Soapbox RDXC-2001

9A7P UFB Contest, great UA activity!
CT3/DL3KWF I am happy to spend a lot of CT3-points in your contest. All QSOs are confirmed by and paper-QSLs are also not a problem. See you in the next RA-DX-Contest 2002 and also from CT3.
DF0RI Next year we`ll have an antenna for 160m!
DH2URF Very good contest. Many Russian stations. Good luck.
DK5ZX I thank all OM`s for them/b QSOs! So much to work on this weekend - perhaps next year more time and QSOs! Vy 73 es GL!
DL1LAW Best regards and CU AGN next year.
EA3NA Congratulations for nice Contest is very interesting for me. 73s to organization.
EA4ALJ Very nice contest. It was my first time. More Russian stations.
EA4BWR Very happy to have participated in your Contest. Many participants and very good. Thank you for the nuisances. I wait for you next year. A lot of luck and happiness.
ER5OK Tnx for the Contest!
EW8OS Nice to meet everybody next year!
F-17769 1er contest SWL. Amities Claude.
F5ICC Propagation was not very good for me. WX rainy, temperature about 10C.
F5IN Congratulations to UA1AAF for RDXC soft FB very easy to use it.
F5JBR Very nice Contest... and bis the next year 73s QRO.
F6FJE My 1st entry in this contest. UA1AAF software is very fine. Hope to be active for the 2001 CQ-M.
F8KCF 1st Russian DX Contest for F8KCF and very good one. Most probably see your 2002. Excellent software by UA1AAF.
G0MRH Small entry due to limited time available. Thanks for organising the Contest.
G3RSD Lots of multipliers, lots of Russian STNs. Good Contest.
G3UFY FB Contest. Had to work the weekend so missed a lot of time. Next year will do better.
G4EBK Very enjoyable. Would be better if some of the stations sent their CQ/Callsign slower. I could read them at the first go instead of having to listen to 3 or 4 CQ`s to puzzle out what they are sending... :-)
G4OGB Good support for this contest again, hope I have less mistakes this year !!
GM3CFS Once again a very nice contest with hots of activiti especially from UA9/0 stations. CU. Next year. 73 to All.
GU3SQX Good to see many Russian stations. Fun!
GW4BLE Lust a small token entry/ Was not able to be on too long.
HA1AG 2nd radio broke after 2 hours -> no SO2R. Without SO2R, noone can win this contest. My antennas are good for DX but not for RUDX. Activity is great but when will it reach that of the old CQ-MIR`s? The CTY.DAT provided by the organizers for CT nulls out oblasts code from the bin files. All have to be retyped. Congrats to LY6M (LY1DS) for his great performance.
HB9ARF Thanks for this nice contest. See you next year and thanks for this nice software UA1AAF.
I2WIJ Not a serious effort, due to lack of time, but enough fun. Thanks for a great Contest!!
I8TWB Problem TV.
IK2NUX Very good Contest, thanks and see you again 2002. Ciao!
IK2YSJ ON 3.5 mc, impossibal QSO , too mich QRM
IK4QJM Great contest, and I enjoyed it a lot. First time working with UA1AAF software, and I must congratulate with its author for the great work he made, indeed one of the best contest software. During this contest I improved also my best score. See you next year.
IK4UNH Very funny contest and good condx. See you next year!
IN3FHE My first Russian DX contest, very glad to work it. Congrats for UFB contest software UA1AAF.
IN3NOR Wonderfoul contest! It`s my first time in this contest. 73, Bruno.
IZ7DZL First Contest for me very happy.
JE3UHV Thanks for the Russian DX Contest 2001.
JF2FIU Many stations had come out and it was interesting. However, it has applied on the convenience of time only in some places. Thank you and see you next year!
JF3XMI Happy to entry in the Contest. 72&73!
JK1WXM I first send contest-log by mail.
JL1UTS I realy enjoyed Russian DX contest. See you again in 2002!
K3WW Great contest. Appreciate the prompt, and very nice plaque for last year.
K4BP Enjoyed the contest but little time to operate due to work.
K4RFK This is the first time I have tried the Russian DX contest. I did not have a lot of time this year but 2002 will see a REAL effort. 73.
K9GY This is a fun contest.
K9NW Working with 10M dipole from my apartment... even on 20M! Thanks for the QSOs!
