CU AGN sn! Vy 73 es GL!
DL0AZ A marvellous contest to have a wonderful time with a lot of friends around the world. Thanks and CU next year. My equipment may be isnґt the best, but Iґll do my best.
DL0DX See you next year.
DL1LAW Vy nice contest agn hope see you all next year.
DL1NEO My 1st RDXC, but sure not my last.
DL1NKS Had a lot of fun, only search and pounce, QRT for sleep for some hours, tnx for all nice CW QSO and great contest. HPE CU AGN.
DL1ZU Nice contest but very small time this year to enjoy it.
DL4FN Some QSO times are off by abt 3 mins due to a computer problem.
DL5MLO First attempt at CW Contesting. Please don`t punish others for my mistakes... :)
DL7DZ Danke schoen fuer das Contest.
DL8HCO Again one of my favorite contests. CONDX on 10 and 15 have been very bad for me, but 40 and 80 made me happy. See you all again next year.
DM1LM What a pity, I had not enough time this weekend for the contest!
DM3BJ It` a pleasure to test my new equipment and the logprogram.
DP4K We enjoyed RDXC very much ! See you agn in 2008 !
DQ4W Thanks for another nice activity! Propagation not as good as 2006 but managed to achive almost identical raw result. Antenna for 160 needs improvement, as we could not raise any calls there. Nice to have guest operator IN3QBR in the team who came along from Trento to join the group. TNX also to DD1LD for providing basic know-how of Russian.
EA3CEC Very nice contest. Next year I`ll try on 80 and 160! Bolshoi Spasibo.
EA3FHP 100 QSO with a dipole antenna and 100 Watts. Very nice contest.
EA5KV Bad conditions, I have big QRM in all bands, anoter year the good contest, thanks. 73, EA5KVictor.
EA5OL No many time this year to be on.
EA8CN My first entry ever. Just hope CONDX will improve so can get the real weak ones. Now I just worked the big guns.
EA8MQ Very intertesting Contest. I wait contacter with all you in next year. 73 GL!
EI4CF CONDX were very good. Had a great time.
EK0B Many thanks for really nice Contest. I didnt make new World record as I wished but there is the reason to come here next year.
ER1RR Thanks for the contest.
ES4MM Tnx fer FB Contest, 73!
ES8DH It seems that I took part at first time, thanks to everybody!
F5UKL Thanks again for this nice contest. I really enjoy It. Ham are very cute and thanks to everybody who answer to me. Yours Andre - f5ukl
F6FTB Power is 5 watts out antenna is a 2x20 m dipole. A lot of activity again this year, I enjoy very much the QRP operation: 99 multi and 1514 points.
F6IRF A pity I only had a couple of hours to dedicate to this nice event...
G0CER Many station in such a rush dont wait to confirm properly the data from weak stations. Enjoyed the contest - noisy on 20m on Sunday.
G0CKV My first RDXC, With poor antennas and low power I seemed to always end up at the bottom of pileups under the QRP stations. This may have been frus- trating at times but it makes the contest more of a challenge and more demanding on the operator. I used to run high power and big antennas in the 1960`s and that was fun too but also much easier. More than 99% of my qsos were S&P. Some stations refused to work me claiming I was a dupe but they were not in my log. They had probably mistakingly believed I worked them when I was working a station running nearby - it is smarter to work the dupes, they may not be dupes but your earlier mistake. In all: great fun with plenty of good operators.
G0MRH Pleasure to take part. Pity there are a few operators who don`t realise they could work more stations if they worked at a not so fast speed.
G0MTN Even at the very bottom of the solar cycle, it`s one of the best contests from Europe. lots of activity and multipliers, and high rates achievable. See you next time...
G0WKW Part-time operation only but still great fun to work so many Russian friends - thanks.
G3GLL SD worked fine. Sorry I was unable to spend much time in the contest!
G3JJZ A pity 28 Mhz remained closed, apart from 1 local mult. QSO. 21 Mhz was interesting, with sporadic openings around UA all morning.
G3VQO Conditions were not ideal, but I enjoyed myself anyway.
G4BJM Great Fun.
G4EBK Enjoyable contest again. My best ever score.
G4RCG Saturday afternoon was not very good but 40m made up for it from 17.00 on. The daylight hours were not that good for the higher bands and I did not hear any signals on 10m at all. Enjoyed it as usual.
G7RTI Planned to operate much longer but could not do so. As usual conditions were only fair at the moment - I had difficulty working many Russian stations so missed a lot of multipliers. Anyway - another enjoyable contest!
G8ZRE First time entry in Russian contest hope I have got everything OK.
GI4AAM Great contest!
