Soapbox RDXC-2003

4N1N Very good Contest, I hope to see you in next RDXC-2004.
4U1ITU I`m very glad to activate 4U1ITU for the first time in Russian Dx Contest. It was really fun.
5B4AGC I was not seriously in the contest, just passing a few points around to my friends.
7N2UQC I am looking forward to participating in Russian DX Contest every year.
9A2GA First time in contest and it was fun.
9A2KL Always problems with antenna. But I like this contest very much.
9A4KA Thank you for the beautiful contest!!! Points 3.1, 11.8, 13, 14, and 15.2 in your rules are more then friendly. Thank you very much for your effort. So many participants show that I am not the only one for who is this contest the best. Best wishes, good luck and many thanks for all.
9A4MF CUAGN 2004.
9A5Y Nice contest next year !
9A7P My 6th RDXC. Excellent as always! CU next year!
9H1ZA Here was a very promising beginning of the contest, but ... The electricity was cut off after 10 hours of work and fixed one hour of the contest. It is a thousand pities.
9V1YC This is a WAY better contest than ARRL DX. More multipliers, more QSO`s, better conditions, 24 hours, and way more fun. When conditions in the North are no good, conditions on the equator are EXCELLENT!!
AA1QD My first time in Russian DX contest. Great fun.
BY1DX There are more stations in CW than in SSB but absence of filters didn allow me to spend more time there.
CQ0BWW Thank you for such nice contest! Congratulations to committee and all participants! Please continue promoting contest and DX!
DF0RI We had fun and thank you for your work for the nice contest!
DH1TW Great contest ! RDXC starts to become one of my most favorites!
DH5MM It was a verry nice contest and I will another QRV in 2004.
DH9SB First entry. Had a lot of fun. Try to spend more time next year.
DJ4MH It was my first Russian DX Contest. Very nice, but problems on 40m.
DK3DUA It would be nice to have a QRP class next year.
DL1CW First day with 700W and 5ele beam second half with 100w and vertical only. Fun anyhow!
DL1LAW QRP 5W OUT - WINDOM 160 - 10M Tnx for a veryy fine contest.
DL1TH Tnx fr ufb contest ! Hope to meet again all op`s in contest 2004!
DL2OBF On the way to my contesthost Peter, DF3KV, my car broke down with a complete motor failure after a total of only 75.000 km. So my contest started after some very stressing moments and 28 minutes later. Let`s see, if that really did cost me a wwinning score. A big "Thank you" to my host for once again giving me the opportunity to operate a contest from his fine station! Congratrulations to the organizers for there fantastic performence.
DL2WRJ Many thanks to all which have pulled my weak signal out of the noise I`ve used my Elecraft K2 QRP-TRX with 5 watts out into 20m random wire. A wonderful contest, lots of outstanding CW operators. Hpe cuagn 2004.
DL5NA Just testing cross field antenna ...
DL8UAT Nice contest, but haven`t time, sorry. See you next year!
E21EIC Thank you very much.
EA3FHP Sorry, i have not computer. Excuse-me! Thank you.
EA3KU I can`t participate full time during the contest.
EA5OL My first time on this Contest. I will repeat next year.
EA7AAW I hope to be the next year with best conditions.
EA7AAW I hope to be the next year with best conditions.
EA7FRX This is my first Russian DX contest, I hope to make other RDXC for long time.
EI4CF Ten was not in good shape at all from here!!
ES5RIM My first take part of this contest Good contest!
F5JQO Thank you for the organisation of this very interesting contest.
F5UKL Super freeware. Thanks a lot. Easy to use. Nice contest.
F5VIH I thought to make a bunch of QSOs to test my antenna - I ended up participating this beautiful contest! Still, my antenna needs fixing... Many thanks to all for the nice time. See you all next year.
F5YJ/P Thanks for contest organistion.
F6GOX Congratulations for the RDXC organization committee! Really pleasant contest even the antenna equipment here are light, that`s give a idea what everybody who just participate can do with 25 meters wire ...
G0DCK My first Russian contest had lot of fun will, do it next year.
G0JQN Limited entry only owing to cable problems.
G0MTN This is an excellent high rate 24 hour contest. Unfortunately I could only operate a few hours this year.
G0RDO Good fun!
