RDXC-2005 Minutes of Meeting

One more year passed insensibly. RDXC took part on the 19th-20th March 2005. Here we are with the latest Russian DX Contest results.

RDXC-2005 pleased us at first with increased activity: EU Russia participants number grew up at almost 200 more stations, and AS Russia participants number grew up at almost 100 stations. R9W, R3A, R9X and R6A stations activity increased almost twice. Bands conditions were fair as well.

Total number of RDXC 2005 participants reached 7000. As a result, - a few stations overcame a barrier of 3500 QSOs, and came up to 4000! Over 350 participants run over 1000 QSOs during 24 hours.

    The Contest Committee received 2581 logs, including
  • EU Russia Ц 767 logs
  • AS Russia Ц 427 logs
  • Foreign participants Ц 1387 logs

Number of countries in RDXC-2005 was close to 100; this was also promoted by Russian (8Q7DV, JW/UA3AB, 5B/UW3QC, EY0R, EX9A, UP5G), and foreign (OH0R, OH0Z, EA8/DL3KVR, CT3/DL3KWF, CT3/DL3KWR, VP5/LA9HW, VP9/G3PJT, TA4/DL2OBO, V31LZ) expeditions activities. For the first time there were new RDXC countries presented: P40, VP9, CU, SV9, 8Q7, JW and XV

There were also a few rare DX countries in the contest, such as 4F1MEU, 4J7WMF, 9H1XT, 9H1ZA, A45WG, A61AR, A61M, AL9A, AT0D, CN2R, CN8YR, CX7BY, D4B, DS2QJS, DU4JT, EA9IE, EK3SA, EZ8CW, HK3JJH, HS0AC, KH6GH, OY1CT, P3F, P43JB, SV9FBG, R1ANC, R1ANT, TA1FA, UK/JI2MED, VR2BG, VR2XLN, VR2XMT, VU2UR,YB0A, XQ5SM, XV9TH, XW3DT, ZA/Z35M, ZL1TM, ZL4BR, ZS6RAE, ZS9Z, and others .

Activity of DL, SP, UR, LY, G, SM and I stations essentially increased. The new MIX-QRP entry justified our hopes, Ц we had 45 foreign stations, 24 EU Russia stations, and 7 AS Russia stations in this entry.

All participants totally made 1 640 389 QSOs; 1 535 636 (93,6%) of them were comfirmed (they do not contain any errors), 88% of all QSOs were cross-checked by logs. New scoring algorithms allowed to display constant bias, and determine NIL QSOs with 100% confidence.

For the first time, participants were suggested to announce their results on-line, and look for their rivals results on-line, at RDXC home page.

Award chasers could complete УRUSSIAФ and RDA Award rules without problem, - 77 Russian oblasts and 602 Russian districts checked in the Contest, All participants got their files with confirmed oblasts (RUSSIA Award) and districts (RDA). These files are available to download at www.rdxc.org. RDXC 2004 files are also available.

To improve our traditional statistics, we added more band/time and territories/time statistics, and error/time distribution. We hope, our analysis will help the partipants to improve their scores in 2006.

Please see complete RDXC-2005 results, including photos and stories, at RDXC homepage, http://www.rdxc.org. We welcome any of your comments, your suggestions and notes, photos, videos, audios to be published at our homepage

The RDXC Committee announces new club entry in RDXC 2006: MO2T (multi op - 2 TX), the wiiners in club entry will be scored separately in EU and AS Russia.

The RDXC Committee is thankful to all RDXC-2005 participants, and we invite all of you to participate the 13th Russian DX Contest, which will be held on March 18-19, 2006.

Chief Referee - RW1AC
Logs entry - RW9WA, RX3RZ, RA3RK, RK9XX, UA9XC, UA1AAF, RW1AC, RA1ARJ, R1A-73
Web-Master Ц Lena RV3ACA
Software and log proceeding - UA1AAF
Contact adderss: rusdxc@contesting.com
Postal address: RDXC, P/O/Box 88, Moscow, 119311, Russia