GM3WOJ TNX for a great contest, 73!
GM4SID Unjoyed this contest again. SD was a great help.
GW3SQX Good contest, lots of activity.
HA2ESM TNX FB Contest!
HA2MN Great, enjoyable and exciting contest again. The propagation seemed to be a bit weaker than last year. 10 m stayed closed over here. Unfortunately 80 and 160 m are not operable with my antenna.
HA3DMF This was my third Rdx-Contest and again it was great. Unfortunately I could not participate all 24 hours See you next contest and thanks to all.
HA3NU Nice contest, good activity. I enjoyed it very much.
HA5LZ Many thanks for the super contest!
HA5UX Great contest year by year.
HA8BE Nice contest! Next year agn!
HB0/DK4YJ Despite a very bad takeoff to the east from our QTH we really enjoyed this great contest. Hope to meet you again next year!
HB9ARF I hope to be here again next year with better antennas.
HB9DAX/QRP The CONDX was very good. On all the bands good activity. CU AGN next year.
HB9DHG My very best compliments to the RDXC Committee. This is the second year I partecipated to this contest and I like to say it was a pleasure. Good activity, very good propagation. I`m not able to work on lower band. No problem with my Ham setup. IC-7800 powered with an IC-PW1 at 500watts. Shurr keyer (what else ?) and a lot of pleasure. Very good weather conditions, so I had the time to make a bike riding. I really hope that next year will be cloudy or rain .. so maybe I can gain some hours of contest and reach 500 QSO!. See ya next year. de HB9DHG
HG4F The contest was very excellent! Best 73!
HG8C Excellent contest, good activity from Russland. At next year again....
HG8K Best contest! Excellent software!
I1BAY Very poor conditions over the upper bands, just so so the rest of the bands I2AZ. Poor conditions saturday; sunday 15 meter good conditions, many stations worked.
IC8R Super nice contest, didn`t complete the setup, no tribander available. Used tuned vertical and dipoles to work higher bands... but 100% fun. CU all next year. IC8R Procida isl. (EU-031).
IK0HIT Marvelous contest as usually; courteous and competent operators. Sorry that I did not work longer hours.
IK1PMR It`s a pleasure to meet so many great CW operators in this contest.
IK2AOO Nice contest, TNX to all. Ciao.
IK2REA Tnx fer nice little (for me) contest on mobile. I`am very happy to have this QSO from my car. Bye Bye dosvidania dear friends.
IK2RMZ CW contests are fun, who cares about scores?
IK4VET VY nice contest, VY few time this year.
IQ9PA First time in RDXC for our radioclub. We operated only with a 5 bands vertical and about 500w. We had a lot of fun and it was a perfect training for all new operators. See you in 2008!
IT9RBW Great Contest,I started whit 2 Hours of delay for problem whit the program(wincontest.Good pile up from Russia,i don`t lissen much country. See you agn on 2008! IT9RBW
IT9ZAU Scarsa propagazione in 15 e 80 metri. Saluti a tutti!
IV3DYS It is always a very nice test and also this time it was a high participation. It was a pity for the bad propagation on high bands. I hope to participate in 2008 also. 73 & CU AGN next year!
IW1BEF Very nice contest. A pleasure have QSO with Russian stations. I am working with only 30 Watt and my dipole under the roof but in this poor CONDX I have a lot of fun. Thank you again.
IZ2EJU Only 6 hours but a lot of fun. Many very good operators. No signals on 10 meters. I used Super Duper for logging - great!
IZ4DYX Nice test as every year.
IZ7EDQ Thank you to all. Many station higt power difficult for low power!
JA1BPA 20m band closed 2 hours earlier than last year before 14 UTC. I had to spend a long night on 40m and 80m bands, but obviously these are not the bands for low power. The propagation improved in the latter. Half of the contest with a slightly better opening on 15m band than last year, but that was not enough to cover the lost first hours.
JA1CP Had an enjoyable time, thank you.
JA8AJE TKS AGN for nice contest.
JH4UYB Great Contest.
JI1ALP CONDX was no good, but I enjoyed RDXC on 40m.
JR1NKN Thank you for the QSO`s in the contest.
K1KD An excellent contest to work out the SO2R bugs.
K1RX Used WPX log format, please change score properly conditions were poor but many stations active - good contest!
K3TW Band conditions were good for QRP.
K3ZO Sorry I do not provide exact frequency of QSO because I never connect radio to computer. I use computer for logging only, never for radio control.
L50N Better my last year`s score despite lower propagation numbers. My special call sign caused difficult copying frequently. Good test. CU next year
LA1BNA Fun contest, and nice QSO`s! My 2. year in the RDXC contest. The final results doesn`t really matter, because one gets addicted to this.. hi
LU1DZ Vy nice contest. Many thanks and keep the good CW work.
