Soapbox RDXC-2005

2U0GSY My second entry for this contest. Good to work many Russian stations. Hope to back next year.
4F1MEU My first time to join this contest, I had fun, see you again next year!
4N0W Nice contest as usually.Enjoyed it very much. Missed 160m antenna agn.
4N1N Due to antenna problems, forced to work single band :( Also some problems with UA1AAF software. It doesn`t recognize YA oblast and few LY sta Otherwise, it was EXCELLENT contest with many stations. See you next year !!!!
7S2E First time in the contest - very pleased with the activity. I will be back next year for sure.
9A1AA Bad propagation`s on 15m. 10m was complete close all during the contest but very good conditions on lower bands. This year I changed category. SOAB CW LP is much interesting than SOSB. See you next year in this fantastic contest.
9A2TE Maybe next year to be better!
9A2WJ In spite of short of time I have took part in.
9A7P I expect much more UBN faults due to my SO2R practice! I might sent couple of numbers.
A45WG Strange conditions, difficult to work UA at times - but easy to work LU even on 10m!!.
CN2R Great contest! Sorry I could not make a full effort, Operated 6.5 hours.
CT3/DL3KWF 2005 again in the RA-DX-C from CT3. It was much interesting to experience the contest from this location. Dear friends, please believe your eyes: In the most of contestes we are BOTH active: DL3KWF and DL3KWR!!
CT3/DL3KWR The RDXC was again a nice contest and I hope, that not so much friends have mixed up my call sign with Hardy CT3/DL3KWF or reverse. See you 2007.
CT3EE Once agian congratulations for the contest, increasing and improving every year. It`s great to have this activities, speccialy to test our setups for the big event next week WPX SSB. Once again, my job required my presence and I could o
DD1IM Hi all & dobre denja, having made a fine saturday nite & sunday morning resp. participating the russian dx for abt 4.5 hrs in total only, but also 2 the honor of the russian (and all the other) ops - hence low-end score but enchanted.
DH5MM Renovate the home at the contest is very stupid.
DH6MM I had good time, hope the be along also next year! After this experience BTW, I think I`ll get rid of my DH/DS prefix, hi!
DJ2RG Nice contest. Thanks and again in next year.
DJ5MW Thanks for a great contest! See you in 2006!
DK9TN My first entry in RDXC. It was great fun! Thanks for the perfect organisation and the outstanding reporting of the results.
DL1HSR Nice Contest but bad condx on 21 Mhz. See you next year! 73 de Ralf.
DL1LAW Vy nice contest agn, great to meet good old friends see you all next year agn.
DL3YM Nice contest - wish I had more time!
DL4FN Thanks for the great contest. I hope to have more operating time next year.
DL4MCF TNX for great activity from Russian stations!
DL5AWI Nice to work much of russian friends in fast cw style!
DL5KUD Took part 1st time. Lots of very loud sigs but not all of them are good. Logged with SD - itЊs fine. Will have more time next year.
DL5WW I hope, i have worked many new RDA`s DOSWIDANJA 2006.
DL8HCO No QSO on 10m and 160m, no QSO on 15m at sunday but still had a lot of fun with my "Small-Gun-Station". Hope for better condx next year.
DL8UAT S&P - just for fun ....
DM2RG My first contest as licensed HAM - and it was fun! Most work on 80 and 20 mtrs - 10 mtrs was totally closed for me and my ant didn`t work on 160. See you next year!
EA4PL Not a whisper on 10 meters. Very few stations on 15, and quite a lot of problems on the lowbands for a 100W station located in Spain. Anyway, I enjoy very much this contest, and managed to work more oblast than last year. I`m still wait to hear a "UA8" station. I think activating the UA8 region during this contest would be a great idea.
EA7NK No enougth time this year for the contest, see you next year (I hope!!)
EI4CF I was only able to give it a few hours due to other commitments. I really enjoyed it.
EI4IS Very enjoyable, leisure chase. Won`t win any competiton but I enjoyed it!
ER5DX Thenks for CONTEST
ES6RMR Tnx for nice Contest!
EW6GF Good contest! see you again in 2007. But not good propagation! Sorry...
