Members of Moscow Radio Club are finishing their preparations for long awaited Franz Josef Land DX-pedition.

The team of RD3AF, RN3AZ, RU3AV, RZ3DU, UA3DX and UA3AKO is scheduled to arrive FJL on March 17, 2004 and stay on the air until March 25 with R1FJ call sign. All bands activity is planned on usual DX-frequencies on CW/SSB/RTTY.

Special attempt will be done to participate in Russian DX Contest on March 20-21.

FT-1000MPs, FT-857, FT-890 with ACOM-2000 and TL-922.

Antennas: TH-3MK4s, A-3WS, DX-77s, Inverted Vs for 80/160.

Rolf Rahne, P.O.Box 15, D-39241 Gommern, Germany.

For Russia and CIS QSL via UA3AKO:
Viktor Slabodchikov, Box 867, Moscow, 119334, Russia.

Due to a very special air transportation to and from FJL the cost of this DX-pedition is very high, so any financial support of R1FJ activity will be highly appreciated. Contact DL6ZFG and UA3AKO if you can offer financial support.


29.3.2004 9:12 UTC
The last part of the log is loaded. More than 22000 QSO were made totally.

DX-pedition is over. The last part of the log will be uploaded today.

25.3.2004 13:20 UTC
The weather is very bad: it`s snowstorm at FJL so the flight is delayed till tomorrow. But the propagation is very good. They will try to operate 160 and 80 meters tonight.

25.3.2004 8:31 UTC
New photos from Franz-Josef Land:

RZ3DU operating R1FJ New ham
RU3AV and UA3AKO operating R1FJ Antennas on the Franz-Josef Land
R1FJ team: RU3AV, RZ3DU, UA3AKO, RN3AZ and UA3DX

24.3.2004 7:00 UTC
New photos from Franz-Josef Land:

Shack R1FJ team: RU3AV, RN3AZ, RZ3DU, UA3AKO, UA3DX

24.3.2004 6:30 UTC
The team will be waiting for plane tomorrow. The flight depends on the weather. They will be called after plane departure from the Land. They plan to be active (one operating place, 2 antennas: yagi and vertical) till the plane arrival to FJL.
If operator says QRX it means the military TX begins transmitting. It`s senselessly to give your calls. Please, be patient and QRX.

23.3.2004 18:00 UTC
Unfortunatelly, Victor (UA3AKO) had to stop operating RTTY becouse Aurora began.

22.3.2004 14:50 UTC
It's twilight from 20:00 to 00:00 UTC because of polar day at FJL. Try this time to work R1FJ on 80 and 160 meters.
The first attempt to fly back will be undertaken on Thursday (March, 25).

22.3.2004 9:10 UTC
Mistakes with WARC bands in online-log were fixed.

22.3.2004 8:30 UTC
The 80/160 antenna was set up. The propagation on 40-160 meters is very poor. The flattering is strong so, please, give your call 2-3 times and QRS in CW. The same problems in RTTY - there are difficulties with signal's decoding. Please, be patient.

22.3.2004 8:00 UTC
Photos from Franz-Josef Land:

Antenna on FJL UA3DX and RN3AZ operating R1FJ
UA3DX and RN3AZ R1FJ team in shack: UA3DX, RN3AZ, RU3AV and RZ3DU

22.3.2004 6:57 UTC
The latest part of the log was downloaded.

19.3.2004 13:51 UTC
Info about the missing first dot in CW was sent to crew. The problem will be solve soon.

19.3.2004 7:54 UTC
The "Search in LOG" is available.
There is one operating position now. The team will try to set up all other antennas today.

Members of R1FJ are already on Franz-Josef Land! The temperature is about -33°C. Look for R1FJ on the air!

18.3.2004 7:09 UTC
Members of R1FJ are now in Vorkuta waiting the flying weather on FJL.

Members of R1FJ are now in Archangelsk. There is non-flying weather in Norilsk.

Welcome to R1FJ DX-pedition site!


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26.03.04 12:01 UTC

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