LX7I My first RDXC. Also the first time I used Wintest with the usual problems using a software for the first time. Looking forward to paticipate next year in this contest. A real nice contest. 73s.
LY1BX 88 years old operator - still love CW.
LY2BOS Thanks for FB contest!
LY2MM Every participant from the previous years is thankful to RDXC Committee for the outstanding attitude and respect shown to everyone. It guarantees. continuous growth of participation in this wonderful event. CU in 2008.
LY2OO RDXC became one of my favorite Contests. 73!
LY3W Fine TEST, see you next year...
LY7A Some problems with merging two logs into one :) TX1 and TX2 logs are one by other, not in chronogical order.
LZ2HM/QRP Was in tourism with family and testing Ft817+Fishing Vertical from 2925m als. Supper CN.
LZ8A Thanks for the nice contest! 73
M3XGA First contest i`ve entered. Running 10w into a wire dipole half indoors/half outdoors. Did not spend alot of time but would like to thank all the stations i worked. 73
MU0FAL Great fun but bands were poor on HF. Not enough mults.
MU0GSY A very busy contest Plenty stations to work Will be back for 2008.
N2UN Congratulations. This is becomming one of my favorite contests.
N5PO Condtions not too good here. Lot of activity from Europe. But mostly weak signals. Maybe better next year.
N7ZG My first try at this one. I like the format and hope this one will have more activity from the US and JA in the future.
N8NA Hard to QSO ru stations on the low bands. Plenty of activity.
OE4A wooow! for first time QRV in RDXC and it was great fun! i will put RDXC on the my list of most important contests! main plan was to let Andy RW3AH operate SOAB, but just few days before contest we decide to operate M/2 and i came back earlier (1 hour before contest start) from my fly fishing holidays in T9 land. this was not early enough; we started the contest only with one station, second one was all most 2 hours later on the air! also from 02:00-06:00 UTC was only one station QRV, second operator (me) was to lazy and to tired to stay a wake whole contest! only 2 stations worked on 6 bands, LX7I and 9A1UN. our congratulations to UU7J team! they give us motivation to prepare us better for next year! tnx for QSO`s and hope to work you in WPX SSB! 73 es best dx de oe1ems braco
OH2FS CU next year 73!
OH2RA Only 10.5 hours of operation. The stations just keep on coming! Great fun and my first mixed mode contest. Mixed mode is really great for So2r in contests with number reports. See you next year and thank you all for the QSOs!
OK1ARO No time enough for better score but nice contest It seems I need better ant next year.
OK1BA Nice contest maybe better 48 hours like CQ DX. TNX.
OK1BLU A good Contest. Hope CU AGN next year.
OK1DOR It was a very nice contest. I am looking forward to "Russian DX Contest" 2008!
OK1TC High activity to the last minute.
OK2-9329 Good Contest. See you again friends.
OK2QX Sorry, that in this year I have no more time. Over all, I WKD also as OK5SAZ a short time.
OK5JDC Op. Jirka, 11 years old, son of OL5Y.
OK7U Many thanks for UFB contest. I am looking forward to next contest in 2008 Year. Logging software SD by EI5DI did perfect servis for me.
OL4M Russian contest is now very great world contest.
OL6P Very good contest and act. I operate only for fun from little home station.
OM3BA Big contest! TNX!
OM3LA Russian DX contest is going to by my favorite. I like the 24 hour format, the activity from Russia is fantastic. I enjoyed the contest very much. In SO/All/Mix category is the competition very hard, I congratulate my friends/rivals UW2M, HA1AG, DL6FBL, P33W, EX9A to very good score. I will definitely see you in RDXC 2008. Thanks for this nice experience.
ON3CYV Good contest.
ON3RZ/P Nice contest, 2w on FD4+1
ON4CAS A birthday party at a friend`s house so couldn`t operate as much as I wanted but truly new and old friends on 20m. Hope I managed to catch a few new districts for my RDA.
ON4CT My first rdxc contest, high rates and fast operators! Nice website!! ON4CT
ON4LWX Very fine contest I use SD contest program.
ON5GQ One of the best contests. I got a lot of fun. Hope to be present next year
ON5WL Very good activity on 20m. It`s always a pleasure working in this contest with good operators. I hope to work some more hours next year. 73 and till next year.
ON7CC Nice test CW.
OQ7T Great fun. See you next year.
OZ0RS Just handing out a few QSOs. Hope to have time for a real entry near.