EW7LO Good contest!
EW8CY Tnx for nice Contest
EW8OS Thanks to everybody!
F5NBX 9th participations since 1997, but just 2 hours operates this year.
F6AUS Nice to work so many friends.
F6FTB A lot of activity again this year, I enjoy very much the QRP operation Some good DX qso, as R1ANF on 15m and EY0R on 40 meters
F6GCI Tnx for contest and nice site!
G0DCK Great fun agn bands OK had better antennas. This time see you all next year, may be!
G0FYD EI5DI SD Software was easy to use and worked without any hassles Really enjoyed the Contest...thanks to the organisors!
G0MTN Activity gets higher every year. Amazing serial numbers from some guys - imagine what it will be like at sunspot maximum. Had lots of fun despite having a bad cold and losing my voice!
G0OKF My antennas are poor and I did not have much time. Will try again next year. Hope my log multipliers are OK
G0WKW Excellent contest!
G2AFV SD Logger still performing perfectly.
G3TXF Sorry but was only QRV for a short time. Sounds like there was plenty of activity in the Russian DX Contest.
G3VQO Just a part-time effort - very enjoyable!
G4EBK Good contest. Conditions not good from UK with poor antenna.
G6PZ Mult station not on the air all the time due to limited number of Operators
GI4AAM SD good for RDXC Conditions not as good as last year.
GM1TBW 20m VERY busy Super Duper helped a lot with the scoring.
GM4SID Very enjoyable contest the points system makes for very high scoring rate which adds to the enjoyment. Always Someone to work. Used SD which worked perfectly.
HA1AG/6 Thanks for the HG6N club to let me operate this ufb station in my favourite contest.
HA3DMF good activity-fair condx
HA3NU Due to QRL had to QRT after 11 hours working. Great contest!
HA5W This contest was the second for me. Great meeting for the amateurs!
HA5X Did not have time, but it still was fun. My aim was about 100 QSOs, and it was accomplished.
HB9ARF Always a lot of fun. See you next year
HC1JP First time in contest, Thanks.
HG1Z I had a great contest again.
I2-008-ARI Nice contest. 73 to everybody and see you next year!
I2AZ Very nice Contest, unfortunately poor conditions on all bands. QSO made less then last year.
I2WIJ Just a couple of hours for fun.
I8QJU It`s the second year that I take part at the contest, it`s very interesting and attrac I thank the Russian stations very much which are always avoilables and patients with f See you next year.
IK2AOO Tnx for nice contest and for award year 2004.
IK2CZQ Many tnx to all russian friends for very nice contest.All the best and excuse me for bad English!
IK5PWQ Wonderful Contest,great participation!!! It`s my first serious experience and I have used all 15 meters italian opening in CW & SSB with my half wave vertical antenna. Russian hams are fantastic CW operators:UA9 & UA0 have big ears ;)
IK8TEO I enjoyed using SD for the first time waiting for rig-PC interface I used a non memory paddle active when child was quite, hi-hi!!! Good participation from all over the World, vy nice contest!
IK8UND Nice contest,TNX for 2004 book!
IN3FHE Few time for contest this year, only 6 hour, but lot of fun. See you next year!
IQ4AX 20 hours effort, very very nice contest, great EU activity.
IT9ORA Good propagations with Asiatic Russia and many stationon the air ...
IV3DYS Very good DX Contest! Congrats for all organizer. I belive comback in the next year for a the new DX Rus Contest!
IV3RLB Great Contest!
IZ4DYX Wonderful contest.
IZ5DKF It`s a pleasure to participate at this contest. Very mutch partecipations especially from russian stations in 20 and 15 meter bands.
JA1BPA This year I could use the excellent antenna system of the UTCC contest shack in Chiba prefecture. There was practically no noise there, and this was a big change from last year. To maximize the QSO points and rate, I ended up operatin
JA1CP Had an enjoyable time, Thank you!
JA3AOP This is my 1st entry to RDXC.
JA4EZP I enjoyed the contest.
JA8AJE Tks for nice Contest. Hope this contest gets more popular.
