Soapbox RDXC-2002

4N1N Very good contest, hpe cuagn in 2003.
4X1VF It was nice to participate in my first Russian contest, see you next year. Best regards/Shalom. 73!
4Z5OL My age is 75 years.
7K1CPT/1 I was QRV from field. QTH: Shiki-city, Saitama-pref.
7S7Q 5 W QRP.
9A2KL Very nice contest. I enoyed very much.
9A7P I tought that the contest takes part weekend before WPX and not watching on the calendar that this March had 5 full weeks, see you next year!
9V1UV Tried to work more stations but failed.May be next time.
AB2E Great contest! Congratulations to UA1AAF for a very accurate and user-friendly contest program.
BW3/UA3VCS Very nice contest, a lot of participants. Thanks to all.
BY1DX Conditions are reasonable however not so many participants..
DF0RI Thank you very much for this great contest!
DH0GDS PSE result to e-mai
DH8WE I had also send this log via e-mail, vy 73
DJ9AO I did not expect to be qrv, but had a chance on Sunday morning. So this result is better than no one, hi. See you next year!
DL1CW After 3 Years a short entry, but fun and nice to meet many old friends.
DL1LAW Have tryed it in QRP, very surprised because good result with 5 watts. Best regards and cuagn next year.
DL2OBF RA3AUU talked me into a real participation at Friedrichshafen last year.
DL4CF The RDXC was good fun! I`ll see you next year again!
DL8AKA Rdxc is a nice contest, nice also the software.. tnx es 73 de Volke
EA3FHP Sorry, i have not computer. Excuse-me! Thank you
EA4BWR Vy nice the contest, tnx for all and until 2003 year.
EA4WC I come back to the radio since 17 years in QRT, and for me this contest is a very happy surprise.
EA7HAT I`am very sorry because I can`t to be active all time by personal reasons.
ES1BH In first two hours my RIG VFO knob damages and I must repair it.
ES5KJ Tnx all,see again 2003.Nice contest!
ES5QX Thank you for the contest.
F/G3VQO/p Just a small operation from France.
F5UKL 73 Many thanks to Boris (UA1AAF) for his nice freeware. It is easier to log.
F6OIE Very happy of my participation at that the Russian contest. With much operation of World.
G0MTN Excellent FB Contest ! Good rates, excellent support for the 24 hours. Great HF conditions too - early band openings.
G0XBV Great contest - great website! First time entry. Part time only as family crisis abt 3 mins in. Great logging software. Mucho kudos to UA1AAF !
G0XBV Great contest - great website! First time entry. Part time only as family crisis abt 3 mins in. Great logging software. Mucho kudos to UA1AAF !
G3LZQ Very enjoyable contest my first entry...
G3RSD How different it is to have good propogation on 10Metres most enjoyable. It was great to have pile-ups using a low power.
G3RSD How different it is to have good propogation on 10Metres most enjoyable. It was great to have pile-ups using a low power.
G3XSV First time I`ve entered this contest. Great fun! I look forward to making a better entry next year.
G4EBK Very good cndx on 10 Mtrs. Hope to have Antenna for all bands next year.
G4OGB Some cracking scores again......must practice more!!
GM4SID My first RusDXC. I could only operate for a few hours but I will do the whole contest next year.
GW4BLE Pleased to support contest, if only token effort of a few hours.
HA3OV No ANT for 160m?... so I tuned the 80m dipole. No ANT for 10m?... so I build a simple tripleg vertical just before the contest!
HA5MY Sri between NR346-365 no QSO
HA8IC It was a very good contest, unfortunatly I was worked only 1,5 hours. I hope thext contest I will work more hours. Vy 73 es DX!
HB9ARF A lot of activity this year. Better score then last year. Thanks to Boris (UA1AAF) for the software, its working well. See you with pleasure in 2003.
HB9DAX I am worked only 5W QRP hope you have category for QRP, was fb activity how USA and Europe.
HB9DTM Nice contest see you next year 2003.
I1NVU Tks for beautifull contest, see next year.
I2AZ/1 This is my first Russian International DX Contest. I was enjoying never heard and worked so many russian and DX statitions.
I2WIJ It is a great contest, and participations always increase. As usual, I didn`t have the right time for a serious effort. Propagation shoud have been great, since I heard big numbers given by Single Band competitors.
IK0ZSK Beautiful contest but short time, see you next year!
IK2YSA A very wonderful contest! I could spent much time on air but I had to turn off the radio saturday night due to go to work when the propagation was still very good with NA. Many stations on air (almost like CQWW... hi,hi) and many thanks to all.
IK3SCB All antennas homemade.
IK4QJM It is always a great contest, surely one of the best all over the world. This year I made less points, but I enjoyed the competition very much. Congratulations to all stations in the former USSR for the very big participation. See you next year!
IN3NOR I`m very happy to partecipate to this contest with a wonderfoul contest software.
IS0UWX Sorry only 16-03, Russian DX Contest fb CW (ottimo contest, molti partocipanti).