PA0FAW It was a nice contest, good activity. Cannot do much on 80 and 40. I used Sd for logging and it worked great so simple to use. It is a pity the RDA is not an exchange so that it could be used. Tried to get 200 QSO`s.
PA0IJM A nice contestbut a lot of QRM on the good old 80m band. Have fun with the control of the incomming logs and I hope to are back next year during the RDXC. Best 73!
PA0JED Due to heavy winds no low band dipoles, so single band entry. had lots of fun, cu next yr 73 jan pa0jed
PA0MIR Very pleased to be in the contest again, but unfortunately not enough time available to get a good score. See you all next year I hope.
PA0O Propagation not so good. Sunday it was better. I could only work part time. very nice contest / rules Dsw all hope to meet next time. in maybe better band conditions.
PA1B As a milliwatter I often try to use the lowest possible power in each QSO`s I made QSO`s with 5 watt down to a few milliwatts (hi) and met many operators with very good ears. I used the UA1AAF software to enter the log-info after the contest. Enjoyed the activity during the contest. Thanks to you all.
PA1TX Very nice contest, not so much QSO`s. I had to lower my tower due the stormy weather.
PA3AM Nice contest too work, I wished I had more time. 61 CW QSO`s, nevertheless. CU AGN in 2008! 73`
PA5W Nice to be in this contest for the third time. I`m trying to score every year better. I hope I did better then last year where I became number 63. All the equipment was working well and hope to be back next year. Good luck with all the logs.
PD5W It was nice to be in this contest for the first time. I hope to participate next year. 73.
PE1LTY Thank you for the nice contest. With many stations. Till the next time.
PE2KP A very nice time with all those stations, with a very low flux index. With 5 watt QRP very nice score made this year. CU next year.
PX8I Very funny. Few conacts but exciting, downing Power Supplier freqientely.
PY2NDX Nice Contest!
PY2XC VY bad conditions this year. Hope best luck in next contest.
RA3BQ Thank you for nice contest!
RA3MU Nice Contest!
RA6FP Cool Contest.
RK0LWP Good Contest!
RK3EXA Thanks for Nice activity! We lost: one linear amplifier (the only our one!) 4 hours before Contest`s end, one FT-1000, one 18m Plastic Mast, one wheel of car on the road back... :-) But, despite on Mr. Murphy`s smiles, we enjoyd very much the main event of our contest activity for 2007! We know our weak points now and we`ve started to prepare ourselves for RDXC 2008! See you there!
RN3RQ RDXC is the best!
RT6A WOW! here was UA6AA RW9WA RA6AU RW6CT RU6CQ . Ничего не сгорело, не сломалось в общем все как по маслу и результат не плохой
RU4WE VY good Contest, hope CU in 2008!
RV3MF Nice contest!
RV3YR Thanks for beautiful worldwide holiday!
RW4PL CU next contest!
S50U Few hours on "the band" only produced very fine CW run. Thanks for supporting RDXC to everyone.
S56A Enjoyed 80m and Sun. UA9 15m opening!
S57UN Nice contest good Russian activity
SC5L Sporadic time in contest with this special call sign for scientist Carl Linnaeus and his work in Uppsala. A QSO in contest givec 5 point to Diploma "Linnaeus More".
SK7OA First RDXC very fun!
SN5G Tnx For Nice Contest! 73!
SO5UM Many thanks to my friend Andy SP5X for hospitality and his XYL Iwona for very delicious meal!
SP1DTE/9 Very good contest but bad propagation on 21. My GP doesn`t work good. I had problem with my comp and i lose some QSO. 73! See you next year.
SP2HPD Tks for Super Contest! 73 Adam
SP2LNW Nice contest, hope we meet next year. Vy 73`s!
SP4AAZ Poor CONDX on 15 mtrs, And death 10 mtrs band in my country. Best 73.
SP4Z Thank for nice 20 hours of good rates, see you again.
SP5BYC Sorry but I couldnt operate longer in the contest. Very good organisation of the contest.
SP6LV Since 1957 SP2LV, from 1997 SP6LV, age 75.
SP9JZT FB contest.
SP9KDA Very good and interesting contest. We had any problem with computers net and program. We using CT, but we needed CT with rudxc contest type. CU in RDX Contest 2008. Please visit our WWW page with foto and video from Russian DX Contest 2007. 73 Mark SP6MQO chairman of SP9KDA
SQ1K It was my 3rd Russian Dx Contest, a lot of fun with it. I hope next year I`ll start again with better results.
SQ4LP Thanks nice contest, 73s! Peter, 14 years old.
ST2R Just give out some points and multiplier.