JE1ALA Really loving 10m and the CONTEST on 10m(ex 7K2PBB). Am only 10Wer and 3rd class licensed in JA, EU russia seems so far from JA, but mni TNX for picked me out in every contest.
JF1ABZ/1 See you again next RDXC contest!
JF2FIU Thank you!
JG1UKW I enjoyed the contest.
JH4UYB Great Contest.
JO7KMB Have no time to QRV 24 hours but enjoyed very much.
JR1NKN Thank you for the QSO`s in the contest.
K1JB Always an enjoyable contest. Conditions were better than expected.
K3DI Thank you for the CTY.DAT file. We used CT in NEQP mode with a revised NEQPSTAT.DAT file consisting of oblasts and 0,1...8,9 numbers that CT accepted as states. Wrote program to fix QSO format. The score was estimated with hand calculations.
K3TW Conditions were very good for QRP.
K4IU Poor conditions but fun contest.
K6DGW First time in contest. Condx not great but had a good time.
K8AJS I could hear Russia and the European countries from the beginning of the contest at 1200Z, but it was a long time, until about 1800Z before they could reliably hear me. Low power doesn`t push the signal through poor propagation. I need to do some antenna work this summer.
KB1LQC Had a great time and worked 16 people around the world. Tried to get in some CW so it helped with some CW contest experience. The bands were really hard to work and with 100 watts, dipoles and inverted vees it was fun with the challenge. My first sole contest at the home station and my first Russian DX contest since I got my license in September 2004 and am 15 years old! Many thanks to all whom I contacted and to everyone who participated.
LA5LJA Great fun and great cw from russian station
LY1BX Believe me, it`s a real challenge to stay awake for about 15 hours at age of 87 (actually I`m going to be 87 years old in april), but I like RDXC and like being part of KTU RC very much. 73 & CU in RDXC 2007! CW of course. :-)
LY1FK Though I worked only SOSB-3.5 SSB mode LP, rate of contest was high. TNX all stations!
LY2BOS Thanks for the FB contest!
LY2CX Thanks contest Hosts for high quality oragization of this contest. It`s always a pleaser to take part in it and for sure later on to get booklet with the full contest results and analysis. It`s realy impresive.
LZ1IQ Sri for Dupe QSOs - without PC in contest this way.
LZ2L In the begining snow storm disturbing. More russian activity than last year. Real satisfaction at all.
M0CYB/P It was a great contest again this year.
M0TDG Operated for only 17 hours. Felt that conditions on the lower bands were not great though this may have been partially due to antennas. See you next year!
M5AAV Good contest thoroghly enjoyable even with qrp.
MI3OZX Poor conditions here on 15m Also poor conditions here to N America Conditions better here on 20m and 40m No antenna here for 80m and 160m Power maximum here is 10w permitted.
MW0YDX Enjoyed participating.
N1NN 1st Russian DX Contest , thank you!
N3GJ Fun contest. Looking forward to next year.
N4AF Wow, sunspots down. Felt like I was running QRP. Thank you for sponsoring the contest.
NO2R This is becoming my favorite Contest!!
OE8OLK It was a lot of fun to participate in this contest this year. Heard a lot of new stations. cu next year.
OH6GDX There we`re some problems with logprogram accepting certain letter combinations, for instance YN/YR, no not sure it has calculated points correct.
OH6NPV Thank you for sending me the results of the contest 2004. Please, complete the score.
OK1ARO This year better than last one.Many stationsfb level
OK1BA Nice contest maybe better 48 hours. Lot of stns hi only 90 Wtts and Wire ant for all bands with transmatch hi hpe cuagn next year.
OK1CYC Thanks for this wonderful contest.
OK1DOR It was good contest. I spent nice time with good friends. I am looking for next Russian DX in 2005.
OK1FCA I greatly appreciate the effort devoted to permanent enhancement of this event. Features like user friedly SW UA1AAF, outstanding booklet with results, number of analysis and further intersting information, review of mistakes and RDA credit ranking this contest among the best ones. Congrats!
OK1TC Tks for nice contest with high activity, CW and SSB togheter is perfect. What about to have veterans category (over 60)? In our small town there were 4 veterans in contest ok1tc, ok1mki, ok1jl ok1nr Hi.