IV3SKB Nice propagation and many OM on freq 10mt i very nice score plus to 1000 qso on single band i Think up to the Record to A52CO on RDXC 2000 is Uknow for me other results i happy for me score HI.
IZ0EHL For a little pistol as me is very good. Next year i win (HI HI). TNX and I hope listen many russian OM in the next contest.
IZ4DYP This is the first time I took part in the Russian contest, and I must say I did enjoy it very much. Great software, congratulations to UA1AAF. See you next year, ciao!
JA3YPL Though it was only 4 hours operation, I enjoyed this contest very much!
JA7KM It`s Fine!
JE2SOY Less reduction of the points this year?
JF2FIU Thank you nice contact many station. See you again next year!
JH4UYB Great Contest!
JJ6WYS Good activity of UAs. Thank you.
JM1LPN What a good condition it was!
JR1NKN I had a fun.
K0AD This was a fun little contest. Sort of like CWWW or WPX but a lot less QRM. I put in a few hours on Saturday - CW only. Had to go out Saturday night so I missed 40 meters. I`ll try this again next year.
K1BV Excellent Activity!
K1JB Very enjoybale contest. UA1AAF software easy to use.
K2TE The software works fb. I hope to spend much more time in it next year.
K3CR The contest becomes better and better! Well, this is not the Academy awards night but I have to express my Thanks to all of you guys who moved to another band to give me a new multier; for those of you who didn` Hmm, you said "later" - I guess.
K3JT Congratulations to UA1AAF for the neat logging software!
K3WWP I had a lot of fun in the contest. My entry category is SO AB QRP - although I don`t believe you have a QRP category so it would be SO AB A100.
K3ZV TU for great contest again this year.
K4IU A fun contest that stills keeps the XYL happy because only 24 hours.
K4MA As always, a fun contest.
K4RFK Enjoyed the contest but couldn`t get on the air till late in the day. Hope this contest catches on with the contesting community. It could be bigger than the CQWW!
K5ZD Very fun contest! I will be back again next year.
K6III Difficult contest for QRP.
KA2BZS Always a fun contest.. had vry little time this year..Next year bigger.
KJ9C/M This is a mobile from Kansas and Colorado USA. It was fun to see if this part of the country is as much as Black Hole as my home QTH... it is! The first 29 QSOs were from Kansas, then from Colorado.
KO4MR Good 10m conditions to Asiatic Russia on the first day of the contest. Conditions not as good on the second day. I only had time to operate for a few hours each day. 73, Ric
LA2IR My first time in the RDXC, but not the last. A very nice contest.
LX5A Was nice to work in this contest. had fun. tnx 73s.
LY2LF I have only few hours for joining contest this year. However, there were lots of fine impressions. See you next year!!!
LZ1IQ Very well equiped R stns copy my nr QRP stn. 73!
LZ4WX Very nice contest!
MW5EPA Contrats of a very good contest & hopefully next year I will put in a full.
N1BCL I look forward to next year!
N2AA Good contest.
N4AF Excellent condx. We had thunderstorms that made 160M very bad.
N6ZZ Could only participate for the first few hours. Good contest as usual, nice 10m conditions.
N8PW Great contest - I look forward to next year!
N9KO I enjoyed the time I spent on your contest. May it grow in future years.
N9RV Not enough time to operate. Great contest!
NC4J My power is 500 Watts. Vertical Ant... My age is 85 years so I do not operate very long in contests.
NP4Z Fantastic... will schedule for full time next year.. the new format make it a very exiting contest.. CW, SSB all bands in 24 hrs... great rush!
OH1BOI Enjoyed working 28 MHz Single band. I did have some problems with correct loggin as CW insted of SSB.
OH4RH Thank you very much for good service 2001 results!!
OK1FCA Nice contest as usual, UFB CONDX.
OL4M Prima contest, oms!
OM1AW Thank you for organizing, I have had a pleasure to participate in this Contest. I participated first time. I was fully satisfied, at every time I had full hands of work. I must computerize myself.
OM3BA Prima contest! DSW in 2003!
ON4CAS As I still have NOT received last year`s award, I decided to make just a few contacts..
ON4CCL Very nice contest You hear from us next Year.
ON4KLG I enjoyed very much this contest. I will be there next year.
ON4KVA Nice contest.
ON5KK Thanks for a great contest and also thanks to UA1AAF for the very good logging program.
ON5ZO First time in RDXC and it was fun! I`ll be back next year and CU in other contest!
ON6TJ This a great contest. I work only the S&P method. Pleasure to participate to find all my contest friends.
PA0FEI This was the second time I participated in the Russian DX-contest. Just as in 2001 it was a pleasure to participate. I hope to meet you again in 2003
PA1BX I will appreciate to receive, in due tim, a list of the results of all the participants in this 2002 Russian DX-Contes.
