Soapbox RDXC-2006

3V8SF It was very enjoyble, in spite of the bad propagation conditions. Thanks for everyone! Op: Achraf, 3V4-002
7S2AT Op SM2LIY SM2YIZ QTH Umea KP03bu. Disturbed conditions, but great fun. QSL via SK2AT. 73:s from FURA radio amateur club in Sweden.
A45WG Good fun - nice to work CW for a change. Some good signals even on 10m
AX1AA Congratulation to Russian DX Contest committee on job well done! Great contest rules, 24hours format, excellent website and serous effort put into preparation of the event made me want to be a part of fun. Took five days off work to travel 1400m north from Sydney to set and operate my modest one-tower contest station (this was contest trip # 11 since Sept 2004) To make the life easier, decided to go single 20m. But except for few hours the band was mostly closed. Each and every QSO was a challenge; the signals were weakest I`ve ever heard operating on 20m. Patchy runs, heaps of S+P. Special callsign (AX = Melbourne Commonwealth games) probably helped a bit but the fun this year was on 40m. It was painful to listen to all S9+20 Europeans on 40/80m while 20m was completely dead. Worked all Oblast mults I could hear for the grand total of 66 so no regrets there but failed to be more serious about chasing DXCCs. Had to repair amplifier twice; both times failure was in control circuit board - valuable contest time wasted. Overall it was fun to meet once again many fine Russian CW operators during this exciting event. Thanks to all who turned beam to VK. Hope to see you all next year on low bands. Nick Hacko, VK1AA
DJ8OG It was the first time for me in RDX contest. Very nice contest. Propagation was ok but could be better, didnt heard alot during the night and I was QRT for sleep for some hours. See you next year again, vy73 de Matt, DJ8OG
DK3W Good activity on 20-160. Nothing on 10 and 15. Again our PA left us after the half of the contest. So some RA9 on 80 and 40 was not reachable. See you next year in the new sunspot cycle (according to magic DL1RXA).
DL5WW Nice Test. Many thanks to all. Doswidanija 2007
DL6KVA great contest, lot of fun ... despite difficult condx
DM2SR Not as good as the result from 2004 but still nice. Thanks for all QSOs an cu next year. 73 de DM2SR
DP4K We had a lot of fun ! Thanks everyone for the QSOs and many thanks to our new friend Alex,UX0LL to help us in the Contest. Vy 73 ´from the DP4K Team DL8OBQ,DK3DM,DJ1YFK and UX0LL ! PASIBA :-)
F5SDD Really good contest...Sure I will be back next year!! Spacibo!
HA3DMF My second RDX-Contest and again it was great. On this way my comliments to the committe for a perfect and very professional organized event. See you next year !!
HB9DHG Thanks to all Russian stations for more thans 300 contacts !!! Will partecipate also next year. Many thanks. 73 Fulvio,
IK2EGL really nice contest. good running on 80 and 20 with lot of stations
IK5PWQ Very hard job this year on 15 meters band!
IT9DFA Grazie al RDXC committee per l`opportunità. alla prossima volta 73 de IT9DFA MAX
IW1QN A funny Contest with a Good Partecipation and Good Propagation. For me it` s the First time that I partecipate in Russian DX Contest.
LA1BNA My first RDXC! Much fun, and nice operators all the time. See you in 2007 and hopefully with better proagation !
LU2NI First time participant. Will be back
LY4DX TNX all for QSO`s, hope meet at 2007 RDXContest.
LZ5AZ Wow! What a contest! Thanks to all. RDXC Team - keep up the good organisation! Congrats! 73!
N3GJ Tough condx this time. Tnx to all for a fun contest!
NU4B Conditions were not very good for QRP from USA this year. But it a great contest and thanks to all for the QSOs.
OH2U My first RDXC. 73 es GL de Pasi OH6UM/OH2IW
OK1TC The best organised contest and web contest info. Congrats Jarda
OL8M Thanks for Great Contest, This is my second Russian Contest. Congrats to 9H1ZA -fb score. Thanks for all contacts, but poor condxs /specially 40,15 mtrs, 10 m total deaf/ 73 Pavel OK1DRQ nw OK4RQ
OZ1DUG Bye Bye - Tnx for nice contest
PE2KP Its was great to work a lot stations with QRP. I hope next tear there will be a SSB QRP section to.
RK9XWW QTH Vorkuta. IC-706 + LW 42m. Arctic GUHOR during 20hours. Result - only 4 hours activity on 14&21MHz (main CW). Op UA6LTO/9. Vy 73`s for all!
SM2CVH First time in RDXC. Interesting during day-time hours, but vy quiet evening and night. Such are the conditions up in the aurora zone. See u in the sunspot dip next yr!
SM6U Total activity time excluding some sleep and a few short breaks: 16h. Wire antennas on all bands except 40 (2el vert) & 15 (5el Mb) Great fun first day. Very tough condx second day.
SP6RGQ I worked only on Saturday, but I had lots of fun!
SP9LJD I have made better result than last year even I work only 19:51. Thanks for every QSO I heard a lot of 3,4 areas on 15 worked EU but they didn`t copy me even big russian guns. If 10 and 15 m will open (due the propagation)that will be the best contest I know. I tried to check every QSO but I saw that in pile up some station came again to me (dupe). Spasibo, druzya, molodcy RDXC team.
SQ1K This was my second Russian DX Contest, in last year I took (th place in Poland SOAB MIX LP.I hope in that year it will be much better.Regards Bart SQ1K
UP4L Thanks to all for calling and CONTEST QSO
W1JQ Another excellent contest! Conditions were very tough, and Russians were surprisingly hard to find. But even with the poor conditions, this contest is a LOT of fun, with great activity. See you in 2007.
W4ZV Interesting conditions on 160 under Aurora. All EU signals were skewed South, with Scandinavia, UA1/3 and EY0R (heard only) coming in best toward South Africa (ZS Beverage).
YB1BAD Thanks for Great Contest, This is my second Russian Contest. Hopefully in next year there are trophies sponsor for OCEANIA Continental. Friendly 73 De YB1BAD - Arif
YL3GDQ Probably the best organized contemporary HAM event. Excellent conditions and activity on 80 m. Long live RU DX C! Thanks to everybody for QSOs, see you next year. 73s from Normunds in Riga, Latvia
YO5CRQ Nice contest, thanks for organizers, and also for the very fine job on your website!! 446 QSO, 618.000 pts in SOAB-CW-LP. 73 de Zoli / YO5CRQ
YT5T Great contest. I stopped contesting at 0603utc on sunday because radio said "Oooh, I can`t run anymore". So, last 6 hours 0 qsos. See You next year. Maybe with new record on 40m. Who knows. Or I will try all bands. 73s Vaso YT1XX / YT5T
YU1AAV participate in RUSDXC since 1999 from yu1aav / yz1v ,every year great fun!This year I operated as YU1AAV SOSB 14 MHz Maybe next year some activity from rare UO & AB oblast.Thanks everyone for points,cu next year!Congrats to RUSDX committee on great contest! 73 Zik YT1HA member of YU1AAV/YZ1V
YU7WI congratulation for organizaton this contest veri nice nice Web RDXC.. full information ...Best regards to all!! YU7WI de Gabor 73`!