OK1TRM Problems with time in computer HPE CUAGN IN 2007
OK2SWD Very good Contest and perfect operators. Sorry I haven`t more time. See you next year again friends.
OM1AW Never before I contacted so much UA9 and UA0 in one month as I contacted them in these 24 hours. Thanks for nice contest.
OM3BA TNX prima contest!
OM7DX Very nice Contest also for QRPs. I will try it again next year.
OM8AA Nice contest. But I ahve time only for half contest.
ON4KVA I work with the log from EI5DI, a vy good work. Good contest.
ON5WL Good condx and much activity. It was pleasant working in the contest. I used SD log program to enter the qso after the contest, it works fine. Till next year.
OO4CAS Hope to have worked many new districts for my RDA ;-)I could not participate last year and was happily surprised to receive your e-mail inviting me to take part this year. The special prefix OO may be used during 2005 at the occasion of the 175th anniversary of Belgium. MNI TNX for organizing the contest!
OO4LWX Very fine contest many OM on the band but i can`nt employe the 80 and 160m band the 10m band was not open SD contest program it very fine and easy to use.
OO7CC Nice CW contest.
OY1CT A very nice contest, my first entry in RDXC, its a 20M CW only entry.
OZ0SW How to make it better next year Great Logprogram?
OZ1ADL Getting better every year!
OZ3ANT Participated for the first time. Nice contest.
OZ8AE Very interesting contest and will be back next Year.
PA0IJM Thanks for create this contest.
PA0MIR Good activity on the band but less contacts than last year on 15m. Anyway, always fun to be able to participate in your contest. Trying to improve my logging, hate to see my score go down like last year even when the error is not mine.
PA1B Worked DX to the east with QRP. Out of 73 QSO`s 58% of the QSO`s were made with 50 mW or less, 22% with 500 mW or 100mW and 22% with 1, 2.5 or 5 Watts (All CW) UA1AAF software worked great to enter the log info after the contest. I very much enjoyed participating with very low power.
PA3BFH Thanks for another fine contest!!!!! Could not spent too much time this year, will try better next year.
PA5W After mounting the Fritzel FB 23 in the afternoon I want to test it and discovered this contest. What a way to test the antenna. I only searched for stations and did not give CQ. I enjoyed the almost 4 hour participatian.
PA5WT Worked 40m cw only but there seems to be only a "mixed" single band entry in the RDXC. I only had some time to work a few hours but enjoyed myself. Hope to see you all next time.
PF9A Thanks for the nice contest and the results from 2005. I hope to try next year again. 73 Martin
PG7V Thanks for the award and book for the 2004 contest. This time I worked mixed and enjoy.
PI4D We had a very good contest. This was the third time and we scored 50% more qso`s than last year (using pi4dec as a call in 2004). We`ll be back in 2006 for more fun! AND Thanks for the good contest, the UBN files and all statistics. and all statistics. Very helpful.
PY2NY Coming back to this contest after some years!
PY4FQ Thanks for this contest. The condx was (again) very bad. I did not to hear nobody in the 10 meters. Until the next year 2007. 73 de Mario - PY4FQ
PY7OJ Thank for FB test.
RA3BQ Vy nice contest!
RA3IS Very good contest
RA3WPN Nice Contest!
RA3XO Very hard week finished by RDXC psychotherapy. Thanks for the excellent opportunity of brain treatment.
RA4FJV Fine contest! Very hard problems in my life, but i made it! Yes!!! See in RDXC 2006!
RA4SD Thanks for nice contest, Very big thanks my mama for big patience.
RA6LW Contest как всегда порадовал.Честно говоря надеялся на более скромный результат. Удачи всем!!!
RK3DXZ This contest was hard work.
RK3ZF TNX fer Contest
RK6ATQ I have lost relationship for 7 and 3.5 mc. Many sori and good luck in next RDXC 07 73!
RL4W Cool contest.
RN1CW Tnx for the nice contest ! 73 !
