27.3 02:22  SP3GTSVery nice contest. I had great please worked with many good operators from Russia. See you next year!
25.3 18:00  OU2IOne of the most exiting contests for all participants - Keep on the good work. Vy 73 de Henning OZ1BII
22.3 20:07  9H1AENice contest as always. First time work from Malta as 9H1AE...Qsl via LoTw or SV2AEL 73s, Savvas
16.4 19:22  YT1RK
22.3 14:26  RN3BLПервый самостоятельный опыт. Жаль что нет 1 Bend, 1 OP, Only CW, HIG P
21.3 06:34  HB9FBPI appreciated again this contest, I made many pause, I enjoyed myself and finally I increased my personal result with satisfaction. Propagation was good on 40 and 20 meter, but poor on 15 meter and absent on 10 meter. Thanks to all participant for their ham spirit. See you next year... Best 73 de HB9FBP / Francesco H26 TI
21.3 05:11  OT4AGreat to work you all in CW. What a great fine contest ! cuagn sn in cw !
21.3 03:40  F8OOIMy first time in the rdxc contest. Very impressed by the number of operators from all over the world. Many thanks to the organizers. See you next year!
20.3 11:16  N1RRVY POOR CONDX - Only 37 QSOs wid UA stns.
29.8 16:25  HS0ZHCgreat contest pity band conditions where so bad.
26.5 13:03  EA3ARNHello telme in my participation my result in RDXC 2015 Many thanks best 73
26.5 12:41  EA3ARNI very happy in the RDXC 2015,and good people who is the result my result thanks best 73 dx.
22.5 05:46  LZ2RSHi, how many months We have to wate look at the Claimed scores?????!
6.5 12:29  4K6FOBest 73 cu
5.5 17:16  K3PAFun!
5.5 07:02  VK2CZRegards, David
3.5 19:37  EA3CXMy first RDXC, nice contest, had fun, will be next year better prepared!!!
19.4 12:05  SM0IMJGreat contest, great fun, see you next year...
5.4 09:02  KH2/JS6RRRtnx
5.4 05:09  VU2DEDEnjoyed the contest.Thanks to all. waiting for the results.
2.4 08:01  HB9FBPI have had fun with my first partecipatioon on RDXC 2015, a lot of operators and good propagation. I hope to partecipate next time at this contest. Than to all and thank to staff. 73 de HB9FBp /Francesco
27.3 03:04  R4FDTnx for QSO ALL operators! 73 and 88!!!
26.3 07:44  CT2IVHHi guys, great contest as usual. Bad propagation but always nice to help with a multiplier for all Russian stations friends. Listen for you on 2016. Vy 73 Paulo.
26.3 04:35  OL8MThanks again for a nice contest, many stations not only from Russia but also from the rest of the world. but the big problem working with some countries of the EU and some even do not go / Need Z3 /plus great local interference to a friend OL5W but the result was very satisfied, 73 Pavel OK4RQ
26.3 01:51  RW9JDThe test is gorgeous, the organizers have guessed from the time of the competition, the passage of a great and a lot of stations. Enjoy, thank you to all participants !!! Тест великолепный, организаторы угадали с временем проведения соревнований, прохождение отличное и много станций. Получил истинное наслаждение, всем участникам спасибо!!!
25.3 14:18  RT2Etest
25.3 04:34  RA0RVery, very big pleasure from contest and good propagation on all band!!!!
24.3 18:10  YO8TTTThis is my favorite contest. Propagation was strange and bad in high bands (10/15). I am quite happy about my result because I did it with modest equipment... Thanks everyone for QSO. I think last year was more activity and participants, maybe because prop was better than now. Anyway, great contest lke always and good operators! 73`s Alex YO8TTT/YR8D
24.3 14:55  RY3DHello everyone! Worked with the club station RZ3DZA MOST.Powered by a new antenna 4-4-8 "SAY 3-16". I was glad to hear old friends! 73 !
24.3 11:16  JE1HTVthanx a lot
24.3 08:48  DJ5MOVery nice contest with many good operators form Russia and World. No 80m antenna this year (broke down) but the other bands gave me plenty of fun. Until next year!
24.3 06:23  UA9LAOThe best contest!
24.3 05:02  YL3IZNice contest, but propogation was not good. TNX
23.3 22:43  JA1BPAI had a high expectation after working more than 2000 Qs in 2014. This year, however, Murphy seemed to have decided to visit us. After about 3 hours into the contest, the main antenna`s SWR suddenly jumped up to infinity. I never figured out what went wrong, so decided to go single band on 15mb. The propagation was sporadic and sometimes even normally aurora-free southern Europeans (such as Italy) had some flatter with their signal. Overall, I was happy to exceed our previous JA 15mb record for this contest, despite problems.