G3LZQ Late start 2100z! How about a 12-hour section? More activity this year.
G3RSD Only heard one North American station.
G3ZRJ My first Contest with full QSK rig last rig was tube type, made operating very much easier. Thank you to all who organised this excellent Contest, the 24 hour format meant I could spend time with my family and work a Contest.
G4BYG I realy enjoyed my small part in this excellent contest.
G4PIQ/P Just a casual entry where I had a few hours spare from small home station. Looked like a fun contest - maybe should try a big effort next year.
HA3OV Enjoyable and well organized contest. Congrats !
HG5Z Thank you very much for plaque about Russian DX Contest 2002. It is very nice!
HG8Z This program is very good. Congratulation and thanks Boris!
HL1/WX8C Great contest with decent conditions.
I2AZ/1 The Russian DX Contest is always very, very nice. This year the conditions has been good and I worked many, many Russian and DX stations. I think my job has been not so bad.
I2WIJ Happy to be in the Russian DX Contest: always fun even with the usual time shortage. CU next year.
I6FDJ Very nice contest. Thanks to all partecipants at the next year.
IK2AHB Congrarulation for this software, see you next year.
IK2YSJ I have partecipated only the first day, unfortunately the Sunday.
IK7RVY Good contest!
IK8UND It`s an amazing contest. Rules are OK. My Compliments.
IN3BFW Little time to contest (good - bye to next year ).
IN3FHE Nice contest as usual,fb software, cndx not good for my location.
IS0IGV Excellent contest at next time.
IV3DYS Fine contest, bye for the next year!
IV3SKB This year i perticipate 3 hours only hi, good prop.
IZ4DYX My second contest, only CW in 20 meter band.
JA1CP Had an enjoyable time, thank you.
JA2CWU Tnx for very nice contest. Cu agn next year.
JA5EO Poor condition on 15m band.
JA7KM It`s Fine!
JE2HVC Thanks for many QSO!
JE2SOY The condition was not so good as last year, but I enjoyed much this year, too.
JH4UYB Great Contest!
JK2VOC Thanks For Good Russian DX Contest.
K3NA QTH was W1KM.
K5ZD This is a very fun contest!
K9HY I was not a serious contestor. I was just playing around looking though intetly for R1FJ DX`pedition. Really felt sorry for those guy I was looking for them very religiously everywhere in the main DX`ers Had a little fun in contest.
KC9ARR Sorry about missing many calls but the QRN was very bad (S9+lev).
KS1J Great contest. A lot of fun. Wish conditions had been better.
KT1V A great contest, despite conditions. Excellent Russian activity.
LA2JR Tnx for good contest.
LU1EWL This is my sixth participation in Russian DX Contest, and again I have enjoyed a lot participating in it.
LX5A Very bad propagation; on 10m it was very worse.
LY2HN TNX all nice activity on 160m.
LY2OX Just wanted to give out points for my Russian friends. Haven`t read the rules so no QSO`s on phone, the score could be better...
LY2XW Thank you very much for the nice event.
LZ1PM Thanks for good contest.
LZ2L Good condx on 80m! See you in RDXC 2004!
LZ4JO Tks for the nice contest. The condition was good and there were many russian stations. CU AGN next year!
LZ9R Thanks to Nick, LZ1ZM for letting me use his station for the contest.
LZ9W Thanks to all for great contest! Big pile-ups on CW! One day relax after RDXC but I enjoyed very much. I changed the category SOMB-SB-LP to SOMB-CW after 3 winners place and I think that is the good score... Very good software Boris, UA1AAF.
M0EEE/P Next year I will try to put in a better effort. Excellent contest.
M0ZZO A very small entry but fun to do anyway.
MU0FAL My 1st RDXC and great to be mult stn for my Rusiian friends.
MW5EPA Great contest getting better every year. Starting to become one of the Bigger Events. Activity in Europe was tremendous even though propagation was not good to US/SA from here.
N1BCL Great contest! I am looking forward to 2004. I wish 10m had better for NA operations.
N2OW Nice contest, hopefully next year will get better result.
N3RD Fun contest! Unusually warm WX caused QRN to be very high on 80m.
N4AF Condx not good here, but the contest is always fun. 73!
N8PW Always a fine contest. Hope for better conditions next year!
N8UW Second QSO with my new Elecraft K1 QRP rig.