RN3RQ Many thanks to all stations,who organize this GREAT CONTEST : RA3AUU,UA2FZ,RW1AC,UA3DPX,UA1AAF & Co.!!!
RN6LFE Sorry, there are no much time for contest! My two small kids takes too much time! Thank you very much to Yuri RV6LO for his hospitality and fantastic antennas system. See you next year!
RU4SS See you next year!
RU4WE Very good contest every year, this year 70 w and Dipole 20m only, but massa udovolstviya, CU 2006! Так держать, Contest committie.
RV3ECW GD luck!
RV3IC Very good contest,but poor propagation
RV3LO See you in the next year!
RV3YR Very sorry for mistake in time around 16.00 UTC - my computer is standby, very please correctly!
RW9UU Good contest!!!
RY9C Thank you for nice contest.
RZ4FZZ Very fine contest! See you in RDXC 2006.
S56A Enjoyed chassing RA oblasts. Missed TU on all bands. First two DX did not give me serial number. I use WAE 000 default. RT9W and DF1IAQ serial numbers swaped due to N1MM Logger error.
S57S Make LOW POWER Categories TOO, TNX!
SA5Y Ran some qso`s from home for fun.
SM3PZG Very nice test, keep up the good work.
SM7CQY The second year I paticipate and have much fun the few hours I am able to be active.A I am able to be active.
SN6A Tnx fer nice contest!
SO5O Lost vertical for 80m just before contest due to ice. Treated the contest rather as a training before SPDX contest. What`s more we could not repair our rotator for ended up beaming in one direction with the antenna fixed. On the whole, lots of fun especially on SSB as the only way of getting it going was calling CQ Contest in Russian.
SP0DXC This operation took place from the QTH of Paul SP7SP in Ostrowiec Swietokrzyski. SP0DXC is the club call-sign of the SP DX Club. It was a great pleasure to participate Russian DX Contest Thanks for perfectly organized contest.
SP1EK See you next year.
SP2GCE That was my first Russian DX Contest. Спасибо!
SP3DIK Nice contest. Vy 73! Marek
SP4Z Thanks for nice contest. There is high activity - very good. I like it very much.
SP5KEH Fine contest!
SP9LJD Bad luck this year, I hope be better next time.
SP9MCU Best 73! from Poland! Tnx nice contest!
SQ4NR Great contest, a lot of fun. I was working with TS850 with 100W into GPA-50 and dipoles for 40m and 80m (this one was used on 160m also). Hope to hear you next year...
SQ9DXN After 42-th QSO my radio went bad.SORRY!Very good Contest!Best whishes from Poland! CU in 2006 RUDX Contest.
SQ9UM Great fun! Great activity! Great contest!
SV1BJW We had not so good propagation. Both days SF was between 96 and 93. Also index K was between 5-2. Very early on Saturday (aprox 16:45 utc) I stop transmitting since signals were very weak. Anyway contest time was nice for me.
T92M Had not enought time, see you next year.
T97J Very good contest, but I did not have free time for work all time in contest...
TA4/DL2OBO Thank you for this nice contest, good activity and good operators copying my 5w and dipole.
U1BA Very nice contest!
UA0ACG Tnx all for test.
UA3BB This contest was hard work.
UA4AGO See in next Year!
UA4FDL Fine contest!
UA4FEL Very Fine Contest. I am very glad! Thank you!
UA4PN All tu! 73& see next contest`s.
UA6JD Operate only in "Running" mode just to give "SO" multiplier for more then 500 operators,who call my CQTEST. CU NEXT test - also "Running" mode!!!
UA6LTI Thanks and 73 to all !
UA9SP Cool contest !
UA9TW Cool contest !
UN2E Million thanks to everybody for good operation during this contest!
US6IMA Cool contest.
US-I-666 I`m happy 2nd time HRD in RDXC... MNI TNX for very nice and interesting Contest!...and very strong local QRM...
UT4EK Good contest!
UT5UKY Good propagation was odnako…
UU5A Nice Contest!
UY5ZI Cool contest.
VE3KZ A pleasure to work RDXC again. Good propagation to Canada on 20m.
VE3OM Enjoyed contest. Condx poor at my QTH.