SV1ENG One more great weekend is over. Propagation was as expected, I made more than 700 qso with mostly EU and Russian stations. Used only 100 watts, a 706mkII, G5RV for 40&80m and 2el quad for 20&15 (didn`t hear anything on 10). I wish good results to all took part in the contest and expect to see you next here with better conditions!
SV1HEM hallo gd everybody there mni tnx for nice contest vy 73 de Giorgos/sv1hem
SV5DKL 4+1/2 hours of pleasant contesting again this year!
UA0ACG Tnx all fer Test, 73!
UA6NZ Truble to wrk on realy 100 wt.
UA9URA PSE in Contest.
UA9ZZ Thanks for all!
UR7GX TNX for Contest!
US0HZ Thank you very much for a contest. It was a great pleasure to meet old friends.
US-I-666 RDXC-Extreem: + t~38.7 (grippe!) + RX-5 transistors + ANT ~10m wire-frame in room window... hi! Mni Tnx all for very nice and interesting Contest!
UT4EK TNX Good Contest.
UT8IT FB Test!
UX1RX Tnx for Contest.
UX4E Good contest. Thanks.
UY5ZI Cool contest.
VK4AN Great contest!
VK4TT G`day to all Ops in the Test.
VK6AA 40m quite challenging without CW filter. CW only this time.
VK8AV Enjoyed the contest.
VU2UR Enjoyed working one more RDX Contest. There was no power some time and had to go off the air. In this Contest YL moined me.
W1JQ Thanks again for a fun contest! Beat last year`s result, despite conditions.
W1RM Conditions were quite good this year making for lots of fun. Please consider having a low power section for single band operation. Low power and high power stations cannot compete in this category. High power always has the advantage that cannot be overcome no matter how good the operator or station. Thanks!
W7DRA Good contest. Had some equipment problems, requiring a second ARC5 VFO, and my main dipole stopped loading for some reason winter storms I guess. A great opportunity to work Russian DX!
WP3GW Nice conditions in 20 meters on the afternoon. Hope next year gets better.
WP4I Hi The propagation was very bad, but it was very fun! Thanks to all for the qso`s. 73` Att Alfredo Velez WP3C/WP4I
XV9SW The electric smog over Hanoi is worse than ever! Only CW here.
YB1TJ The propagations wasn`t good condition but I`m enjoy joining this contest. 73.
YB6LD Poor wkg conditions + marginal prop from YB6 = Low score. CU AGN in 2008!
YL2PQ Tnx for nice contest! 73, and God bless you!
YO2IS Pleased to run the contest again. Thanks for invitation, the contest coincided with my 50-th annivesary of ham-radio ! Despite mediocre propagation, it seems it was better than in 2006. Just wonder if the certificate of merit > 100 QSO`s on 160m do also aply for 2006? (RDXC rules, chapter 13.2). Would like to get them for both RDXC.
YO5AJR Great contest. No propagation on 28 Mc.
YO5OHY Many station. Very good Contest 73!
YO9CWY Despite a poor propagation, the Contest was excellent.
YT1YV Very,very nice contest. Every year better and better. Wish you all the very best.73 de YU1YV, Acim
YT1Z Radio Club "Timok" first time QRP contest. Great logging software never stucked during 24 hours.
YU1AAV Thanks YU1EP for using location and antennas. Thanks YU1QT for antenna construction without ant for 160 m and DX cluster.
YU1EQ All the best!
YU1LA Great contest. Missed some usual mults like UA0D, UA0Z and UA0K but 71 worked on 40m. Nice contest, many Russian station and suprise for me in RDXC good activity from USA (abt 300 USA station in my log but most station exchange lows numbers 001,002,003....) Thanks for all , and see you next year in RDXC 2008. CU 73!
YU2A Nice contest , many Russian station and suprise for me in RDXC good activity from USA (abt 300 USA station in my log but most station exchange lows numbers 001,002,003... Thanks for all , and see you next year in rdxc 2008. CU 73 de MARKO 4N1JA ,YT2T
YU9VK It was a very nice time and contest. I enjoyed so much. See you next year.
Z32ID Tnx to All who call me
ZC4LI Great contest with plenty of activity, most enjoyable. Many thanks to the organisers, and if I am still around you will see me again next year. Only problem was the incessant calling ZC4LI. When I was trying to work a contacted station, this meant having to ask for lots of repeats which tends to slow things down. It would be appreciated if you would mention this in your contest "wrap up".
ZL2BSJ Congrats for a very enjoyable contest. Plenty of world-wide activity, I hope to have more time next year.
ZS5ZZ Great Contest! Really difficult to break Euro/ Russian & American/ Russian traffic from South Africa with 400 W. See you all in WPX next! 73.