N9RV Challenging conditions, but a great contest. Nice opening on 20 meters during the evening here. Contest got very difficult between EU and local sunrise -- no one to work!
OH1BOI Again a most enjoyable contest. I like the current rules.
OH1F Equipment problems!
OH6NPV Unfortunately I got sick during the contest so that`s why my log is so short. Thank you for the contest anyway. Hope to cuagn!
OK1BA Nice contest vy good operators but no time to be there all time.
OK1DSA Thanks for the nice contest. I was able to work only a few hours but I had a lot of fun. I`m looking forward to Russian DX Contest next year.
OK2BDF UA1AAF log is very good log.
OK2QX UFB condx and many stations WKD! TNX fine contest!
OK2WTM Effort only for fun. Bad condx on 10m.
OL4M I have had a little time for this fb contest, SRI.
OM3BA Prima very quickly contest many Russian stations. DSW in 2004!
ON4AEB My first Russian Contest but not my last. Till next year - 73!
ON4CCL Many Russian stations only repeat their call in Russian language. It is very hard for us to understand. Very good logging software!!! Till next year.
ON4HAM Very fine contest, good propagation on all the bands.
ON4KLG As well as last year I have enjoyed very much the RDXC despite the poor propagation conditions. I will be there next year with a great pleasure.
ON5CZ Always very glad to participate in the contest.
ON5ZO Second year I participate in RDXC. 2003 was even more fun! Next year: I`ll be back with more & bigger antennes
ON6TJ I utilize only the S&P method to find all contest friends. For me the propagation the higher bands had closed! My age is now 67 I am tired hi. I hope come back again in 2004.
ON7SA Very nice and pleasant contest. We enjoyed logger very much, kee up the good work Tom! :-) CU all next year in RDXC 2004!!
OZ1ADL Operation time 2,5 hours - great Fun !
PA0FEI Big fun in my third Russian DX-contest. Especially on saturday on 28 MHz!
PA0IJM A nice contest, with a lot of stations from Russian. Have fun with the control of the incomming logs, and I hope to found next year more time.
PA0MIR Too bad my health did not keep up, so unfortunate low score. Had to search and pounce, no voice for calling CQ. Luckily UA1AAF excellent made operating easy as a breeze, so mind could be switched off most. Now next time please no FLU and we will be back again.
PA3AAV Great contest!, good activity, good operators and always a pleasure to join in the fun!
PA3BAY Thanks all for fb contest, had a lot of fun with 5 watt. Hope to here all again in 2004. TNX Boris and Eugen for FB software that make`s this contest very easy.
PA3BFH Many thanks for organizing this fine contest. Was great fun, also heard/worked a lot of "old" friends. See you next year!
PA3CWL Nice contest, excellent CW-Op`s in Russia! Hope to have worked enough districts for Russian Districts Award.
PA3FXS Thanks for organizing this great contest. Am just a starting contester, but enjoyed the contest. It was a great opportunity to work on my contest and CW skills. Thanks for organizing!
PA5WT Allways nice to make some QSO`s in the Russian DX test.
PA9TT I was not competing in RDXC 2003 , but worked 2 stations ...
PI4DEC Our first Russian DX contest. Very pleasant contest, friendly and fair QSO rates, FB! CU Next Year.
PY2TV Enjoyed this contest. Few amateurs from NA and SA. In 2004 edition Iґll try work 24h full.
PY4CEL Sorry by the few QSOs, but my ant donґt is good... In next year ..... I hope a condition very better.
PY4FQ Thank you for nice contest. Until the next year 2004! Best 73 to all Russian amateur radio.
RA3DOX Good CONTEST, nice to work!
RA3IE Tnx for Contest!
RA3XO Nice activity of Russians.
RA4AOR I am very pleased, that there are given competitions.
RA6LAR TNX for the Contest!
RA9MA The fine Contest !!!
RN3FS This contest was hard work.
RU3FS This contest was hard work.
RV6LFE That was a crazy operation from RO-51 for RDA. Thanks to Alexey Shevchenko for his support and hospitality!
RW3XZ Good test!
RX3RXX FB contest all time.TKS to UA2FZ, RW1AC, RA3AUU, UA1AAF and Company.
RZ3FQ This contest was hard work.