VE7NS I could only spend limited hours on the contest. Used SD software which worked very well for me.
VK2CZ Testing 20m antenna for WPX contest.
VK4TT G`day to all other Ops in Contest!
VO1AU Thank you very much for the information you gave detailing your actions on my log. You have done a great job in producing the results of your contest in a very timely and clear manner. I was the organiser for two Canadian contests for about eight years, so I have personal knowledge of all the work required. Your committee should be very proud of the quality of your work. I am certain that the RDXC will continue to grow.
VO1AU This was fun and UA1AAF`s software made it a real pleasure.
VO1HP Too bad condx were so poor on Saturday morning ....Saturday afternoon things had improved a bit and Sunday was a lot better. Decided to work this contest and also BARTG RTTY .... so my small brain is now just about had it for this week. I am assuming that the Russians now which oblast they are in so there must be problem with the WRITELOG data. Maybe my files are not up to date. Solution was to enter an OBL that worked to get the contact in the log and then go back into the log and edit to put in the OBL that was sent. Result: Russian contact in the log but points not correct...only scoring 5. Hopefully the boysat the contest office will pick up the points in the log scans. I just love the neat report analysis that the RDX boys sent out last year from results of your log and also the resluts from all the logs that your call appears in. Last year number a number of guys got my call as this year I adjusted the CW weighting and made sure to take time to correct any one who I felt may have gotten it wrong. Hopefully that issue will be decreased this year.
VR2XMT Like last year, I participated again. Band conditions terrible, but what do you expect in the bottom of sunspot cycle. Nothing on 10M due to poor conditions. No antenna for 80M. Thanks for a nice contest, my best 73 & DX to all participants and organizers. I will be back next year.
VU2UR Enjoyed taking partin the contest again. Met many old friends am awaiting the receipt of the 2004 contest wall paper.
W1JQ Slow start in the morning, and lots of noise at night--didn`t equal last year`s score. Still fun, though. This is a great contest.
W1RM Wish I had more time to spend in this great contest. Perhaps next year.
W7DRA I operated about 14 hours trying to work all stations on 80cw rig - tx arc5 vfo af67 driver three 805s in parallel 300 watts antenna - full wave loop and a half wave vertical gp rx - SX71 with a bc 453 Q5er conditions were beter on 20 march but no one much was on a very good contest, happy to work 5 UA stations.
W9WUU I had good hopes of enjoying this contest this year, but my daughter moved into her new home today and needed herfather`s help with the moving.I`m looking forward to next year! Thanks for the great contest.
WJ9B This is my first time in, been missing the fun!
YB1BOD Vy high QRN could not wkd many stations, next year better?
YB2MTA A big good event this year. I hope it can be a huge event next year.
YL2BJ Tnx fer contest!
YL2PQ Great Contest! Mni thanks for diplome and results 2004. See you on next year.
YO2BPZ I declare that all contest rules and all the rules and regulations for amateur radio operations in my country have been observed and adhered to. I accept the decision of the Contest Commitee.
YO2RR Congratulation for review with results 2004 and rules 2005.
YO5CRQ Super Duper SDV11.16 by EI5DI used during the contest it worked without problems. Limited time for contest as usual hi hi. Thanks!
YO5TP Nice contest, Congratulation!
YO6BHN My laptop damaged saturday evening.I recovered the HDD but I send 2 times 172 and 173 serial numbers.Sorry for that!See You next time.
YO8MI My antenna is a little loop for 160 m, but is not OK!
YO9AGI Good contest!
YO9CWY Excellent contest Excellent participation!
YO9KPI Congratulations for super-qualified Russian Operators!
YR7M Power outage for six hours at the beginning of the contest. Otherwise great fun.
YU1EQ All the best
YU1WC Had time only for a overnigh single band fun on 80 meters. First time with cluster spo It was fantastic - fine activity, good conditions. I work only CW, it was very interes Even worked a couple of new DXCC on 80!
YZ1MK Good contest!
Z32AF Toooo many problems with computer this time. I give up after at least 20 system crashe Contest is geting better and better every year. Congratulations and CU NEXT YEAR.