PA3BAY Fb contest for first time with ft817 5 watt qrp thanks for nice contest hope to meet you all next year es 73 PA3BAY Henni
PA3BFH As allways FUN!!!!!! So many stations QRV!!!!! Nice to meet so many old friends on the bands during this FB contest. Thanks for organizing and see you next year. Only have to find some more time...
PA3FGJ During the contest I have used the program of W3KM I found the program of UA1AAF after the contest. The log is converted to this program. I have problems when I For me the first time and next year again.
PA5WT Nice to work so many Russian CW-operators. UA1AAF`s programm did function very good.
PA9TT I wish to thank and congratulate all operators who worked me, becouse I was working SSB-QRP 5 Watt with GROUND PLANE !!! TNX ES CU NXT YR , PA9TT - DAN
PY4FQ Thank You for nice contest. Until the next year 2003!
RA3IE TNX for nice Contest!
RK3EWA It was great to have pile-ups using a low power!
RK4LWA Only 100wt
RN9RZ Good contest,cu agn in 2003 year.
RU1AA Fb contest.
RU3RN Good Luck in the contest!!! 73
RZ3ZZ Thanks for the Contest!
RZ4FA One of the most beatiful contest in all around the world TNX.
RZ9MYL Very good interesting contest!
SP1DID FB Contest ! Hope see all stations in 2003 ... 73`s.
SP4HHI Vy 73
SP6CES Vy tnx fer nice contest.
TA2RC First time I joined to RDXC and it was a beatiful fun! I`ll back next year for a bigger score...
UA0BA Very-very good contest.
UA0WL Tnx for Nice TEST!
UA2BD I am 73 Years old. I was first licenced in 1959.
UA3AGW My on-the-air time was limited to about 16 hours due to VP6DI and some family problems.
UA9SP 73 and good luck!
UN9FD Cool!!
UR5EAW Tnx for contest! 73! GL!
US0HZ Thank you very much for a contest. It was a great pleasure to meet old friends. 73 and a lot of DX.
UT5UQV QRP 5 watt
UT8IT Tu! FB Test!
UY5TE Member of "Ukrainian Contest Club" # 1
UY8IF Fine test!
VA3NA Thank you for the nice contest.
VE2DC Great fun... unfortunately the antennas here are severly damaged by an ice storm.... maybe for next year!!!
VE3AGC First time - about 5 hours on air.
VE3UWC Transceiver worked well, antenna worked well, but the operator had to start the test in CW as his voice was QRT!!!! Great contest and a fantastic logging program. All contest organizers should follow this lead.
VK4TT G`day to all others in Contest!
VK5GN Thanks for the contest. Only did S&P, no CQing! Good practice especially cw.
W0ETT I always enjoy working many FB Russian operators in this contest. Many loud signals into midwest. 73 Ken.
W1END Ten meters is a great band. FB activity.
W2KA I enjoy working in the Russian DX Contest. I hope to have more time for next year`s contest. The contest results are very well done. Thanks for your efforts. Nice job!
W3CP Enjoyed the contest, and there seemed to be lots of activity.
W4SAA Only a part time effort this year, but your contest still great fun. Hope to be more ready for RDXC next year.
W5NN Great contest guys!
W8CAR A great contest! Lots of fun and on the list of must operate. Thanks for the great software and result reporting 73 till next year Keep up the good work!!!
W8VE This is my first year being in the contest. The free logging software provided by the web site was very similiar to CT so it was easy to use and a was a big help. Excellent contest & I hope to be in next years contest!
WA6O Thank you for the very nice contest format and active participation of the "high value stations" (10 pointers). I only had very few hours this year but I hope to make a serious full time effort in 2003.
WB0WAO First time in Russian DX Contest and I am hooked! Hope to break the 200 QSO barrier next year and get a certificate! Conditions on 15m were VERY poor! Extend contest to 30 or 36 hours - that would be great!!
WD4OAY First time participant in this Contest.
XQ5SM Nice contest. Hope to work you all again next year. 73 de XQ5SM.
YL2GD I had intend to work only few hours to test equipment and to train myself but contest fascinated me. Only 16 hours of operation - so pity. Nice contest format, fine activity of Russians, expected more USA&JA. Thanks to organizers!
YO9FYP This is my first Russian DX Contest. It was very fine, CONGRATULATIONS!
YU7KWX Very nice contes.
YU7SF This was my 8th Russian DX Contest and my 2386 contest log entry at all (1995-2002).
YU8/9X0A Thanks for very nice Contest.
YV1CP First time. Have a lot of fun!!
YZ1EW I steel a waiting award for 3th place 7MHz year 2001 :-).
YZ1V It was a great contest,I could make more qso`s but I had problems with computer. After 12 hours working with out any problems my computer stoped.I thought that the log is losted forever. I did not wrote all qso`s on paper so I couldn`t go on.
ZC4BS Only completed building an antenna half way through the contest - but the Moxon Rectangle seems to work fine :-) 1st time in this contest - see you next year as G4KIV
ZC4DW First time in RDXC. Great format, plenty of stations to work. Nice rates.