LA2HFA Very nice contest, I will participate next year too, counting of points seems to be complicated, do you have (or anybody) contest log software for you contest? I want to buy one, if possible. In my logs the multiplier field is specified as: Russian OBLAST a two letters fex. as, AA DXXC Country a two letters and digit 1 fex as AA1. This is for to avoid multipliers crash.
LU1EWL This is my fourth participation in Russian DX Contest, and again I have enjoyed a lot participating in it.
LX1RQ I had`nt any antenna for 80 and 160. Propagation was not the best. By times it was very difficult to copy someone. By the way it was my first but surely not my last "RUSSIAN DX CONTEST". It was very pleasant to work this Contest.
LY2KZ You got a great contest! Lots of stations, lots of multipliers - the a fun for contesters. Next year I hope to be on the air, not SWL. Thanks to UA1AAF. Not only because his RDXC software, but Baltic Contest too.
LY2MM Never participated before, didn`t plan this year and going to do all my best to participate seriously next year. I like it...
LY2OM FB contest
LY2OX Nice contest! Many FB operators. Sorry, but had just limited time for my operation.
LY2UF There were not a lots stations form EU, anyway, beautiful contest.
LY5W Thanks for contest, very high activity and beautiful conditions. My goal was 2000 QSO`s and over 5 mln. points. All contest time fightened with LY4AA :) I lost, he won!
LZ5AZ Hot contest!
LZ8A Sposiba za horoshij contest!!! I`ll happy to meet you a next year! Best wishes to all HAMs and have a nice CONDX during a 2001!!!
LZ9R Very good activity from Russia. Thanks for all QSOs.
M0AJT A very enjoyable Contest, plenty of acyivity to keep an inexperienc contester as myself very busy. Spasibo.
M0BKB Thanks for the very nice Contest, and also for the very nice log software from UA1AAF. I hope to be back again next year with more QSOs!
M0BZU First time in contest found some contestants CW too fast. But enjoyed the time I was in the contest CU next year I hope.
M0EEE/P Great fun, I wanted to improve on last years score. There was some good DX about to ZL, VK, JA. See you next year.
N4CW Used UA1AAF software (ver 3.1) and it worked flawlessly - good job!
N4JN This was my first entry. I didn`t have much time to operate enjoyed myself immensely. Maybe I can put in more time next with better antennas.
N6RFM Great Contest! I like the 24 hour format. Nice to hear my many friends from Russia. I realy enjoyed myself. Paka do vstrechi!
N9AG Great activity. Next year will be full 24 Hours instead of only 7.5
OE1-0140 This is the first time I participate in the Russian DX Contest. I liked it very much and I wish you an increasing number of participants in the future also. In your internet pages I found, that so many stations did participate in 2000 already! But I hope next year it will be better for me.
OH1BOI Nice to take part. RA3AUU reminded us OH stations about the contest during the Contest Club Finland DX meeting in Tampere, Finland.
OH1EB First time working Russian DX contest. Good propagation and lot of stations.
OH4RH 73!!
OK1AYY UA3MRA gave oblast YR, it is no existing oblast, or any new, or mistake of UR3MRA, may be YA, I dont know. I count it, bcse YA I have not, YR is not double.Hope abt OK. Also N6TR give only 5 pts per UA9 es UA0 and do not count UA3 and UA9 as country. Also a little problem with Belarusia in N6TR.All this I correct.
OKL-329 Sposibo vam i krepkovo zdorovia vsjem.
OKL-7 MNI TKS for nice Contest.
ON4CAS I enjoyed the contest. CU AGN 2002!
ON4KVA First Contest RUSSIAN DX.
ON5WL Very good activity. It was nice working in the contest with a pile-up from time to time. 73.
ON6NL Great contest! I was not in this contest for some years but now you will see me back!
ON6TJ A great pleasure to participate for the fun and to find all friend in the great family. My age is 65 and I am so tired HI... I hope come back again in 2002. Very nice Contest. Best 73!
ON7CC First Contest RUSSIAN DX.
PA0FEI It was a pleasure to participate in the Russian DX-contest. I hope to meet you again in 2002.
PA2DGR Vy nice contest, will be there next year!!
PA-3342 It was a pleasure operating, however 40 and 80 Meters were missed. Hope to compete again next year. 73!
PA3BAY FB Contest, hope to meet again next year. Please my THANKS to maker of Contest software UA1AAF very easy to work with!!
PA3BFH How time flies when you`re having fun!!! Only wanted to participate for a few hours, but just went on... Thanks for organizing this FB contest!!!!
PA3HDP It was a very plesant contest and a lot of stations. Tnx and till next year.