SM0V Tnx fer nice Contest will be back next year
SN5Z At first I made some operation from home station. Then I went to the cub station and started with our contest call.
SN70M Last hours of our special event operation. The next another operator started as SN5Z (our usual contest call) SN70M operator during the contest was SP5HNK.
SP3J/QRP Thank you for nice contest and see you next contest in 2004 for my QRP station.
SP5ELA Nice contest, nice fun, but due to my home/family limitations my operation time was unfortunetly about 15 hours.
SP6CES TNX fer good contest.
SQ4NR I was QRV for only 3 hours on 40m CW just to give some points.
SV1XV I had a few QSOs during the Russian DX contest, thank you...
TF3AO What a poor CONDX. Didn`t even hear US stations during the weekend.
TI3TLS Nice contest!
UA0WL Tnx for this Contest!!
UA4ARL/QRP QRP 5 wtts, ant delta
UA9AYA This was my first ever participation in RDXC. I must admit that you did a terrific job with it!!! My hat`s off! Keep up the good work! If I had to rate this contest I`d place it right after CQ-WW, CQ-WPX, HF IARU. My Congratulations and a million thanks!
UA9ZZ Thanks for all!
UR6IGG Tnx for FB contest !
UT5UQV You have not QRP category. It`s a pity.
UV7M Good Contest!
UX0KR Thanks all UA/RA stations, who worked in this contest.
VE2XAA TNX for nice Software!!!
VE3OM First time entry in test. Enjoyed using UA1AAF software. Best DX to all Russian ham radio operators. Espeially to my friend in Irkutsk UA0SR Sergey.
VE7NI Sorry I had such litle time to operate!
VK4TT G`day to all other ops in Contest.
VK8AV Enjoyed the contest. I think the software published by UA1AAF is the best contesting software around - Congratulations Boris!!
VU2NXM This contest was very interesting.
VU3DJQ Enjoyed the contest.
W4SAA Hpe we hv btr condx next yr.
W9WUU Thank you for running this contest. This is the first time I`ve been able to enter since 2000. I am celebrating 50 years of continuous licensing with the samecall on March 16, 2003, and I thought this contest would be the way to enjoy the special anniversary. All best wishes to all Russian hams!
WO4O Several fun-filled hours working everyone, anywhere. Nearly all QSOs S&P until Sunday morn when I enjoyed a good run into Russia on 20 meters CW for a couple hours.
YC1YIA Here is first time for dx Nice contest.
YM0T My 2nd RDXC. This year participated from Kefken Island AS-159 with home made giant deltaloop and windom antennas. Propagation was bad (especially at night) for TA, except 14 and 21 Mhz. My congratulations to RDXC Commitee for big efforts. Because RDXC is one of the major contests now!
YO4KBJ Nice contest!
YO6BHN Nice contest. See you next year!
YO7ARY Very nice contest!
YP3A Fast finger contest! Unfortunately we missed the start because we had software problems and had to log paper contacts for first 3 hours. Another surprise was sunday morning when our PA crashed and we runned 100W for another 2 good hours (02:10-04:30 UTC). Anyway, we would like to remark the very good Russian activity, somtimes with good pileups. The use of CT didn`t allowed us to make the final score, I hope is not a problem! Thanks to all for the contacts and see you next year maybe in better conditions!
YT9M This is very active contest. Vy 73 and hpe cuagn in Russian DX contest.
YU1EQ My first RDXC, Software is the best!
YU1RH Nice contest, GL in 2004!
YU1WC My first and long awaited participation in RDXC. Also, my first "serious" contesting attempt, with computer keying and everything else finally set up as planned. However, I was maybe too relaxed and could have done better with just a little more CQ-ing instead of tuning around - at least 100 qsos more. 90% was S&P, being a small gun & novice contester I am still not used to "run a frequency". Therefore, the rates were low. Had to take a half hour nap early in the morning, and lost as much time after that trying to figure out what to do next. Worked many UA stations (130 UA9/0 and 262 UA/UA2), but the activity from other countries could have been better (for instance, only one OM station logged here...). Anyway, it was a great fun and valuable experience, and I am already waiting for RDXC 2004.
YU1ZZ It was op YL Tanja Milovanovic, daughter of YU1ZZ.
YY5YMA Thanks for the nice contest, 73`s.