PY2TST The RDXC logging software is very easy to work. I love this software, very good. My congratulations to Boris (UA1AAF).
PY4FQ Many thanks for the great Russian DX Contest. I hope to participate again in the next Year.
PY7OJ Tks for FB test and I see you next year.
R3D-223 Very good contest! A lot of Asiatic and American station on 15 and 20 meters, but very strong QRM on 40. CU in 2002
RA4UN Thank you for very good contest.
RI3DSP 73, tks for QSOs!
RK3AWK Excellent soft from UA1AAF!!!! Congtatulations!!! :))
RK3EWA Thanks for the nice activity of Russian hams. We are apreciated to all hams who put the QSO with us in their log and hope to hear Great work of organizators!
RK3VWJ Tnx!!!
RK3XWD It is our favorite contest, special tnx UA1AAF for fine software and RZ1AWO for excellent checking logs.
RN2FF Beautiful contest.
RN3DY Good luck es 73 from Likino-Dulevo!
RT9W TNX for nice Contest! Hope CU AGN in RDXC-2002!
RW4FZ FB Contest, FB Program - UA1AAF, TKS.
RX3RB Very good contest!!!
RX9FB FB Contest.
RZ9SWP Very good contest, we liked it, RZ9SWP, thank you.
S57LO Nice contest, hope i did best than last year. See you in 2002.
SP0-142-JG Very good CONTEST. Спасибо. 73!
SP3GHK/3 I don`t working with computer. My propositions to regulations: partition on QRP, Low power to 100W and high power ower 100W. Vy 73!
SP4KSY Fine contest! Hope to hear you all in 2002.
SP9MCU Best greetibgs from Poland!
UA0BA Very like Contest.
UA1QV/1 It was very cold - more than -30 by C and wind 12 meters per second Sorry for simple antenna - fingers was "over" ... It was real expedition.
UA3AJU Best contest of the year!
UA3GH Very good Contest!
UA3YCX TNX for fine Contest!!! 73!!!
UA4ASE Many thanks for the nice Contest.
UA9FM 500 QSOs to get a certifcat is too much. It is not ARRL DX I think 300 is OK for Russians.
UA9SP 73!
UA9ZZ Thanks!
UK8IG Very nice contest. I see you again next year! 73!
US0HZ Thank you very much for a contest. It was a great pleasure to meet old friends. 73 and a lot of DX.
US6EX Tnx for contest! GL! Best DX! 73!
UX6F Very tnx for nice test. I didn`t sent log becouse I have bad result, SORRY.
VA6LBI I put this Сontest into my list of favourite сontests. Good luck in the contest! Желаю этому контесту расти и расти. Спасибо тем, кто организовал и проводит этот контест.
VE1OP Great contest Look forward to next year.
VE3KZ This year only time for single band 10 hours, but 10m was excellent Kept the rate around 100/hr for the first 5 hours. From there on S&P.
VE5SF Many thanks.... Enjoyed the contest
VK4TT G`day to all others in Contest.
VK5GN Tried to give out as many VK mults to the Russian participants. Good fun and thanks for running the test.
W1END Enjoyed CW activity this year.
W4SAA Enjoyed my first RDXC contest. Lots of A1 ops made for fb contest. CU next year Hpe to cu in FQP in April. DSW, Joe W4SAA.
W7/JR1NKN Thank you for the QSOs.
W8CAR Great contest and nice sofware to support it! CU next year.
YC3IZK Good management and proffesional commite Russian DX Contest 2001, difficult contact QSO with Russian Station but enjoiyed on weekend. Good luck 73 I hope joint us again.
YO5OHO First Contest in 5 bands. May be in next year in QRO! 73!
YO9AGI 73 from Romania and mni TNX for the results 2000! Good luck.
YU7SF This was my 7th Russian DX Contest and my 2.284 contest log entry at all.
YV1OB CU next year. 73s 7 DXs, Charles.
YZ1V This year we download UA1AAF profram for contest, so in future will be no problems with log. 73 to all and tnx for nice contest, cu next year.
Z32AF I was very busy during your contest again. CU next year.
ZF2NT Unfortunately, I was unable to spend only a few hours in the contest this weekend. By the time I learned the dates for this contest I had already made other commitments for the weekend. Next year I will try not to let that happen, and will attempt to make a serious effort in this contest. I think the rules and the scoring on this contest have been extremely well-crafted; my congratulations to the committee for having done such an excellent job of designing this contest. I WILL be back!